The Dime Bag is Stuff Stoners Like

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Dime bag? Wha? You’ve never heard that term, man. Well that’s because as marijuana legalization rolls across the nation and as a result more and more marijuana is sold in stores rather than on the streets terms like dime bag or a dime of weed are going away. So to document stoner culture properly we like to put together posts like this to explain the nomenclature of the past. You’re welcome, man.

What is a dime

dimes of weed
We’d buy this dime bag for ten bucks any day of the week

What is a dime of weed? As in, “yo you wanna buy a dime bag?” Well a dime bag is simply ten bucks worth of weed. That’s it, dude. That’s why they’re called dime bags. It’s a slang term unlike the term gram. When you’re waking in Berkeley and you hear,  “yo you wanna buy a gram of weed?” there’s no confusion on the amount of weed you’re purchasing. A gram of weed is a gram of weed. But a dime bag of weed doesn’t have an inherent weight. it’s just ten bucks worth of weed. And probably fairly bunk weed at that. Good weed isn’t typically sold as a dime bag.

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How much is a dime

How much is a dime of weed? Like we said in the paragraph above, you stoner, a dime of weed will run you ten bucks. Don’t ask us, how much is a dime worth because you’re get the same answer—it’s worth ten bucks. However the amount and quality of weed in a dime bags will vary.

How many grams in a dime

Dime bag of weed
Now that’s a dime bag, dude

What’s the weight of a dime? Typically a dime of weed will be around gram. You can bet that the quality of weed you get for ten bucks will probably be pretty shitty. That’s because high quality weed, at a dispensary, can run you upwards of $25 a gram. Sure that’s more than double the price of a dime sack, but it’ll more than likely get you twice as stoned. You get what you pay for, man, and purchasing weed ain’t no different.

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Dime bag background

The slang word dime bag comes from the value of a dime, the currently not the weed, man. A dime is worth ten cents. A dime of weed is worth ten bucks, get the connection? Why was the term, dime bag coined in the first place? Well back in the old days stoners couldn’t just buy weed over the counter. In fact they couldn’t buy weed without worrying about the law. Shit used to be illegal. Still is in many parts of the world. So when purchasing weed over the phone or on the street stoners would have to talk in code. They’d use slang like dime or dame bag as in, “Hey Joe, wasup, do you have a dime?” to avoid detection, dude.

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  1. Gene W

    Joint – $1 1/3 Tobacco cigarette
    Nickel bag – $5 3 joints
    Dime bag – $10 6-10 joints
    Lid – $20 2/3 ounce
    Ounce – $35 (Columbian)
    Bought my first “J” in ’72

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