Top 10 Ways to Use The Nuggy Multi-Tool

The Nuggy Multi-toolNuggy Multi-tool Review

Our buds from Nug Tools sent us over the Swiss Army knife of weed-smoking. It’s called the Nuggy and it’s got a total of ten individual tools for those clutch times when you need something to get stoned. We’ve all been there dude, looking for something to scrape your bowl, slit open a Swisher, or carve out a bowl in your next apple pipe. So this thing’s the perfect solution. Carry it with you for getting stoned on the go. Or just toss the Nuggy in your stash box and you’re good to go when you need to MacGyver your next stoner sesh.

Ungoxing the Nuggy

The Nuggy comes in a little green box. It’s not quite and fancy as that little blue box women dig from Tiffany’s, but it’s sets the scene. The multi-tool itself feels high quality. It’s sturdy and a little on the heavy-for-it’s-size side. That’s because it features ten tools—a scraper, a clip, a LED light, scissors, a tamper, a mini-spoon, a knife, a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver and a pick.

The Nuggy Multitool

Top 10 ways to use The Nuggy

Because the Nuggy comes with ten tools we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a top ten list. One task for each tool. So if you’re looking at this thing and thinking to yourself, what the fuck is that little spoon tool used for? Sit tight—we’ll explain. So without further adieu here are the top ten uses for the Nuggy:

  1. Scrape Resin—Keep your bowl clean by using the Nuggy’s arrowhead scraper tool to scrape off all that nasty resin and toss that shit. Because smoking resin is not recommended. Unless you’re super duper desperate.
  2. Grind weed—Use the Nuggy’s scissors to grind weed without a fancy weed grinder. If you’ve got a shot glass or sake cup use that with the scissors to keep the li’l weed bits from flying all over the place.
  3. Slice a cigar—Want to roll a blunt? We do too, dude. Now grab your nuggy and slice open that Backwood.
  4. Take a dab—Use the Nuggy’s spoon tool to take a nice li’l dab or pack your vape pen.
  5. Pack a joint—First roll a joint. Now use the tamper tool to pack the tip of your joint before you twist the end closed.
  6. Smoke it till it’s all gone—Use the Nuggy’s clip as a roach clip and smoke that joint you just rolled until it’s completely toast. But make sure not to swallow it.
  7. Cure cottonmouth—Here’s how to get rid of cottonmouth, man. Grab a beer, pop that shit open using the Nuggy’s bottle opener and drink that shit down. Oh and while you’re up, can you grab us a beer too?
  8. Save the environment—When the band begins to play Freebird at the end of the night, leave your lighter in your pocket and wave your Nuggy and it’s handy flashlight in the air like you just don’t care during that encore.
  9. Clean pipes—Use the pick tool to clean out the hole in your pipe and keep it free or debris. Take a dab before you do that though.
  10. Make a stoner smile—Buy ’em a Nuggy as a gift.

Speaking of buying a Nuggy, if you’re thinking about it, use discount code STUFF to get $4.20 off your purchase. You’re welcome, man. Visit to score a Nuggy of your own. 


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