Sure Jell Drug Test Method Explained -Yes It Does Really Work

Sure Jell drug testHow to pass a drug test with Sure Jell

Have you ever heard of the sure jell drug test method? Well after looking into the whole sure jell drug test thing we can tell you that it’s true you can use sure jell to pass. How do we know this? Because we wrote about using Sure Jell to pass a drug test a couple years ago and in that time several people have left comments saying that the method worked for them. So without wasting too much more of your time here’s how to use sure jell to pass a drug test.

PRO TIP—Skip the Sure jell Drug test method and use Sub-Solution synthetic urine—it’s basically foolproof.

In that initial article about the SureJell aka Certo Drug Test Method we talked a lot about various options you have for passing a drug test and also compared and contrasted a few different fruit pectins including Certo which is another leading brand but also made by the same people who make Sure Jell. We hear that you can use just about any brand of fruit pectin on the market and achieve the same results. But we’re kind of superstitious stoners and since this method has a very specific name we’re into making sure that we use that same very specific product when referring to it in this post. So you might want to consider using the same brand name product. Not sure if jello makes fruit pectin but we’re just saying.

Anyhow the goal of this post is to not only point out that the sure jell drug test method works but to explain why it works. And also clear up any misconceptions. Now keep in mind that we’re just stoners and all we can go by when writing this post is our own experience, our research and most importantly comments left by readers. We’ve heard from a ton of people—all leaving comments on our original certo drug test method page—that this method works. So like we said, we decided to dedicate a brand new post to teaching people who to pull off this cheap and highly effective process for passing a drug test.

Consider fake pee
Even though the Sure jell drug test method works we always recommend using synthetic urine to pass your drug test. We recommend Sub-Solution. This stuff comes with a 200% money-back guarantee and a heating powder which makes using it to pass a urine test virtually foolproof.

Sure jell will only help you pass a urine test. The Sure jell drug test method will not work for a mouth swab drug test aka spit test or a blood drug test. It won’t help you with a hair drug test either. So if you have one of those test you’re barking up the wrong tree reading this article. But if you’ve got a piss test coming up you’re in the right place, dude.

What is Sure Jell?

Sure jell is a brand of fruit pectin that’s used to make things like jam and jell. It’s also used to pass drug tests. That’s where the Sure jell drug test method gets its name from obviously. Anyhow Sure jell is cheap and easy to use to pass a drug test. And like we said many people have used it to pass their piss test. You can find a boxes of Sure jell for really cheap on Amazon or at your local grocery, convenience or corner store. It’s not foolproof, but if you follow the directions carefully and time everything just right the Sure jell drug test method is probably about as reliable as any detox drink or detox pill. In case you’d rather try something else we recommend detox pills. They work in as little as an hour. Or like we said SubSolution synthetic urine.

No matter what you call this detox method—fruit pectin is used as the primary ingredient to help you pass your drug test. The Certo drug test method has been around for years and many people have claimed success. It’s not foolproof, but it does seem to be as reliable as drinking a same-day detox drink before your urine test. Liquid Stuff One Hour Cleansing Drink works well. It temporary flushes your body of toxins by targeting your bladder and urinary tract to flush and eliminate toxin metabolites for about six hours.

How does the Sure Jell method work?

There is one really common misconception about how the sure jell drug test method works. Many stoners think that the fruit pectin will temporarily coat the inside of their stomach and bladder. They think that because there’s this pectin lining that they’re temporarily blocking THC or other drug toxins from entering their urine. However this isn’t really what’s happening at all.

The sure jell drug test method works because well for one it involves drinking lots of water and that will help dilute your urine. But it really works because of how fruit pectin, which is just fiber, interacts with the THC store in your body.

Okay you’ve probably heard that THC and its main metabolite are stored in fat. Well most of that stored THC is residing indie fat cells from ingested food. But THC and its metabolites are primarily eliminated from your body when you take a shit. Now keep in mind that drug testers at the lab are looking for marijuana metabolites in your urine—however.

So those THC metabolites that end up in your urine were mostly just reabsorbed back into your bloodstream from your intestines before they could leave your body. So what happens in your body is that it begins to make bile to bind to that ingested fat so that it will dissolve in water. Fruit pectin then binds to bile in the intestines. So what makes the fruit pectin method work is that it temporarily “forces” THC to leave your body through your poop instead of your urine. This leaves you a window of time where you can pass a drug test.

Sure Jell drug test step oneIngredients

The ingredients for the Sure jell drug test method are pretty minimal. This is one reason why everybody loves this method of passing a drug test. You don’t have to smuggle anything in like you do when going with fake pee. You don’t have to swallow a strange pill or detox drink or anything like that. And you don’t even have to give up smoking weed. But you probably should if you want to pass your test. So at the first sign of a possible test you should probably just stop consuming cannabis. There’s no need to add to the problem, right? Anyhow here’s what you’ll need.

  1. A packet of Sure jell
  2. A 32 Oz Gatorade(we prefer the orange—just seems to taste best)
  3. Vitamin B2 or B12 supplement
  4. A gallon of water

Sure Jell Drug Test Directions

Now to pull off the sure jell drug test method all you’ve gotta do is follow the instructions below. We’ve broken them down into bullet points and by the time you should complete each step prior to your test. The success of this method depends on your ability to follow these simple instructions. So good luck, dude.

Three hours prior to test

  • About three hours prior to your test drink a little bit of your Gatorade to make some room.
  • Add an entire packet of Sure jell to the gatorade and shake. It will thicken like a jelly
  • Drink it all. Sure it’s like drinking a jelly sandwich but you’ve got a drug test to pass.
  • Now drink that gallon of water. Not all at once, space it out over the next few hours.

One Hour before test

  • Pee about three or four times before the test to get rid of any tainted pee
  • Take that vitamin B pill to add some color to your urine about one hour before the test

During the test

  • Make sure to capture mid-stream urine. This will always be a good idea. This urine will have the least amount of THC metabolites possible. To grab that mid-stream urine all you have to do is first urinate in the toilet and then stick that cup under that stream and fill up the cup.

If you followed the directions above and made sure to pay particular attention to the times when you need to perform each step then, according to many comments below testifying that this process worked and our research, you should have no problem passing your urine test. So please let us know if you used this post to try the Sure jell drug test method and whether or not it worked for you. Other stoners, including us, will greatly appreciate it.

Have you ever deployed this sure jell for drug test method? Let us know in the comments below.

2 Responses to “Sure Jell Drug Test Method Explained -Yes It Does Really Work”

  1. Tom

    Followed directions to a T. Did not work after 3 weeks off.

  2. Johnny Walker

    All these steps are correct. The one that you can do without is the B2 or B12. I had to take a drug test for a custody hearing for my daughter. Smoked all day the day before. I was assumed to take a drug test and sure enough I did. I consumed the Sure Jell 4 hours prior to the assumed testing. Ended up “peeing” way more than 3 to 4 times. Obviously because the amount of water you will be consuming. When I took the test it was well into the 5th hour of it being in my system. Finally took the test (Lab Corp style). When court was back in session the judge said my test were negative. Mind you this is my very first time trying this method and this is only for marijuana. I tried it with my PO for cocaine and I definitely failed smh. I stand behind this method #HadToTryItOut #LiveandLearn

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