The Whizzinator is Stuff Stoners Like Here Are Our 5 Favorite Features

the whizzinator

The Whizzinator top 5 features

The Whizzinator fake urine kit is absolutely stuff stoners like. It’s one of those devices that’s steeped in mythology. In fact it’s pretty much legendary as far as prosthetic penises go. It not only led to the embarrassing arrest of a famous football player, it worked so well helping people pass their urine drug test that the owner of the company even went to jail. That’s a big deal considering all they sold was just a fake dong.

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A fake penis for drug test passing isn’t what this thing is actually intended for despite what all the online Whizzinator reviews say. Nope the current manufacturers sell this thing as a sex toy. Instead of using it to pass a drug test they and several other of their retailers have all sorts of crazy uses for it and synthetic urine listed on their website.

Would you believe that people other than R Kelly and President Trump are into watersports? We’ll apparently there are groups of people that drink the stuff to encourage youthfulness. Some people just like to use the stuff during kinky time and some others use it repel animals. We’re not here to judge we’re just here to help people pass their drug tets and that’s where this infamous fake cock comes in handy.  so without further adieu here are the five key features that make the Whizzinator total stuff stoners like.

The Whizzinator is perfect for smuggling

Not everybody needs a fake dick for smuggling their urine. But it sure comes in handy for such a purpose. A whizzinator kit comes with a belt that makes it easy to smuggle your urine into a drug lab. You fill the included bag with the synthetic urine, attach the heat pad and then attach that to the belt. This belt is supposed to be worn across your chest with the heating pad facing you to maximize heat efficiency.

Great for keeping urine warm

Urine doesn’t leave your body at room temperature. That stuff comes out at around 98 degrees. We’re talking body temperature here. One of the things that almost always gets a stoner busted is when they hand over a sample that’s cold or room-temperature. The lab people know immediately that the sample didn’t come from your body. So don’t be foolish make sure to heat  your urine sample before you hand it over. That’s why we dig it. Their complete kit comes with heating pads and a belt that help keep the urine warm before you need it. In fact it’ll keep your specimen warm for up to eight hours. Now that should give you plenty of time to leave the house, drive to the laboratory and deliver your sample. For more information check out our primer on how to keep fake pee warm.

Perfect semi-supervised drug test

Most of the time drug tests aren’t supervised. You are handed a cup and told to hit the bathroom to fill it up and then leave your sample inside once you’re finished. The Whizzinator isn’t necessary for this situation. It may help because when it’s correctly the thing actually sounds like a real urine stream hitting warm. But you should actually pee in the toilet to not only throw off anyone standing outside but to actually leave something in the toilet as to appear normal. Don’t worry they won’t be testing anything in the toilet—just what’s in the cup.

Like we said if you’re able to use the bathroom on your own you’re golden. Sometimes however drug tests are a little more evasive. Those drug tests are known as semi-suprvised or supervised drug test. During a semi-supervised test Wizanator is perfect because someone is typically stationed there to watch you pee. They’re not standing there with a magnifying glass starring at your crotch. They are just there to make sure no funny business ensues. You can whip out the Whizzinator and pee with no problem. Women too. There’s a product for females out there that works just as well. Because the Whizzinator looks like real anatomy nobody at the lab is going to notice upon first glance. So just be natural and you’re fine.

A supervised test may be a little more troublesome. That’s because someone will most likely as you to drop your pants to the ground and pull your shirt completely up to expose your chest. These guys are looking specifically these things. If this is the case you’re out of luck, man. And you’ve probably committed a violent crime which has led to such an intrusive drug test. However if someone is just stationed there to watch you whip it out and urinate you’ll probably be good because this thing looks that real.

It looks completely real

That leads us to the whizz kit feature number four—it looks completely real. It’ll mostly likely fool anyone within spitting distance of it. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your skin tone. We’re talking white, tan, Latino, brown and black. Looks like they come in a single size, however.

Who knows what the letter carrier or your roommate would thing when a box marked the Whizzinator comes to the door, right? Luckily, man, your new fake peter comes in discreet packaging. That way you can purchase and use this thing with confidence knowing that only you know what you’re buying and what you’re packing under your pants.

It comes with everything you need

One of the best features about the Whizinator is that it’s a complete kit. It has everything you need to pass your drug test or attend some kinky sex party. The kit includes the fake penis, 4 hat packs, 1 syringe, 1 pack of freeze dried synthetic urine and an easy to use instruction manual that explains how to use the thing.

Have you ever used one of these things to help you smuggle urine, keep it warm or pass a drug test? Leave us your review in the comments section below.

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  1. Live Doom

    I just wanted to report that this kit actually works, used the strap and attached it on my lower abdomen and ended using my own heat packs (walgreens 1.99 2ct) since the one included didnt really heat… Worth the 40$

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