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Subcools super soilSubcool Super Soil

Subcool super soil is the best soil for cannabis. We can tell you that from experience. We’ve been making our own super soil following Subcool’s original super soil recipe for years. And as a result we’ve been growing and smoking some really awesome organic marijuana. Plus we met SubCool and have smoked his primo organic weed grown in his own Subcool super soil.

Organic weed grown in an organic soil mix is the best because it tastes and smells amazing. Maybe when choosing organic planting soil over hydroponic grow styles one might not get the big yields or the high THC levels as growers going hydro—but for us and for Subcool…flavor is king. Your organic weed not potent enough? Just smoke more and don’t worry about the chemicals that you’ll find in hydro cannabis. Anyhow if you’re interested in learning more about the best soil for growing marijuana check out our special yourtube vid; best soil for growing weed.

Subcool super soil ingredients

You probably already have a lot of the ingredients to create Subcool super soil already. There’s no need to purchase an expensive TGA Subcool Super Soil Charge Pack like we did—that’s if you’re lucky enough to find one. We haven’t seen the Charge Pack to create Subcool Super Soil for sale in years. You might find some of the ingredients at a grow store near you and save on shipping costs. However a few of the thing’s you’ll need to create the famous Subcool Super Soil mix could be hard to find. So here are THE EXACT INGREDIENTS found in TGA Subcool Supersoil all sourced from SubCool officially uses and recommends the following products:

subcools super soil

What is Subcool’s Super Soil?

The term super soil started being used widely after Subcool released his recipe and specific set of instructions for creating composted soil that delivers everything cannabis plants need, at exactly the right time, without having to manage pH or add extra nutrients—all you have to do is just add water.

Anyhow to make things easy we scored a 25-pound pack of SubCool’s Super Soil Fertilizer so we wouldn’t have to source all the ingredients. In addition to the fertilizer pack we grabbed a bag of Roots Organic Big Worms worm castings and five 1.5 cubic ft bags of Roots Organics soil. We decided to split the pack in half and make only 7.5 cubic feet of soil because the grow in this particular location isn’t very large. This came about to about two 32-gallon garbage cans full of Super Soil.

If you’re interested in SubCool’s super soil recipe or making a bit of SubCool’s super soil yourself check out directions from SubCool below.

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Subcool’s Super Soil Recipe and Instructions

Story by Subcool, photos by Subcool & MzJill

To me there is nothing like the flavor of properly grown organic cannabis. The subtle flavors and aromas created when using mother earth is overwhelming to the senses when done properly.

Learn how to pass a drug test.

As with many vegetables a rich Organic soil can bring out the best in a plant. Over the past 20 years I have tried almost every possible way to cultivate our favorite plant and while hydro is certainly faster and the yields blow soil away, I have developed a soil that performs extremely well and there’s very little guess work. I don’t worry about ph or ppm I simply have spent a few years developing a sound recipe and in combination with 7 gallon nursery pots I can run from start to finish using only water. Other than a bit of sweat equity every 90 days or so it takes a huge amount of science out of the garden and puts nature back in charge. This recipe is slightly different from my last and from the one so many use as gospel that I have passed around for years from grower to grower.

I always start with at least 6-8 large bags of high quality organic soil. The selection of your base soil is very important so don’t cut corners here. I cannot begin to discuss all the different products but I will discuss a few in this article. A good Organic soil should cost between 8-10$ per 30# bag. I want you to get a real good idea what I consider a balanced soil to be so take a look at the ingredients of a product called Roots Organic:

SubCools Super SoilLignite*, coca fiber, perlite, pumice, compost, peat moss, bone meal, bat guano, kelp meal, Green sand, soy bean meal, leonardite, k-mag, glacial rock dust, alfalfa meal, oyster shell flour, earth worm castings and Mycorrhizae.

I have always believed in giving my plants a wide range of soils and additives I figure it’s like a buffet they get all they need

“Lignite, also known as leonardite, mined lignin, brown coal, and slack, is an important constituent to the oil well, drilling industry. Lignite, or leonardite as it will be referred as hereafter, is technically known as a low rank coal between peat and sub-bituminous. Leonardite was named for Dr. A.G. Leonard, North Dakota’s first state geologist, who was a pioneer in the study of lignite deposits. Leonardite is applied to products having a high content of humic acid. Humic acid has been found to be very useful as a drilling mud thinner.”

Another local product we are trying now is called Harvest Moon. Washed coco fibers, Alaskan peat moss, perlite, yucca, pumice, diatoms, worm castings, feather meal, fishmeal, kelp meal, limestone, gypsum, soybean meal, alfalfa meal, rock dust, yucca meal, and Mycorrhizae fungi. The Roots produced a more floral smell in the finished flowers while the Harvest Moon generated larger yields.

SubCools Super SoilIf you have access to a good local mix like these then I highly recommend starting with these type products. We have also had decent results using commercial brands as well but not as is. The best results we have seen from well known soil that is available nationwide is Fox Farms “Ocean Forrest” soil combined in a 2-1 ratio with Light Warrior. On it’s own the Ocean Forrest is known for burning plants and having the wrong ratio’s of nutrients but when cut down with Light Warrior it makes a pretty good mix for a base soil.

You can also just use 2 bales of Sunshine mix #4 but this is my last choice and plants growing in this may not complete properly with this “Just add water” method of soil growing. The concept to this concentrated soil is to not have to worry with mixing up nutrients after the soil is made. The concentrate is placed in the bottom quarter to half of the container and blended with base soil. This allows the plants to grow into the strong concentrated soil and in the right size container need nothing else but water throughout the full harvest cycle. With strains requiring high levels of nutrients we go as strong as three-quarters of the container with Super Soil but this is only with a small percentage of strains.

Here are the amounts we have found that produce the best tasting buds and strongest medicines:
8- Large bags of High quality Organic potting soil with a coco and Mycorrhizae
1- 25-50 pounds of Organic Worm castings
5 lb. Steamed Bone meal
5 lb. Bloom bat Guano
5 lb. Blood meal
3 lb. Rock Phoshate
¾ cup Epson salts
½ to 1 Cup cup Sweet Lime ( Dolimite)
½ Cup Azomite ( Trace Elements)
2 tbs. Powdered Humic Acid

SubCools Super SoilThis is the same basic recipe I have used for 15 years the hardest ingredient to acquire is the worm castings most people don’t even know what it is. Be resourceful and find it worms make up three quarters of the living organisms underground btw and hold our planet together. Be careful not to waste money on Soil Conditioner with worm casting but local Pure Worm poop with no added mulch.

There are several methods of mixing this up well. You can sweep off a patio or garage and work there on a tarp. You can use a kids plastic wading pool these cost about 10$ and work really well for a few seasons. Some growers have been known to rent a cement mixer and cut down on the physical labor. As long as you get the ingredients mixed up properly that is all that matters. This can be a lot of work so don’t pull a muscle if your not used to strenuous activity. This method is good for mind and body. Working with soil keeps me in pretty good shape, but if you have limitations you can simply have someone mix it up for you while you supervise. One of the things I like about this method is I can drop of plants to a patient and all they have to do is water the plants when the soil dries out.

Place a few bags of base soil in first making a mound. I then place the powdered nutrients in a circle around the mound and then cover with another bag of base soil.

SubCools Super SoilThen goes in the bat poop and then more base soil. I continue to layer soil and additives until everything has been added to the pile. So now I put on the muck boots, these help me kick the soil around and get it mixed up well using my larger leg muscles and not my back and arms. Then it’s as simple as my Skipper used to say “ Put your back into it”. This is hard work that I obsess on, even breaking up all the clods of soil by hand. I mix for about 15 minutes, turning the pile over and over until it is mixed well. I store the mix in large garbage cans. Before using the mix the entire load is poured out once more and mixed well. Once placed in the containers I water it slightly adding 3 gallons of water to a large garbage can full. It will make the stirring harder next week but it will activate the Mycorrhizae and I think help all the powders dissolve.

So now we add water and let it cook in the sunshine. 30 days is best for this concentrate.

Do not put seeds or clones directly in this mix. It is an advanced mix used in conjunction with base soil. It is used to place in the bottom of each finishing container and fully rooted established clones are placed in a bed of base soil that is layered on top of the concentrate. As the plants grow they slowly push their roots into the super soil drawing up all nutrients needed for a full cycle. The Super Soil can be used also to topdress plants that take longer to mature.

SubCools Super SoilI will use this mix for a full year just adding like 30-50% in the lower portion of the container and plain base soil in the top portion. Base Soil means your regular potting soil Like Roots, Harvest Moon, or even sunshine mix without the additives!

Buds from this method finish with a fade and a smoother fruity flavor. The plants are not green when done but Purple, Red, Orange and even Black at times. The resin content is heavier and the terpenes always seem to be more pungent.

This method is used my medical growers all over with amazing results. The feedback I receive is really positive with reports of Hydro-like growth and novice growers producing buds of the same quality as life long growers.

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  1. michael nigol

    we don’t need any excuses if the people want to smoke weed that’s their business, government needs to learn its place or we vote the bad politicians out .we have the power and the majority to do it .

  2. Stephen

    Wow great recipe. Thanks for posting!

  3. Green Dean

    WRONG! Green Dean, formerly of Milwaukee, invented (better) “super-soil” in 1984. That’s 31 years ago by our count. Anybody who followed subcool’s journey of kicking around dirt on you tube, KNOWS he started kicking three things together, called it “super” about 3 years ago. FINALLY, he is closing the gap a bit, to get closer, to the kind of SUPER soil that often brought a, Mr. P. Moriarty, (of Karate Kid fame), to enjoy his favorite; A3, whenever he visited Milwaukee in the 80’s. Green Dean’s soil, Marc Emery seeds.( Everybody went jail eventually, except Miagi, lol.) We are talking WAY before sub, TGA, and whatever he plans next. All we ask is Subcool begin to credit Green Dean properly for HIS soil invented again, in 1984. Yes, Happy frog, Ocean, and even subcool are getting closer to what he had 30 years ago and it has been very validating watching the industry embrace his life work as all soils seem to be going towards Green Dean’s soil. The PERFECT soil. Bar none.

  4. Green Dean

    Sorry that third person talk was bit weird. I have decided to come out of “retirement” due to this article, and take MY place in history back before I get Edison ‘d, like Tesla did. I am seeking immediate employment as a master “organic” grower, in Co. or other legal facility. Gotta have your C.O., and all. I will also, if a LARGE enough order is placed, supply you with the very soil subcool and Foxfarm is STILL attempting to find above, lol… By his own admission; sub is just tossing stuff in yet. (I hear he is a pretty nice guy. No disrespect to sub.)

  5. Green Dean

    Last thing…..sub; To make amends, let me help you along a bit…….. If you double fold tarp. It can take a LOT of weight first off. Second. Put your mixing stuff on one end of tarp. Then you can simply bend down, pick the TARP up at edges, and “walk” your ingredients down or around inside the tarp as you lift tarp up. You can wear new white sneakers, smash rolling chunks with heel, or fold tarp/stomp em that way, and they will stay spotless white for the girls to admire. (Use those waders for fishing, lol.) Peace

  6. Green Dean

    Green Dean began his soil work in 1984 when he realized that the ONLY brands of “dirt” available on the market at time (jiffy and sunshine) either burned his life’s work, screwed up ph, (to eye bleeding levels of frustration), and he only ph testing kit of the 80’s was as primitive as can be. In early 84, Green Dean began extensive outdoor experiments, where he immediately noticed that outdoor plants had almost ZERO ph problems!?!. He asked himself WHY are they so gorgeous out here? It was obviously not the sun; It was the SOIL by that swamp!!!!! (It was black, seaweedy, and mucky. Full of critters. Sediment. Stunk like compost.) The “eureka” moment. Life is a WEB and those poor things need more than one/two strings to live a whole life on. Let’s read this new guy, Ed Rosenthal ‘ s stuff. Let’s see what this cool new mag, High Times says by reading it religiously 20 years here. Sensi seed bank came bout then, BUT the SUPER base was perfect from get go. This soil was crazy rich. Black gold. And you could smell anything went in it was gonna either die fazt or eat well. Fried a bunch batches. Perfected it tho along the way in JUST two years. So by 1986, a better version than current mixes was born in Milwaukee. Since I never needed to be there testing ph anymore, (lol), I got a job in printing. This became an Inc 500 position as company grew. 30 years grow exp, PLUS a solid biz experience like that ensures that we took the time to work smarter, not harder, and you got a quality man to boot. Whether it’s providing you with some pretty wicked dirt, or running your 100 light shop. There are not lotta people that could ever keep pace w just one Green Dean and at 45, I can MOVE. No slacker. I would love to walk in and pilot your ship well and fast before the big companies come squish any and all mom and pops out. Buyout minded facilities will get you extra smiles from me.

  7. Stephen Bradley

    If there is one thing this industry is chock full of it is jealousy from people who used to think they were relevant 30 or 40 years in the past. You are no different than the guy that called me last month and told me Steve DeAngelo stole his idea for CBD. If you want noteriety spend your own money and build your own website.

  8. Green Dean

    I appreciate your concern. That is EXACTLY what I am doing now friends, unless you think I came to simply troll on poor sub cool.( For what purpose?) Yes, I laughed as he started kicking dirt on you tube claiming to be the father of modern super soil. I have photographic PROOF tho, if High Times or ANY historical writer wishes to confirm that I had this recipe before sub through, with dozens of witnesses. It is historically my invention. Plus I just proved I mixed dirt longer by telling sub to ROLL his dirt around on tarps (like a TRUE master would/did). Or else I’m just lucky? No. If someone comes from history, with physical proof, that he had my soil mix before 1984-86, I will do what is proper and CREDIT that that guy was there FIRST. Stop being jealous. I paid my dues in jail like Ed Rosenthal, Marc Emery and many other notables so you could HAVE an industry and this website. Show respect please. Buy some soil. Dont sit there poo pooling me till you see that, oh crap. This is no joke. Green Dean did what you HAD TO in the 80’s and hid anything. You think you could come out any sooner. No Web till 90’s. I am here now. I have 6 pack abs from 18-45. This guy’s not in shape. Pot is not harmful. And I AM gonna bust some records and OTHER things out here. Hopefully not feelings. If I offended. Sorry, BUT. I no longer need a closet to hide in if I want to work in the wonderfully LEGAL new world. We are where I needed to be historically, IN 1986. That’s 100% truth. Deal

  9. Green Dean

    Time will prove my words, but yes, I need a website, serious funding, and all that, which is hard after you make front page of the Milwaukee Journal for growing. The “taliban”(lol) destroyed the door, large parts of the home, the walls needed holes I guess too. They dumped all the dirt in question and every item we owned in one NASTY pile. Then they dumped water on it all took me away while every item in home ROTTED. It has been fun trying to get a new life started after THAT and forgive for swiping just there. Just annoyed that in a time of need, when an original who took hits for the cause comes out says he needs help, the thing to do is offer him that 1000 light job, or at least TRY the original organic soil he made in 1986. But thanks for listening. Been needing this rant off my chest for 30 years! Woooooo! Felt GOOD……

  10. Stephen Bradley

    You “invented” the idea of mixing different things together to create an organic soil blend 30 years ago? Not trying to insult you, but this is the most petty claim I have ever heard.

  11. Green Dean

    Lol. Good argument. I agree. Who could lay claim to” mixing” Kool aid? Lol No. Amsterdam outdates me by JUST a wee bit bro, and my original mixes were borrowed, meaning I checked my own Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, all High Times, and any and all field research done by pioneers (I MUST “bow” to like Sensi Seeds, libraries on other crop soils, etc….) Sensi got pinched too back then, lol. Yeah. Seems lot of us got bit HARD by the Taliban to keep these flames lit for rest. The critical time in history is here. This critical moment is now. My claim to fame, if I have any is reading comics and driving Harleys with slicked back hair before gel and before you thought bikers were “cool”. I knew I was. I dated dancers for Petes sake, lol. Maybe picking stock market crash (to the day once, and to the week another time) and getting mom’s out market before that day was my claim to fame? No. I keep coming back to dirt and how I began to feed my soil microorganisms, that through the process of hot (or even “cold composting” methods) created specific foods for the red worms to aerate through, specific sugars for root uptake, and specific food for the bacterias to process. I called it branch-chain amino soil cuz I was young dumb, but well, you get the idea. Everything has one role that feeds another, creating the FIRST self correcting ph soils on Earth. Period. (Within reason. No intentionally bad water in and your good.) THAT ‘S the claim here my brother that has my knickers twisted a bit. P.s. I HAD noteriety in 90’s. Didn’t like it. Rather pay 40k a year buying our hungry children a burger each than spend it jailing up pot smokers . *Winks

  12. Green Dean

    Thanks….should a turned OFF notices. I’ll argue a bit, but I not good at it, lol. Yes, again, I already “legally own” that very point where an organic soil can achieve enough bio-chemical symbiosis to sustain it’s own ph range for a significant margin of the life cycle. It’s is ALREADY legally named the, Ke effect. (Pronounced as, “key”.) Sub seems to have only just noticed it, which is why I made sure I took this MASSIVE time to make sure it is recorded on YOUR site, post haste. Hope that nails it all without listing ingredients. You ain’t got SPACE, lol. Ida know. Tried anyway. Your actually recording history here to host my words guys. Shout out for SSL…..Making history….. Woot.woot……

  13. Green Dean

    I did not go public in 1986 for many reasons. The biggest is the holy grail ingredient(s). It’s still out there guys. While I can acheive the larger Ke effect without fail, the Ph of the medium constantly fluctuates in 6.2-6.8 range. (Sound right sub?, lol.) I chose the lesser term, ke, to describe THIS effect. (As in the literal smoke definition of ke. Your ph “floats” around in same way.) I think one of the last NEW grow definitions I may need to share with the world at SSL concerns Eisenia fetida; (aka red worms,) and their unique scrubbing effects in relation to other soil “scrubbers”. When red worms create Vermicompost. It is created chewing through “fast rotting” materials, such as human food waste, etc. HOWEVER; “Keposting”, another new word I hope is accepted, is the process of dropping red worms and or additional microbes into plant containers of medium that has been fast composted and still contains foodstuffs for all micros, (and or) worms to slow consume over several months inside the plant container at temperatures conducive to further activities. I have research on specific compounds being released by each critter in my mixes. I have critters that scrub. I use the cation capacities of clay. I use bio char. I use many things that serve double roles like coir. It’s just another worm food when the manure(s) are gone. Yet it’s one more nutrient “sink” in my mix to make sure no plants get the dreaded burn. I have like 1500 colony forming units, (per 5 inches) of 18 specialized microbes in this soil and the industry is around 16. I hope some of these new words and terms prove useful to you in the future, as I am rarely wrong on these things. We are almost to the Ke effect being in every bag on the market. The wormers are almost on it. The microbiologists are almost on it. TGA is almost on it, as are Foxfarm, et all. Even w out my holy particles, I must slam it down as is and offer my colleagues the chance to find the holy stabilizing particle out there. But I was here first. 30 years ago…… (*Winks again) Ok. Dat enough yet? Believe me now? Email if not. Send ya pics and everything. Peace out!

  14. STL

    So is subs reipe good r what??!!! What is he missing? Will you sell your recipe in paperback r what?? No need for job searching if you can print it with old school pics a proof of your work and years of dedication…….

  15. Green Dean

    Subs recipe is pretty good mix, yes. Can’t find my Higgins particle

  16. Green Dean

    Have photos. Got two soil orders in stores last week. (Boom. I work fast, lol.) Watch for the Green Dean website, coming soon… Thanks for YOUR interest btw (and Happy birthday to my son today)! This Sammy5 won’t let me insert photos in the comment boxes or I would friend. If SSL wishes to post some “fabulously irrelevant” shots, when all Americans had to hide their peaceful smoking activities from the Taliban minded freakos writing American laws from 1960-2012. I got a few they didn’t take away, lol. Even my peaceful soil research was a Taliban offense. They took my books. I got more. I will never be bullied from doing research that can aid mankind maybe, maybe, maybe. They can’t get you all either. And so it goes…. Keep fighting! Your changing my son’s future to help banish Taliban beliefs from America and I love all of you for it. I went to Co. and couldn’t break the FEAR beat into me, to enjoy myself at all. He will be able to walk openly. If he chooses to.

  17. Rebel Farmer

    I hate to burst your bubble Mr. Green Dean but you did not invent the principle of using homemade organic soil mixture for growing ganja. I would assume that organic growing and the use of customised soil mixes was likely discovered by the Aztec & Inca indians and the boys over in Katmandu long before any of us were around. You may have come up with your own mix recipe that works wonders for tasty buds but so have many others long before 1984. I can also assure you that your “secret mix” is no better than many other secret mixes that are being concocted and used by other experienced gorilla growers.

  18. Anonymous

    Thank you for your opinion. I again stress I do not lay claims from prehistory. (OR for “founding organics”. OR inventing “specialty mixes”.) After the Inca’s died off, us belligerent Americans sort of came along and started documenting history lil better than them. We have invented intellectual, and property rights Inca’s never dreamed of. With that said, I lay claim to the noting of 2 “scientific effects”, AND 1 “process” invented 30 years ago. (Known as the Greater and lesser Ke (ke) effects, and ” Keposting”.) No one on Earth achieved it before me. The perfect mix was, and is my goal, the proof is in photo and affidavit formats on that other stuff. Maybe, just maybe, I have some kind of (minor) crossover organic claims from 1984-6, but all of it is just jick-jack to me anyway till I land a job at someone’s facility making 2liters, where I can head down, shut up, and just get it done for their (LEGAL) dispensary. Ttyl guys!

  19. Rebel Farmer

    You’re full of shit. You should run for public office instead of trying to secure a farming gig. I think it suits you much better.

  20. Anonymous

    Ooooof! Dat hurt, lol. This why I never used twitter, facebook, etc. You can have one story. ( Which is about a good enough soil mix sub has.) Then I come troll a chicken/egg comment. Back and forth starts. Never ends. Wooo. C’mon, hug it out? ( And hey, stop asking me for my ancient chinese secret recipe bro.) *Grins

  21. william robert

    okay…I have here 2- 5lbs of tga’s charge pack=6 cu ft of supersoil..heres my q..whould it be a great idea to go 50/50. with 3 cu ft of sunshine mix #4 and 3 cu ft of happy frog….would this be better then just 100% sunshine mix,,,or should I go ahead and go 100% with sunshine mix #4……….come on people…I know yall have my answer

  22. Cuerpo Duro

    Ive read that TGA no longer offers the super soil fertilizer. im ready with the roots organic soil, but obviously missing all the elements. is there any list out there that gives the EXACT brands that sub uses, ive found that offers the formula with all the ingredients, but im curious to know if that is what he uses. im sure as long as i get high grade quality ingredients i will be fine, but then again, thats why im asking, because i simply dont know. thanks

  23. Mcossa

    Cuerpro, you can get TGA’s soil fertilizer @ The Green Avengers site. May be too late since you posted in March, but for next time..


  24. weedlaw

    Wow. Some real mis-history here. Sub was part of a community decades ago that included people who were constantly experimenting with ways to improve both genetics and ways to grow. He grew every possible way and found soil to produce the taste and terpene profiles and medicinal values he was looking for. He has never laid claim to inventing anything. He is just a master at marketing things that work.
    And more than anything else, he gives his information away…FOR FREE!

    I know him quite well. He encourages to experiment with soil preparations and report their results. Since he has a platform, he will report those results and actually adopt them if they work. Ownership to farming is quite stupid because farming has been going on for tens of thousands of years.

    Sub loaned his name to another person who marketed and sold TGA Super Soil. Sub never made a single penny on that arrangement and NEVER wanted to be in the soil business. It just turns out that he was being generous when he could have made money. But for him, his genetics are his income and the rest is helping people grow the best damn medicine they can. He is the Johnny Appleseed of cannabis and has figured out a small corner of the industry where he can make a living while spreading the word.

    Believe me-he is NOT attached to this recipe or any recipe. I can tell you right now he has changed it many times since-he is practicing what he preaches: find a starting point, keep good records, and experiment until you find something you really like and tell all your friends.

    Sub is the best and without him far fewer people would be growing dank. Oh, and remember, he NEVER said he invented anything but some combinations of genetics that a lot of people on this planet love. Luck? Nope. He has instincts around this plant that are rather unique. I have witnessed it for years. Just like some people can just pick up a guitar and become brilliant without lessons, sub worked hard and used his special talent to develop and MARKET pheno hunting.

    I for one love the idea of pheno hunting. But I am not in it for the money. I am in it for the love of the plant. Sub makes a living researching constantly and sharing it always on his Youtube channel.


  25. Darryl Boone

    I made 6.0 cubic yards of Sub-Cools super soil last winter. Did the math to convert ingredients for 1.5 C.F. cement mixer. Quite a project but my plants are spectacular. I have trunks 4.5″ in diameter. 11′ tall trees and 8′ diameter. Will harvest soon. What I have not found in the literature is how to make up a ‘correct tea’ to freshen up the super soil each season. I have spent 2k on super soil and I am not about to throw it away but the soil will become spent. So how do we make a Sub-Cool tea after each harvest to freshen up that super soil?

  26. Bob Saget

    @Darryl That is a tricky question. Re-using soil is a hard shell to crack. It depends on a lot of things. If you used a high peat moss mix originally I would be careful of reusing the soil completely. But if was natural Mix either like a humus or a coco blend you could reuse it.If your soil was outside it should have continued to compost over winter and those organic ingredients should still be breaking down into usable plant food past harvest. I would start by Running some Soil test check basics like PH and NPK levels. If your soil test levels come around to the normal lvls of a quality potting soil, not recommended, but you could just run the same gambit of ingredients that you did the first time. But this is at your own risk and using fresh new properly composted soil would be recommended by most people. Also keep in mind that some of those ingredients break down at different rates than others. Example Soft rock phosphate will stay in your soil for years slowly breaking down supplying a steady supply of phosphorous, Epsom salt Magnesium sulfate however is just a salt and would probably have been flushed out during your end of cycle flush. If you want to go down that road it is possible but I would do some research into each ingredient to decide how much to add. I would expect diminished results either way, start fresh don’t cut corners and you will be rewarded with a beautiful harvest.

  27. KDark

    No one cares who came up with what it was out before sub ever existed he passing it on and amending it is a blessing for all types of growers across the board.Picture this my dearly departed grandfather Rip pa WM came up with a similar soil formula with about the same I’m 43 and I remember him mixing up and and later me helping him once I got a lil older.He had a micro farm about 96 acres and 5 additional acres he had a house on with a small warehouse where he worked on cars farming equipment and craft furniture in SW Louisiana where he raised my mother and 9 other kids 5 boy 5 girls .I think his formula is better then the above but that’s my personal opinion just like every one opinion above is.Quit attacking and embrace enjoy and live like my grandfather used to say

    Peace and Love

  28. Rick sub cool recipe video has a second part to it with sub cool making an appearance and correcting the mislabeled amounts.

  29. dan

    this guy is so lame sub has been copying the original og master for years from strains like Master Thais to super soil making Master Thai the original ,Thai showed this method on overgrow and ic mag, and reeferman forums.
    Give the credit where do and please get educated of cannabis growing history before putting the corporate reps like sub and ms jizz here of his bogus seed breeding and original soil making and everyone knows pay High Times and your #1 for that month unlike Skunk where you find real story’s and grower’s alike, not this fake stuff that been going on for years with corporate greedy suck ups like tga seeds and quite few others that have invaded this industry with their bs and 3rd generation growing crap.
    lets get real please.

  30. Ganesh

    I’ve been making my own soil with basically the same exact ingredients with no knowledge other than common sense and what I could afford. Doubt you really need glacial rock dust? but hey whatever… I need a farming job too since that’s what the thread turned into w/ Mr. green Jeans…LOL

  31. Baron1212

    Green dude????Whats with all the negativity.Look all of us that have been on these site for a while now.I can recall many diff. peoples mixes being called super or hot soil.Ive watch subcool over the years and he hasn’t claimed he was the master mind behind it.He was just the one who shared it.Alot of the tried &true soils mixes are damn close to one he says over the time hes tried different mixes as ive seen the posts over the years.Just chill and bring only good vibes here&Im sure it would be appreciated.Now at this time Im trying his mix with BOGS mix.Bogs isn’t as strong its only 2 cups blood&bone ,lil lime&tm7(trace minerals with 40% humic acid),oh & mycorrizahe to every 10 gallons of soil.Im just seeing if mixing the two, 3 Bogs to1super soil.So far so good.Only day 2 in the mix & all is good!

  32. Vincent

    Why is there no recipe for the ingredient list that comes with the kit on Amazon with the oyster shell and everything else?

  33. Matt

    Hey I’m just wondering why there were no amounts added for kelp meal, oyster shell, bone meal(unless it’s the fish bone meal also listed) and alfalfa meal ? Some numbers added for these ingredients would be great ! Maybe they’re the same as the other Meals and guano but not something I want to guess at !
    Thanks In advance !

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