Most High by Valley of the Kings

Valley of the KingsOur good buddy over in Maui, Marty Dread—the international reggae superstar with a two decade-long career and seventeen albums under his belt—recently emailed us. He said, “I’m sending you this video because as soon as I saw it I thought about your website and your following. Maybe it’ll be something that you’d like to share if you like it.”

Like it? We fucking love this shit, yo. Great song, super cool video. Total stuff stoners like for sure. And check this out, apparently this video is an exclusive. It has yet to be released anywhere but here so far. So you’re seeing it here first on the mighty Stuff Stoners Like. You’re welcome.

This band called Valley of the Kings and their some friends of mine, Dread tell us. “My buddy David Electric. He’s currently the lead guitar player for the legendary Steel Pulse. His band-mates Adrian Young and Steven Bradley are from the band, No Doubt.”

Anyhow enjoy the track and let us know what you think?

3 Responses to “Most High by Valley of the Kings”

  1. Kevin Leon Smith

    Platinium Respect!

  2. Archer

    Nice! So high, most high!

  3. J Gib

    Dope track. I’m ready to head back to Maui so I can smoke a blunt and get lost on the bamboo forest

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