THC Drug Testing—Where We Are and Where We’re Heading

THC Drug Testing

With state-based cannabis reform taking shape and organically progressing in a number of states, residents are left with questions regarding THC testing in a variety of settings. The most common circumstance that consistently comes up is in the pre-employment context. We are often asked what the current laws are, and sometimes even to speculate on if they will change. Here we provide some of the current laws and foreshadow where the law is going regarding THC testing.

To be upfront and somewhat of a spoiler, cannabis reform often leaves testing questions painfully omitted. Employers, insurance companies, physicians, and others reserve the right to drug test subjects at any point regardless of the states status of legalization. Further, THC is still considered a schedule 1 controlled substance with no end in sight at the federal level. People have lobbied to change that since the controlled substances act was established in 1972, but to no avail yet. I wouldn’t hold my breath given in May of 2019 the original scheduling was not changed yet again. However, every few years activists dust themselves off and petition again.

Are we close yet to a meaningful change? Unfortunately, we at Green Gone are skeptical. As a pharmacist, I personally suspect we are more than a decade away. There’s really no incentive for the feds to change it. Appropriations to the DEA would like to stay reserved “fighting” a still present illegal cannabis industry. Change always has political implications, and nobody wants to rock the boat. Also, and now as relevant as ever Covid is dominating the air time and the public outcry for cannabis reform is being overtaken with clear and present danger.  

Further, even if scheduling is changed the parties enforcing testing policies maintain autonomy to continue testing, as it is a separate issue.In conclusion, it’s best to stay prepared! Check out Green Gone Detox, it is an all-natural permanent THC cleanse.

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