World’s First Government-Regulated Pot Marketplace to Open in Uruguay

World's First Government-Regulated Pot Marketplace to Open in UruguayFirst Uruguay legalized the cultivation and sale of marijuana back in 2013. Now authorities are beginning to register people who want to legally buy marijuana at pharmacies as part of the world’s first government-regulated national marketplace for pot. What?

It’s true, man. According to the Associated Press the law allows the growing of pot by licensed individuals, the formation of growers and users clubs and the sale by pharmacies. Registered users will be able to buy 40 grams a month.

The government has yet to announce when the pharmacies will begin selling pot. But they have speculated on price. Pot in Weed in Uruguay will cost about $1.30 per gram. Companies that won the government bid to grow it will charge about $.90. The rest will be split between pharmacies and the government.

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