Will Coronavirus change employer drug testing for marijuana?

With the flurry of reports pouring in worldwide regarding the ongoing pandemic Coronavirus aka Covid-19, many regular cannabis consumers are being kept from work with strict quarantine orders. Many of them are hopeful to return to their job shortly, or are just starting to get back to work now. However, plenty of uncertainty still looms. As weeks turn into months earned time off turns into furlough or layoffs, which will undoubtedly push more workers to unemployment should the trend continue. Most experts agree now that by late summer added unemployment could still be in the tens of millions. Subsequently this will balloon the pool of people looking for new work. Possibly at an unfortunate time too, if corporate America isn’t exactly hiring. 

On a positive note some employers might stay the course with limited hours or shifts after being at least partially incentivized by the stimulus bill. The question that still begs an answer is what will happen to the millions of unemployed? We don’t have a direct answer to that, as it is difficult to say at this point, and will most likely take several months to resolve after the virus has run its course, barring some unforeseen medical breakthrough or miracle. It’s going to take time to see this through surely.

We want to field a question we’ve been asked recently more often. Will employers suspend or altogether discontinue drug testing? Specifically, urine drug testing for marijuana? The answer to this is much more certain. It can simply be answered as a firm “no” – and here’s some reasons why. With a huge unemployment number, companies are given a larger pool of talent to pick from. They will likely not get less selective. If anything, they may increase screening as they have their pick of several candidates for the same position. Secondly, cannabis reform of any kind is going to be put on hold at least several months as legislation and government will be almost entirely focused on the current public emergency, the sheer magnitude of which will most likely be considered one of the most dramatic events in world history. Further, even the population heavily interested in lobbying for cannabis reform will have their attention also diverted to the crisis. 

Now, seemingly more so than ever THC detox is extremely relevant. Marijuana consumption is up – most likely a direct effect of more people staying home. As more and more people are unfortunately pushed to unemployment, the amount of turnover in employment will go up to match. As more time passes, and things start to come back to a new and possibly different version of normal, businesses will start to reopen and rehire. Drug tests are surely on the horizon. Be prepared for yours by checking out:Greengonedetox.com

Until next time follow the CDC recommendations and be safe, Green Gone LLC

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