Which Vaporizer Heating Method Is Healthier?

conduction vaporizer v convectionDry herb vaporizers have been one of the biggest boons to medicinal and healthy cannabis consumption. Vapes allow cannabis users to enjoy all of the healthy and relaxing benefits of their herb without any of the harsh, toxin-laden smoke. This new way of consuming herb has opened up cannabis to a whole new market of people who would previously have been up off by the harmful aspects of combustion. This combined with the explosion in hi-tech and attractive vaporizers that are hitting the market every day means that there has been no better time to buy a vape!

Vaporizers work by taking advantage of the various boiling points of the active ingredients inside cannabis. These chemicals are called ‘cannabinoids’, and they include ingredients like THC and CBD. Usually when consuming cannabis combustion releases these chemicals in the form of smoke, vaporization however pulls them out of your herb without burning it. The cannabinoids are boiled off into a harmless and tasty vapor, that preserves the unique flavor of your dry herb blends more than combustion ever could.

There are two main forms of dry herb vaporization, combustion and conduction. They both have their advantages, but which is the healthiest for medicinal use?


Combustion is the most common form of vaporization found within portable vapes. It works by putting cannabis into direct contact with the heating element, working in a similar way to a kitchen stove. Combustion has the advantage of speed, it has the quickest heat up time of all vaporization methods, this is what makes it so perfect for portable vapes. Unfortunately, this fast heat up time can be its downfall. If used improperly it can lead to hotspots with in your chamber, and if you’re not careful the herb in these hotspots can reach flashpoint and combust. This means smoke, toxins, and wasted herb.

conduction vaporizerThere are a few ways to prevent this; making sure that your carefully adjust the temperature up in gradual steps or making sure that your herb is finely ground. Grinding your cannabis is an important step when preparing a combustion vape. The finer the grind the better, as this opens more of your herb’s surface area to the heating system, allowing for more of the cannabinoids to be effectively vaporized. Another vital step is to make sure that you regularly clean your combustion vaporizer. Over time the grime and resin that leaks out of your cannabis can take the inside of the chamber, restricting air flow and causing hot spots to form. A little rubbing alcohol or cleaning fluid and a small, soft brush can help you make sure that your dry herb is kept spic and span.

A great example of a quality combustion vaporizer is the Firefly 2. The Firefly 2 is a compact and discreet portable vaporizer with an advanced and healthy heating system. Thanks to this heating system it has a lightning fast heat up time, making it perfect for small doses on the go. One of the best things about the Firefly 2 is it’s Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to hook it up to a compatible app on your smartphone. This allows you to control the heating to a tiny degree, allowing you to totally avoid the risk of generating hotspots and combustion.


Convection is more commonly seen in desktop vaporizers, but more and more portable vaporizers are integrating it into their design. Convection is a more advanced form of heating that uses air flow to bake your herb in a similar fashion to a fan oven. It does this by heating the air around your cannabis and gently lifting the vapor out. Convection isn’t as fast as conduction but leads to a thicker and tastier vapor. Since your herb is never in contact with the heating system the risk of combustion is virtually nil!

Convection vaporizerBecause of how gentle convection is the unique flavor of your dry herb is totally preserved. When prepping a convection vaporizer, you do need to grind your herb, but not too finely. This is because there needs to be space for the hot air to flow through your herb and vaporize all of its surface area.

One of the preeminent portable convection vaporizers on the market is the Crafty. Created by vape giants Storz & Bickel, inventors of the legendary Volcano desktop vape, the Crafty is a truly impressive machine. It can effectively and thoroughly vaporize your herb, leading to the most potent and pure vapor you can find anywhere. Thanks to the Crafty’s advanced heating systems the vapor produced is purer and healthier than anything you can find in virtually any other vaporizer. For those looking for the most possible health benefits form their cannabis the Crafty vaporizer is a must.


While a person’s choice of vaporizer ultimately comes down to individual preference if heathy vape sessions are the ultimate end goal, then a convection vape is the go to device. Regardless, any form of vaporization is head and shoulders above any other form of cannabis consumption when it comes to protecting yourself from the toxins and carcinogens released by combustion.

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