Tommy Chong Speaks Up For STONERS

It’s a call to arms by STONER legend Tommy Chong, who says “it’s time to make our voices a little louder!” Here we see the icon talking about how his medical marijuana dispensary-owning friend is on his way to prison as a resent casualty of the Obama Administration’s new crack-down on California pot clubs.

One way Chong encourages stoners to fight back is by signing the Pardon Marc Emery Petition, (sign it here). The petition has nearly 7,200 signatures…meaning it will receive an official response from president Obama as a result of his administration’s recently launched We The People website where Americans can submit petitions on any issue. Petitions that rack up 5,000 signatures in 30 days will earn an official response from The Obama Administration! Well, the petition to free Emery cleared that benchmark in only 9 days! So we’ll let’cha know what the Presidents says.

Emery, a political prisoner held here in America for selling marijuana seeds to Americans from Canada, is serving a 5-year sentence…currently in Yazoo City medium-security prison in Mississippi. He has about three years left to serve on his sentence. His  early release date should be July 9, 2014.

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