Using Hemp Oil: What Are Its Uses, Benefits and Risks?

Using hemp oi is easy if you have the fact.

Our buds from genius-labs put this post together for those that aren’t aware of all the risks and rewards of using hemp oil.

There are many forms of alternative medicine that can be extremely effective, beneficial and useful. But in order to deem something completely safe, it requires a huge amount of research that could take decades, if not longer. That’s why, while there are countless uses and benefits of a product such as a hemp oil, there are also some risks and minor effects that can differ from one person to the other. In this case, it pays to know exactly what you’re dealing with. 

What is hemp oil? 

Before getting into the benefits and risks, it is important to understand what hemp oil is and where it comes from. Hemp oil is an extract derived from the cannabis plant which is cultivated and grown for food and fibre instead of weed. 

The hemp oil is extracted from the plant fibres or its edible seeds. According to, Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, can sometimes be confused with other ingredients derived from the cannabis plant such as THC. However, the cannabis plant has different ingredients and hemp itself doesn’t have any traces of THC, as it is cultivated in a different way, as well as extracted from a different part of the plant. 

Hemp oil is used for alternative medical purposes. It is high in antioxidants, omega-3, and omega 6 fatty acids, but doesn’t contain any CDB, THC or CBN. The edible seeds as well as the oil derived from hemp have been available in health food stores and are used in smoothies as well as skincare due to their immense benefits. It is viewed as a superfood and is a great addition to your diet in terms of nutrition. 

What are the uses and benefits of Hemp oil?

Skin Care

When it comes to skincare, hemp oil can act as a powerful moisturizer that softens the skin without making it oily. With its different components and ingredients, it can benefit the skin in many different ways, including anti-aging properties and the treatment of atopic dermatitis. 

– Moisturizer

Using hemp oil as a moisturizer can be beneficial to all skin types due to the fact that it softens the skin without clogging the pores. It can even help balance out oily skin by providing hydration and keeping the skin’s oil production under control. 

– Anti-inflammatory

Hemp oil is also used as an anti-inflammatory as it contains one of the omega-6 fatty acids known as gamma-linoleic acid (GLA). This ingredient is not only used to reduce inflammation, but also enhances skin growth and new cell formation. Using the anti-inflammation properties can help reduce irritation of the skin such as acne by keeping the skin nourished and moisturized. 

– Anti-aging 

Hemp oil contains linoleic acid and oleic acids which are extremely beneficial for the skin and help reduce fine lines, wrinkles as well as signs of aging. The human body cannot produce these acids and so, adding them to a diet can go a long way, especially when it has to do with anti-aging. Also, keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. 

– Prevent and reduce acne 

Hemp oil acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin, without clogging the pores. When eliminating the dryness of the skin, the skin doesn’t need to overproduce oil, which in most cases develops acne. So hemp oil can reduce acne by always keeping the skin moisturized.

Acne can also be prevented due to the fatty acids found in hemp seed oil which provides a balance for the skin and prevents inflammation, reducing the formation of acne breakouts. 

Brain Health

Culinary hemp oil can also be used as a source of nutrition by adding it to your salad dressings or smoothies and can be an excellent way to maintain and improve your mental health. It can help provide support for the brain by increasing focus and concentration. 

This is mainly attributed to the fatty acid components evident in hemp seed oil which provides the brain with some of the healthy fats it needs to function properly. Hemp oil is also rich in other ingredients that help protect the brain against inflammation. 

Heart Health

While extensive research hasn’t been conducted to prove that hemp seed oil can provide benefits to the heart, the information derived from various studies show that the comprehensive nutrient profile of hemp seed oil can be good for the heart. This means that using hemp oil can help moderate high blood pressure, atherosclerosis as well as cholesterol levels. Hemp oil also contains alpha-linoleic acid which appears to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

What are the risks of using hemp oil? 

Hemp oil is safe for most people as it doesn’t contain any traces of THC or psychoactive properties, making it impossible to become dependent on. However, there are some side effects of using hemp oil in excessive doses: 


It is best to test hemp oil on a small patch of skin first, as there is a risk of developing mild irritation according to your skin type. While most skin types benefit excessively from using hemp oil, it is possible for a reaction to occur due to the variations in the nature of skin types. So, caution is always advised before use.

Digestion problems

Consuming hemp seed oil in your diet can also lead to some negative side effects in certain people such as diarrhea or an upset stomach. This can be as a result of fatty acids and oils evident in the hemp oil. In order to test it out, it is best to start by taking small doses and gradually increase it to make sure your stomach will be able to digest it properly. 

Using hemp oil can be tremendously beneficial for various health issues: It can help take care of your skin, provide your brain with the focus it needs, as well as help you maintain a healthy heart. However, it is always best to take the necessary precautions and check with your doctor before you start using it if you have any health conditions. Also, make sure to have reliable sources. You have to know exactly where it came from, who handled it, and how it was processed. Despite the beauty of this alternative medicine, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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