STONERS Like Munchies

STONERS Like Munchies

STONERS Like MunchiesThis is an example of subliminal  stoner marketing at it’s best. Not only are these things called Munchies…they have DORITOS in ’em. Don’t get us started on Doritos, man. These Munchies are perfect munchy food because they cut-down on decision-making, something stoners definitely don’t like, man. Because these things contain everything from  Doritos to a whole bunch of other stoner shit like pretzels and Oreos and Chex Mix and stuff, you don’t have to stand there all stoned in front of the vending machine taking all day wondering about what to get. Got the munchies? Get the Munchies, dude…the most appropriately-named snack for when you’re too STONED to make a fuckin’ decision already. Big ups to @tanyaabananyaa for stickin’ it to us with this pic…of Munchies while we have the munchies. Man, we hella wish our ice cream dude would get here.

According to the Frito Lay website, the dudes who make this stuff; “inside each bag of MUNCHIES snacks, you’ll find a tasty mix of some of your favorite snack brands, including SUNCHIPS, DORITOS, ROLD GOLD and CHEETOS snacks! Grab a bag for a flavor combination that’s hard to beat!”

They’re available in several flavors:
MUNCHIES Cheese Fix Flavored Snack Mix
MUNCHIES Jalapeño Cheddar Flavored Snack Mix
MUNCHIES Totally Ranch! Flavored Snack Mix
MUNCHIES Ultimate Cheddar Flavored Snack Mix

We literally receive 100′s of pics of WEED each week. Here is where we keep only the finest. Or maybe the worst. Either way… you’ll find pics of WEED from STONERS all across the world. HEY…wanna TWEET us a pic of your WEED?

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  1. snicklefritzz

    I love food. Foods awesome dude c: I can never decide on chips and I’m like “those ones got em all!” But at first I thought they were all separately packaged and then I got all excited cuz they were all together! 😀 but I’d still rather have hash browns c:

  2. 31jetjet

    I usually pick up the Party Mix.

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