Useful Tips for A Nice Edible Experience

Edible ExperienceThis is not a big secret. Cannabis infused edibles are the future of the Legal Cannabis Industry. More and more chef’s are experimenting with marijuana, trying to integrate cannabis with haute cuisine – and getting creative. But Cannabis edibles is not a field that only experts are allowed to participate. It’s also fun for many people that like to taste and try new ways of consumption and use. Most of those curious people start by making their own Cannabis-infused butter (or “cannabutter”) – one of the most common ways to make edibles. But as there is also difficult to calculate the right dosing for each recipe, often people have an unwanted experience. Here’s some useful tips for a safe edible trip!

Plant-based or Concentrate?
When you buy edibles It is always good to know if they are made from CannaButter from leaves or oils or from concentrates (for example hash). This can make a huge difference in terms of how strong (potent). Concentrates are much more potent than any flower-based product.

Think of the entourage effect
Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds known as cannabinoids and terpenes. Each cannabis strain is different. For example White Widow is different than any other strain.Each one contains different combinations of those chemical substances, They mix and interact together synergistically. This is called the “entourage effect” and is the phenomenon of all those cannabinoids working together,magnifying and expanding each other, so that the medicinal impact is greater than the sum of its parts.

That is the reason why is good to know the procedure that was followed for those cannabinoids to be included in your edible.Was it a whole plant extraction or just an extract of THC was added without the rest of compounds? Depending on the case, you can predict the outcomes after you consume the certain Cannabis infused food.

High CBN Edibles
CBN is a mild psychoactive cannabinoid that doesn’t come directly from the marijuana plant – it is produced from the oxidation of THC. When THC get oxidate becomes CBN during its degradation. THC becomes oxidized over time or when exposed to light. There are some reports from Cannabis consumers that some manufacturers of Cannabis edibles are using older flowers during their recipes. Cbn can also induce dizziness and nausea.

Cannabis must not be your meal
Eating Marijuana infused foods can end catastrophic if you are eating them on an empty stomach. Cannabis Edibles are not intended to be the only meal of the day. It’s important to have eaten something else before, unless you want to have a really strong High for many hours. Moreover you might feel nausea, a symptom that is not pleasant.

Avoid combining Coffee with Marijuana Edibles.
Although some people might think that coffee and Cannabis brownies  would be a perfect match it’s not. Coffee is a diuretic substance that dehydrates our body, causing also intestine contraction. If one drinks big quantities of coffee together with eating Cannabis edibles then he/she might gets stronger effects of Cannabis.

Make a nice Balance of CBD – THC
As It is known that CBD is a product used to counteract any undesirable effects of THC you might want to consume some cannabidiol (CBD) before trying edibles. This would make the psychoactive effects of THC smoother and for many people that would offer a more short lasting experience of High.

Take it easy
The most common words of advice is to start slow. Don’t eat all your portion at once. Cannabis infused foods have a delayed effect. The digestion process takes time-wait at least 30-50 minutes to see how strong is the effect from what you ate. Then you can see how you feel and adjusting your further consumption.

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