Watson 3202 What Is It & Will It Get You High?

watson 3202
Watson 3202, sometimes referred to 3202 Watson or the Watson 3202 pill, is made by Watson Pharmaceuticals.

What is Watson 3202?

Watson 3202, sometimes referred to 3202 Watson or the Watson 3202 pill, is not that IBM computer that kicks ass at Jeopardy. Watson 3202 is a Hydrocodone/APAP pill manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals. They also manufacture other popular pills; Watson, 3203, Watson 824, Watson 749, etc. The Watson 3202 pill, the Watson 749 pill and the Watson 824 pill are all opioids—the basis of pharmaceutical drugs like OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin. Opium is also the base of the street drug heroin.

Watson 3202 effects

The effects of watson 3202 can be similar to the effects of marijuana—causing a profound euphoria or a feeling of being “high.” That’s probably how the term “Watson 3202 high” evolved. How High? Well that depends on the Watson 3202 strength.

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Watson 3202 has medical value, just like marijuana. It can be used to treat pain and relieve rheumatoid arthritis. However, unlike marijuana the watson 32032 white pill is completely synthetic. And it can cause a whole host of issues commonly treated by cannabis—sleep disorders, intestinal disorders like nausea, diarrhea and things like loss of appetite and headaches are common. Big pharma often pushes patients take drugs like Watson 3202 or Watson 749 and others like OxyContin and Vicodin to treat pain instead of cannabis for profit. Hopefully as marijuana laws relax and it becomes more widely available all that will change.

watson 3202 pink speckles
Drugs like Watson 3202 and Watson 749 are Suff Stoners Don’t Like

There are plenty of sites online that will help you identify pills. The Watson drugs are somewhat easy because they’re somewhat color coded. The one we’re discussing is identified as the Watson 3202 pink speckles because of it’s speckled appearance.

Like vicodin, Watson 3202 and Watson 749 are hydrocodone products. Watson 3202 has 325 mg of Acetaminophen aka Tylenol and 5 mg of hydrocodone. Regular strength vicodin is 5 hydrocodone and 500 acetaminophin and norco, a generic form of Vicodin is 10/325. It’s important to note the amount of Tylenol in these drugs. One of the most common accidental drug overdoses is from Tylenol (acetaminophin) which can cause liver problems that not be reversible.

Watson 3202 is not Stuff Stoners Like

It’s dangerous for pregnant women to use Watson 3202. And the drug has a high potential for abuse. Unlike weed, however, the drug has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States or a currently accepted medical use with severe restrictions. However abuse of Watson 3202 may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. And there’s a list of side effects of Watson 3202 a mile long, everything from dizziness and lightheadedness, to bloody or cloudy urine, to stopping of the heart. Not good.

No matter how you slice it cheap synthetic pain-killers like Watson 3202, Watson 749 or AN 627 cause a ton of unwanted, negative side-effects. So as soon as marijuana is legal and accessible to the masses drugs like these will become obsolete.

Have you ever tried Watson 3202 or Watson 749? Let us know in the comments section below…

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42 Responses to “Watson 3202 What Is It & Will It Get You High?”

  1. mat

    I can think of a whole host of other pills that start out being Stuff Stoners Like, but then quickly turn into Stuff Stoners Don’t Like. Amazing how these are less harshly scheduled than cannabis. Appalling really. Good read. People definitely need to know the things they get from their doctors aren’t always safe. Especially when used for extended periods of time. Keeping us sick is a billion dollar industry.

  2. Phil

    I decided to try two of the 3202 Hydrocodone pills and ever since, my heart has been pretty messed up. Like I can’t even smoke weed without it feeling like a heart attack is gonna come on, did I mention this was like 3 months ago too? Any advice would be appreciated

  3. Cork

    I just took one rn

  4. pussycat

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm yum

  5. Nia

    They really aren’t that bad. I get the for a semi-severe scoliosis that u have and a long list of other medical conditions. They make you a little itchy because of the Tylenol and they also help take the pain away. I do get anxious sometimes, but that’s usually when u take more than what u need. I take a benzoyl with it/muscle relaxer/anxiety pill.. whatevers at hand.
    If you’re taking then to get messed up and high, they work. I smoked(weed) for 10years, any pill or other drug you take with it effects differently. Just be careful when you’re doing stuff and being on the Internet looking for what drugs you should take to get fckd up, isn’t really the smartest idea. I’m just looking for a list of side effects from everywhere. Anyways, good luck and don’t get too high on anything, because it never feels good.

  6. jake

    Fuck you

  7. Tom Byron

    It cracks me up when “stoners” express their utter distain for hydrocodine and the like..I’m a disabled veteran who’s dabbled in all manner of substances. These meds truly allow me to go beyond coping with my chronic pain and let me function and work. I’ve seen just as many um, stoners, cop nasty attitudes when they run out of pot..likewise with those who are prescribed these pills. Pot does absolutely nothing for my pain, and if anything it actually heightens my awareness of the pain I experience. While I hope its legalized for everybody to use as they see fit, pots use as a pain management tool is overblown.

  8. Ivy

    I too have scoliosis pains from my lower back down to my leg (left only) and it is painful! Sometimes difficult to walk and I take Tramadol, weak. Take more than I should. Somewhat ease the pains. But the Watsons? Started taking half pill with my Tramadol 50mg and it is great..

  9. pill popping animal

    I’m not going to lie I take percs for recreational use and they are GREAT. I mean everybody system is different but they all work well for me watsons, 512’s I would say 512’s are my favorite but it’s also different mg’s and pills that work for me I took 3 a o4 (mg oxycodone) and felt great compared to the day before I had 2 a333 (10mg oxycodone with Tylenol) weak lol I’m high as a kite now off half a 30 and a 5mg hydrocodone long story short any of u fuckers downing percs this is what u do tape a knife to the wall and run into it as fast as u can

  10. pills in life

    Your funny pillpopping animalI

  11. redurum

    What if someone crushes and snorts the watson 3202 what are the effects
    the person reaveals

  12. Wowpeople

    I have inoperable chronic pain, i have had full reconstructive surgery on my neck and back and still have three broken nerve channels off my spine. I experience every type of pain imaginable all at once due to the damaged nerves. Weed, the right weed, is the only thing that helps. For pain, you can’t just get any weed off the street, you have to get strains genetically bred for pain reduction. So, Tom, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Now for Ivy..Ivy Tramadol, generic for Ultram works by fooling the brain into thinking its an opiate, it binds to receptors to help limit the transmission of pain signals, but it doesn’t shut them off like opiates do (the same chemical aids function in the intestines and gets shut off, why opiates cause constipation) now, because tramadol (ultram) doesn’t stop the signal but merely binds top the receptors, it is effectively am opiate blocker as well. This means when you take tramadol(ultram) your hydrocodone are just getting ejected from your system, they don’t work, what you’re experiencing is nothing more than a placebo effect, your vicodin are useless the second you ingest the opiate blocker. The mind is cool, huh?

  13. Curious to know

    Getting high off narcotics is not healthy its bad for your health and will harm your body in due time!

  14. Curious to know


  15. Alex James

    Sorry, pot does absolutely nothing for pain. I have also tried the edibles and all that happens is a feeling of being high and HUNGRY. But the pain is there and I am very aware of it. Meds like Vicodin or Oxy do help, not by getting rid of the pain, but by suppressing it enough that I can function and actually get things done. With pot, all I wanted to do was eat then sleep. And I still had pain.

  16. drugs

    escape addiction while you can. it gets ugly. in general

  17. Mystic rose

    Alex….is cannabis oil different then smoking or edible weed?
    I to have chronic pain due to two messes up spine surgeries with hardware & cadaver bones.
    Am on Methadone 10mg 3x day & Cymbalta 60mg daily which works to function as a half human being.

  18. HJ

    If I take the Watson 3202, how long will I stay high?

  19. Scott

    Weed for pain management is not over blown. Much respect to you but I hear this all the time and 99 percent of the reason for this thought is you may have not experienced pharmaceutical grade. There are different strains and it is a science when it comes to medicate. It’s a beautiful thing.

  20. Scott

    And edibles give a totally different high than smoking. I am not big on it. It’s more of a body buzz not cerebral.

  21. Scott

    And real quick. I take all the pain meds the dr will jam in me and I wish pharma grade was legal in my state. I would feel safer and less likely to die.

  22. Anonymous

    I’m about to take 2, ill let y’all know whats good after

  23. Paul Benis

    I’m about to take 2, ill let y’all know whats good after

  24. Dickrider

    I took one and 20 mins later felt no pain then popped another just to feel a “high” and I did. I felt foggy and relaxed also walked unbalanced and slowed speech, loved it. However 4 hours later I have a headache and nausea and have no appetite though I know I should be hungry bc I haven’t ate since lunch and it is now almost 9.

  25. WatsupWatson

    I just took two 7.5. I fucking love hydrocodone!

  26. Jaime

    Can you sniff it ? Is it dangerous if you do it ? Is it bad if you smoke a joint after taking one ?

  27. Shelton rose

    I love percs they actually help me get thru the work day lol

  28. Anonymous

    I took 3 watson 3202 just now

  29. Young melon

    My friend Sam got her wisdom tooth out haha and got prescribed Watson 3202 and came thru with two vikis for me. Idk when I should take them , she said when I wanna chill and watch a movie or listen to music or something but idk what that means ya know, that’s vague. She forgot to tell me more cuz she hadda go home but I shmur de ganja occasionally is it like that? Should I take it at school? Will it make me more relaxed? Any opinions/ideas will help, shanksh

  30. Killamayne

    Hell yeah

  31. Killamayne

    They good

  32. Killamayne

    Just take em all at once

  33. warren conrad

    I smoke good pot 2 to 3 times a year for lower back/nerve pain. Works every time…

  34. perky

    I been pill head for years three in rehab but I still like my 10/15 mg of asprin free oxycodone works awesome for pain but over do it and you are f.cked. b careful pill poppers.

  35. Mac

    Just want to throw out there weed is legal (completely recreational) in washington and pain pills are not “Obsolete”. In fact the majority of drug dealers that primarily dealt with weed are now selling pills and other drugs to make ends meet since the black market for weed has essentially crashed (not a bad thing imo). The only thing that will make these pills obsolete is complete legality of ALL drugs. With the more potent and cheaper “street” versions of these pills (meth, heroin, etc) legally available, regulated and taxed like weed is here now. There will be literally no purpose for these currently perscribed alternatives that are overpriced and contain just as much if not more cut than the street drugs on the black market. In fact, if it was not for unreliable and shady black market drug dealers being a total pain to deal with 99% of the time i would never consider prescription medication. Speed pills, pain pills, whatever, it has nothing to do with danger or health or crime its all just the govt working as if it is looking out for our health and saftey while getting rich off of big pharmas bribes.
    I say the tabacco and alcohol and now weed in wa, are on the right track (not complimentin big tabacco by any means they are part of the reason we find ourself in this mess). Production and sales are regulated via obtainable licensing and permits, and the govt gets their cut of the action.
    Overall, the average quality of the weed is many times better than the herbs we used to get off the streets. Sure there was dat fire around, but if you did not have the connection you had to deal with whatever some random jackass grew in his spidermite and mildew infested closet or made its way from over boarders (where it is also illegal therfore quality is also a hope and pray scenario). Now, a huge amount of testing facilities identify nearly everything that is in my weed and how strong it is. Also buying from these stores you are very likely to get what you actually pay for instead of relying on the “friend” or middle man who we will feel obligated to burn him down or throw him a few bucks (even though he told you it was 55 for the eighth and/or pinched that sack the moment he got it)
    Plus the greatest part of the weed thing is prices did not change. In fact, for the regular consumer that is purchasing by the gram, eighth, and other smaller quantities usually end up paying much less. On 4/20 its dollar grams for dank weed at almost every store in my area. And they always run some sort of other great deals 24/7
    There never used to be a difference in dank buds. 20$ grams and 50$ eighths was totally normal and if the buds did not look like totally shit mids or seedy brick weed you were normally cool with paying that price. A reliable source of weed that you could be certain was potent and not covered in bugs and mold is all but nonexistent for the good majority of casual weed smokers in illegal states (we have all been there).
    I am not saying anything new that all of us havent been beating to death for longer then my parents have been alive (both born in the 60s not that it matters). With the recreational laws being passed we are witnessing first hand that the majority if not everything we said would happen did. Cheaper, better, safer, easily available weed for the stoner. There are less jail cells filled with sad stoners who got busted (im sure that some of friends have still managed to break the laws somehow or another, we got a few free spirits among us).
    Now we have Legal ways for business savy stoners to open shop, selling, growing making legit and taxed income.
    The only real issue I have with any drug prohibition is that someone else is making my life choices, dictating how i am supposed to feel and act. . If we want to experience life from an altered state or whatever personal reason we choose for using “drugs” as long as i am not infringing on the rights of really anyone else who fuckin cares.
    I am not against the government. If this truly is a democracy we have nobody but ourselves to blame. Unfortunately, corruption exists wherever there is money.
    Laws are changing, people are standing up and calling out some of the bullshit, but i feel for every law or policy that changes for the good of our liberties and freedoms, there is a horde of politicians that try to force their beliefs, morals, and even the agenda of a select few businesses that happen to talk with their wallets.
    The end of this rant/vent.

  36. Dan E. Boy

    This is very interesting. For all of the recreational users of prescribed pain medication it’s because of you that people who realy suffer with chronic pain, are being turned away and can’t get the relief they need. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for abusing. Doctors aren’t allowed to do their job and help their patients because of your selfishness. You all need to grow up and get a brain. One day you may actually need it for something real and find you can’t get it because of continued abuse. Remember, your reap what you sow!

  37. John

    Just popped 2

  38. Roxy

    Almost everyone of you sound like uneducated street mutts. My boyfriend died from Hus own legally obtained opoid pain med along with xanax and he stopped breathing and died. Autopsy showed normal dosage taken and no overdose. Bottle held correct amount of pills that should have been there. Keep doing as you are and I’m sure you’ll be joining him soon!!! Get educated on the meds by the physician and STP going to people on these stupid sites that know probably less than you do about what you’re asking.

  39. Regina-Taga

    WATSON 3202 gets rid of any pain I’m feeling. It just doesn’t last long- 4 hours at the most. As far as smoking weed I use to think it didn’t help for pain management myself however a friend gave me a strain called Charlotte’s Web with less than 0.3% THC. It’s potency is due to its high-CBD. I don’t believe sativa/sativa dominant strains work for pain (For me at least.) It rather heightens my pain. So for everyone on here that’s saying weed doesn’t help with pain…. try Charlotte’s Web. If I can’t get my hands on some CW- I will have my indica sessions in hopes of knocking myself out. Trying to stay away from pill poppin so I’m stickin to FLOWER POWER.

  40. gary

    Had 10 surgeries on ankle. Had total replacement. I know pain. Pills saved me.

  41. Stac

    Just prolong it and take 4 ibuprofen with it lol

  42. Uncle J

    My brother has had three surgeries on his foot. He has had lots of therapy, and has weaned himself down some, stretching the interval between pills from four, to six hours. Still, it is eight months since his surgery, and he cannot leave the hydrocodone.

    He says the pain prevents him from walking more than around his house, and he cannot sleep. I am worried for him, because of the frequent constipation and seeming addiction.

    I am relieved to know the 3202 is a low dosage, compared to other pills. It gives me hope that he can ultimately leave being a user.

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