We’ve been staring at the same FREE STICKER for years now…so we thought we’d switch it up. We’re gonna print up a new LIMITED EDITION FREE STICKER and start giving that away. Now, don’t worry…we’ll keep giving away the same OG FREE STICKER…but we figured we’d do a new LIMITED EDITION run and hand those out too…while supplies last.

Now…smoke a bowl and tell us which one of these you dig the most, eh? PS…ignore the white outline, the rectangle sticker is 8.5″x1.38″ the square is pro’lly gonna be 2.75″ x 2.75″. Oh and the green letter is to help you tell us which one you dig, dig? To vote, Tweet @ us or leave us a comment below or hit us up on FB.

5 Responses to “Vote on the LIMITED EDITION FREE STICKER”

  1. Robin

    I vote… D!!!

  2. Tangofish

    B 🙂

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