The California Cowboy PCH Hoodie is Stuff Stoners Like

We don’t typically review products that we can’t smoke or stuff with weed. But when the guys from California Cowboy reached out to us with their HIGHLY functional PCH Hoodie featuring a vape pen stash pocket and built-in bottle opener we were like, “that thing’s HELLA dope.” So suffice to say, they sent one along for us to review.

First of all, this full zip hoodie looks really cool. It’s got that old-school Pacific Coast Highway surf looks with the fat stripes and dark blue color. It also comes in white. But blue sorta hides stains. And we’ll be wearing this a lot so it’s bound to get some stains.

This hoodie is heavy as hell. That’s a good thing. It’s made of double layered 465 gram French Terry. Dang that’s a lot of grams. It’s probably the thickest and most cozy hoodie we’ve ever tried on.

Despite it’s rad retro looks—it’s more functional than fashionable. Of course it’s got that secret vape pen stash pocket on the inside that we told you about earlier. We mentioned that built-in bottle opener—those two additions alone make this thing special. But get this, on the outside it’s got a heavy duty pocket to hold your beer! And of course it comes with a can coozie and second bottle opener.

The PCH hoodie features a loop to use to secure your sunglasses. It also features a zip dry pocket to keep your weed nice and dry. Sure this pocket could also keep your phone and lighter safe too.

Because the California Cowboy PCH hoodie is so super thick and cozy and features cool shit like hidden stash pockets and bottle openers this thing is pretty rad. It’s road trip ready and perfect for staying warm at music festivals, the beach or while talking to a girl drinking beer. It’s also great for laying around and smoking joints on the couch. But is it Stuff Stoners Like? Definitely.

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