Stoners Like Hoodies

smokemarijuanaIt’s true, sometimes stoners will admit to a slight bit of paranoia right after smoking a joint, man. One minute smoking weed in a parking lot behind a Safeway seems like a really good idea and then all of a sudden you take a hit and every single person is watching you. That’s precisely why stoners love hoodies. Because to a stoner…the hooded sweatshirt is a cloaking device. Don’t want anyone starring at you while you exhale? Don’t want anyone to notice your bright red-eyes? Don’t want to entertain any conversations? Of course you don’t…you’re stoned and slightly paranoid. That’s why hoodies have hoods…up goes the hood and well, you’re now stoned and invisible (and slightly delusional).

linus3Much like an all-over Indica-induced body high the right  hoodie is like a big giant hug. A hug that wreaks of weed. The hoodie, well, to a stoner it’s a thing of comfort…a baby blanket, if you will.

It’s true, man, we hate to break it to you guys like this, but Linus was a total stoner. And, you thought Shaggy was the OG cartoon stoner, didn’t ya? Yep, let the story begin. At the last minute good ol’ Charles Schultz realized that he better replace Linus’s dirty hoodie with a blanket or his cute li’l comic strip wouldn’t survive. Oh and get this, Linus wasn’t a chronic thumb-sucker. Originally, Linus was known for always sucking down bong hits.

There you have it, people. No matter how you slice it…hoodies are probably the most beloved item in every stoner’s wardrobe.

9 Responses to “Stoners Like Hoodies”

  1. Justin

    I love my hoodies. =]

  2. Baschive

    hoodies are comfortable

  3. maca

    sunglasses are more important…need my raybans.

  4. admin

    Sayten is a real big fan of Ray-Bans…check it out:

  5. ben

    i wear my hoodie almost everyday

  6. iloveweed

    yesssss mon

  7. myhoodiekeepsmesafe

    this is how my morning goes every day you guys are readin my mind i go to the park think its the safest place to smoke ever take a few hits get hella sketched out then put my hood up and feel totaly confident i wont be seen

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  9. Kevin

    Smoking blunts wearing hoodies chilling at the skatepark is what its all about.
    Cannot lie. The hoodie is the way to go!

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