Until There’s a Weed Leaf Emoji Here are 5 Weed Symbols On Your Phone

weed symbol5 Weed Symbols

Dude, there’s not a single weed emoticon to be found on your phone. It would be super dope if someone actually did create a weed leaf emoji or a weed emoji app dedicated to weed symbols. For now stoners have adapted. Sure this following list isn’t filled with a single weed symbol, if you use your imagination or just smoke a bowl they all seem to work pretty well.

But then again the stealthiness of random non  weed logo looking emoticons being used as a weed symbol is what makes ‘em effective and fun to use. Maybe it’s a good thing there aren’t any weed symbol emoticons available? Accidentally text a weed leaf to your mom and you’ll raise a couple eyebrows, but send her a peace emoji followed by a leaf and a cloud emoji and she’ll think you’re all hippy dippy not high as fuck.

tree emoji1. Tree emoji: Stoners have been using the word trees as a synonym for weed for a long time, man. So this cute little tree emoticon is the perfect weed symbol. Sure it’s not a weed leaf, but it’s pretty easy to see why this one is perfect for stealth weed texts .

fire emoji2. Fire emoji: Like the term trees, stoners have been using fire as a synonym for weed for a long time. Well, there is a difference. Fire is used specifically to denote good weed, where as trees is a little more generic.

cloud emoji3. Cloud emoji: If you don’t look at the cloud emoji and automatically think about puffs of weed smoke then you’re not stoned. Or at least you’re way too stoned man. Because the cloud emoji almost seems like it’s purposely built to be a weed symbol for stealth texting.

leaf emoji4. Leaf emoji: Sure it’s not a perfect weed leaf, but it is a leaf, man. And sure it’s not green, but dude…it is a leaf. You don’t even really need to use your imagination to see this as a weed symbol

ok emoji5. OK emoji: To the untrained eye this looks like an ordinary OK symbol. And by untrained eye we mean someone who’s never held a joint. Because this icon look exactly like the universally recognized ‘holding a joint’ a symbol.

pineapple emojiBONUS. Pineapple emoji: Boom. We love to under-promise and over-deliver, dude. We got a bonus emoticon for your weed texting pleasure. Take a look at this thing and tell us it doesn’t look like a big ol’ juicy bud? Now wonder the dudes over at the /r/trees subreddit use the pineapple emoji as the ultimate weed symbol. It’s probably our favorite on the list.

What’s your favorite emoticon to use as a weed sign? And don’t say the peace sign emoji, man. Leave us your favorite leaf text symbol and why in the comments section below

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