The Puffco Proxy Collection: How to take your Proxy to the next level

The Puffco Proxy Collection

Introducing the Puffco Proxy Collection—best best ya to take your existing Puffco Proxy to the next level. Since the beginning Puffco has been synonymous with innovation in electronic concentrate consumption. Elevating the dab away from the blowtorch and taking away a lot of the fears and for lack of a better word “crackiness” that had been associated with dabs. They saw a need in the industry for a higher-end solution and delivered. Whether it be the Peak, Proxy or Plus their devices deliver on form and function. When the Proxy first hit the market, it was clear that this would be different. It was made for portability, versatility, and innovation. There was an initial question about the level of support Proxy may or may not get which reminded me of the video game console wars to some degree. Would they create technology around it or was I getting myself into a Sega Dreamcast situation.

The Proxy Collection

The Puffco Proxy Collection shows that we’re just scratching the surface. From the portability of the Travel pipe to the addition of water cooling via the Bub and now the Droplet to the blend of Old School and new technology with the Wizard, not only have they delivered but each part of the collection offers a unique experience which makes the Proxy essentially into 4 different devices which deliver on every level. A lot of design thought has gone into each of these accessories. I for one am a big fan since you can take your favorite concentrate and enjoy it in multiple fashions. Looking for big hits, The Droplet is your device. Looking to hit the road or a concert or the beach, the Travel Kit has everything you need. Want to ponder life in front of a fire? Say hello to the Wizard. Water cooled Wizard Hey Bub.  There are also several glass blowers creating innovation around Proxy. The possibilities are endless. 

As Puffco says: One Proxy Many paths. Which path will you take today? 

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