AN 627 What Is It & Will It Get You High?

AN 627
AN 627 white round pills are a common synthetic pain reliever that can be replaced by marijuana

What is AN627?

AN 627, sometimes referred to as Pill AN 627, is also known as Tramadol. It comes in the form of a little, round white pill AN 627 is stamped on its top. It’s an opioid. You’ve probably heard that term on the news lately. Many people die each day from the use of opioid. Many more people are addicted to them.  Like marijuana, it can cause profound euphoria or a feeling of being “high”—as a result you may have heard the term “AN 627 Pill High.”

And also like marijuana, AN627 has notable medical value. It can relieve pain as well as offer some psychological relief from pain related depression as a mood elevator. However, unlike marijuana the white round AN 627 pill is completely synthetic. And it can cause a whole host of issues commonly treated by marijuana—sleep problems, nausea, diarrhea, appetite loss and headaches to name a few. Big pharma often encourages patients take drugs like the AN 627 Pill or others like Darvon, Levorphanol and Effexor to treat anxiety, depression and chronic pain instead of marijuana—something that will hopefully change as marijuana laws relax.

In the realm of alternative therapeutic options, vaping has also emerged as a popular and convenient method for individuals seeking relief from various health conditions. Vapes, with their discreet and portable nature, provide a discreet way to consume substances like CBD and THC, offering potential benefits for managing anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. You can purchase these devices online from trusted brands like Yocan.

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The small, white, round pill belongs to the drug class narcotic analgesics. Is AN 627 snort able? Probably, but we really don’t know. You could probably reduce it to a powder to make it available to snort. But again we’re not experts and really don’t know a ton about consuming AN 627 or other opiods. What we do know is that it has a low potential for abuse, but using it may lead to limited physical or psychological dependence. Some AN 627 users experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking it.

White Pill AN 627 is not Stuff Stoners Like
Unlike the all-natural pain-killing marijuana, the round white pill AN 627 is completely synthetic

AN627 is not Stuff Stoners Like

Common adverse reactions to the pill AN 627 are vomiting, sweating, nausea, drowsiness, constipation, nervous tremors, anxiety and other problems. Seizures may even occur in certain individuals when taking the little AN 627 round white pill. Also the round white pill AN 627 can induce breathing difficulty, hives, rash, blisters, fever, swallowing difficulty and swelling of the throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, ankles, lower legs, feet or face. Big pharma says that Tramadol, aka an627, is very attractive to users because “chronic pain is long lasting and drug treatment over such a long time does involve a great expense. Any savings are a benefit to the user, who already has physical pain. This pill helps relieve pocketbook pain as well!”

What would offer more pocketbook pain relief—not to mention actual physical and mental relief from pain? Synthetic pills that get you high like an AN 627 pill or growing the 100% all-natural, pain-killer, marijuana at home. That’s why as legalization spreads across the nation it’s important to vote for legislation that allows for cultivation. Being able to grow your own weed ensures that big pharma can’t swoop in and force you to buy something synthetic and toxic instead of using something like a little purple weed that you can grow in your own backyard.

AN627 is a cheap synthetic pain-killer, like Watson 3202 and many other big pharma pills that get you high causes a ton of side-effects. And as soon as marijuana is legal and accessible to the masses drugs like it will be completely obsolete.

Have you ever tried Tramadol aka AN 627 or the pill AN 627? We’d like to hear your thoughts about it and its effectiveness in comparison with marijuana. Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below. Also let us know if you’ve ever tried to substitute weed for taking the AN 627 white pill?

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61 Responses to “AN 627 What Is It & Will It Get You High?”

  1. JD

    How did I find myself here. Due to health concerns like kidney and liver functions I found myself prescribed Tramadol for back pain and nerve damage caused by Diabetes. Having asked to not be prescribed any of the harder more addictive meds available Tramadol when used with Gabapentim will let one resume a normal life. II find it hard to believe anyone would find a high as you would have to take a dose above the daily maximum dosage. You would be dizzy maybe, sleepy maybe, but not high. As I enjoy a glass of white wine when I run out of meds, you would get more of a high from a glass of wine than this medication. Since I suffer from sleep apnea and had asthma as a child, smoking anything would would cause me breathing problems. Snorting or putting things in my anus to increase the effect is not something I would do. I post this for any geriatrics out there looking for relief from chronic pain. Tramadol has been a god send for life long pain, joint and disc pain can be disabling. Used with a a drug like Gabapentim for Neorpathy does allow me to return to some sort of normal. Tramadol seems to have a long lasting effect unlike other drugs I have been prescribed.

  2. Steve Benedict

    I have had pretty much the same experience as JD. I was given Tramadol in the hospital after a knee operation. I experimented with it for osteoarthritis and it has been a godsend on occasion. I have also found that it positively stimulates the brain and the imagination at night while sleeping or in half-sleep. I have had no ill-effects nor any problem with addiction. I only use it as needed.

  3. Anonymous

    I ask person(x) for it at times to not do heroin may sound extreme to some (I don’t do needles just saying) but I can’t think of many drugs I don’t do, but fuck im stuck. On parole for 8more months then im free. I can’t relax until then. I don’t recommend either just saying, I miss pot seriously shit in lifes just simpler.

  4. Shyre

    I’m actually happy I’m now taking these instead of the Norco I’d been stuck on for years, no side effect for me, and I don’t feel high, it doesn’t take pain away as well as the stronger opioid meds but it helps a lot, and what about people who have bad reactions to weed? I can’t smoke when I do I’m irritable and just wanna not be high anymore. So long story short weed don’t work for everyone, I wish it did but some people have side effects from that too.

  5. T DROID

    I also have been taking tramadol and gaba for chronic pain… long story shot before my doc gave me the gaba we tried a drug known as paxil. I dont know why she gave me this but it is in the same class of drugs as the tramadol and when I took it,… it was like taking a triple dose of tramadol because I also took that, as she said it would be ok…. it was NOT ok. I thought I was never going to get right… my head was screwed up for 3 days!!! NEVER TAKE A OVERDOSE OF TRAMADOL. I felt mentally dead. they are what you call serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. you are not spose to mix them. DOC must have been on some good meds her self that day.

  6. Carl C. H.

    Tramadol for me, like several commentators above, has been a God (and people) send for several years. I have chronic soft tissue knee and several other areas pain. Tramadol is my most important pain reliever. Doctors much prefer it to such as Norco – which are stronger- because Tramadol isn’t physically addictive. The subtle anti-depressant lift Tramadol gives is an excellent side effect. Combats the daily “Pain Drain.” Since I know the subtle lift is there, I try to build on it, like Smiles-build-smiles.
    For me, Tramadol and other pain relievers, anti-inflammatories (Naproxen) are all about functioning. They don’t make me high.
    They help me to live as normally as possible. I am recognized as disabled; dealing with pain is 24/7; In that, Tramadol has been and is excellent.
    Has a subtle anti-anxiety effect also. I’m less inhibited vocally. Usually this is good. Occasionally though I’ve said something that…
    Marijuana wouldn’t replace Tramadol very well as it does make one high and spacey, at least from when I used to… I would be glad to include marijuana as some component… And I’m glad it is finally being accepted.

  7. Latoya

    That is a strong medicine it makes me soooooo sick I fill like I’m at my last days.

  8. thevancouverguy

    Was this article auto-generated by a computer because it’s the most bogus and blatant attempt to promote pot by saying completely false information about tramadol. It won’t get you high, it’s barely an opioid (extremely week to the point that it makes over the counter codeine tablets in canada seem like heroin). It is primarily an SNRI, a serotonin and norepinephrine retake inhibitor. Closer to things like trazadone then an opiate. Side effects are almost unheard of in most people and there are far far more and more common in using pot. As for people claiming they got sick from it, I am not convinced those are even real comments by real peole. Even if they were, it’s unlikely the tramadol was responsible for how you were feeling. Short of taking a whole bottle, the fault likely lays elsewhere. This is not a strong medicin we in the least, which is why it is widely prescribed for low levels of pain and people who don’t want to take something strong like a narcotic. This whole page seems like an auto generated advertisement, minus the few commenter that dispelled some of this articles bs

  9. FlyInTheOintment

    Tramadol won’t really get you high, as you will be too sick and sweaty if you take more than the normal dosage. I have taken it 14 years now, I am 50 yrs old, 4 doses of 50 mg a day. If I have a lot of pain I do take an extra but if I am not in pain and take the extra pill, it makes me feel shitty. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and it has helped me a lot. Before that they gave me narcotics like Oxycodone but they made me high and tired and constipated. Tramadol does the opposite. If you take it too close to bed you might not sleep well. It does not constipate you. It also makes you feel happier, like an antidepressant. There is the possibility of addiction if you take it for long, I have heard horror stories but for me, I stopped for month and the only problem was pain came back and I felt a little sad but that went away but pain did not, so they put me back on them. Safer than the NSAID drugs which affect the heart. Long term Tramadol use is safe. I really don’t see this drug ever being a problem for widespread abuse like OXY as it just doesn’t get you high after you have taken it for few days, unless you like feeling jittery and sweaty. And I mean sweaty….if you take too much you will be dripping sweat and feel dizzy. The person who says side effects are “unheard of”, is wrong. Take it to get high and you will see, it is not pleasant.

  10. Anonymous

    Tramadol works really well for me, both nerve and muscle pain. I take tabs 3x/day also take half an 800 mg Ibuprofen 2x/day and a 10 mg muscle relaxer, Flexeril 1 or 2x day. It keeps severe pain from a bad neck injury and fibromyalgia at bay, enough to function.

    While reading through the sites on the Web, on site said that 6% of the population lack a certain enzyme to break something in the Tramadol down. This may account for some of the horrid side effects some report. A friend of mine had a terrible time with Tramadol.

    Why does the overbearing U.S. government have to now make it a controlled substance and give my doctor a pain in the butt about prescribing it. He keeps repeating it usually used for short term pain, though he is not all that bright.( I live in Hawaii and it’s not an intellectual State by any means. Most do as little work as possible.) I fear he may come up with a reason to take me off of it so he is not monitored by the govn.

    Lousy government. Why? A simple pain reliever that works, has few side affects and is a very old and well tested drug???

  11. Anonymous

    p.s. to my above comment re: Tramadol ( the govn, controlled substance, etc)

    if will not get you high in any way. it has no effect on your mind, except i did get a slight headache the first 2 pdays on it. i didn’t notice any mood lifting effect 🙁 from it other than being very happy the pain was cut by 80% most days. i do get break through pain and on bad days it doesn’t work as well as on good days that have less pain.

  12. Anonymous

    It does make u feel a little better in the “mind”. Doesn’t get u high. Is not anything close to an oxy! WILL make u have a headache for some ppl. Take a smaller dose and increase gradually over a few days for the headache prob.

  13. Marla

    I take 100 milligrams of tramadol every 6 hours and I love it. It is the only pill that I know of that actually lasts 6 hours (or more). It gets rid of my mild to moderate pain, I have zero side effects, The best part is that it gives me energy and seems to keep me in a good mood. As far as getting high off of it, I never have but my friend, who is a pill popper and a half, takes 10~15 of them at once and she gets high as hell. BUT her system is used to so many pills that she takes ungodly amounts at once and barely gets high yet never over doses! I have been on tramadol for 14 years and it still works great for my pain. BUT….. omgosh, the withdrawls are hell. I noticed a few comments that they have no withdrawls, my body must react different because those withdrawls are quite possibly the worse thing I have ever gone through!

  14. anonymous

    I have fibromyalgia with severe muscle spasms across my shoulders, neck, inside my scapula and all the way up my back extending on each side of my spine like ropes down to my lumbar area. I had been on the Fentanyl patch for 3 years and took myself off of it because it made so incompacitated. My doctor then put me on Tramadol 2 tabs 4x a day and Norco 7.5/325, 2 a day for more severe pain or break through pain. I also chew ibuprofen like candy and take Robaxin, which is useless. I feel as though the Tramadol givse my muscle pain more relief than the Norco but I’m only on 2 a day and still suffer horribly when I have a flare up! Along with these meds I have to get steroidal trigger point injections. As far as my moods, they are associated with my pain level. The pain will be so horrible I’ll get depressed, which, in turn feeds my pain. I never have had any side effects that I’m aware of from Tramadol. I admit I have taken more than precsibed when my pain was so utterly unbearable. It gave me a mild feeling of euphoria…never any side effects, except for mild insomnia. But I didn’t care! It felt so amazing to have some relief!!! Now, having said that about Tramadol, my quality of life was still about 25% until an opportunity opened up for access to more Norco. That made a HUGE difference in my life! My pain reduced so much that I was able to leave my house that I had been trapped in for years! Conclusion: for me, Tramadol works for mild muscle pain but for level of pain I have I need something stronger and more frequent added to it and a better muscle relaxer. Tramadol is designed for MILD pain.

  15. James

    Have been on tramadol for couple years now. 400 milligram a day. When I started taking it supposed to be NON addictive and wasn’t a narcotic. I get my meds from the VA. I have chronic arthritis in my shoulder/knees and worst of all my hands. It doesn’t help me very much with my hands at all . I guess because I have to use them so much. They will not get you high taking prescribed dosage. Most I have taken at once 8 . Only thing they do to me is make me sweat like hell. Withdrawals are rough as hell . To say the least. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. I have come off hydro. before,,,,,tramadol is as bad maybe worse.

  16. Anonymous

    Ummn no lmao

  17. Confused Reader

    I really hope this article didn’t just try to say that Cannabis is an opiate…

  18. Anonymous

    I like to take tramadols because they give me a boost of energy like loratabs but without the sick feeling that tabs give u or they do me anyway… I just have to take a few at a time to get that hi or boost of energy….

  19. elmemarn

    I suffer from fibromyalgia,osteoarthritis through all my body,rotator cuff shoulder bo6th sides 85% tear down both hands hurt like they are very stiff specially wen there’s going to be a change in weather all in all on top of that I suffer from lupus and chronic pain..for fifteen yrs i’ve been taking hydrocodone the high doz. but I started trying tramadol wen I ran out of hydros at the emergency room I kept on getting high on um,I would end up at the er and I would get very mad at the doc for giving me tramadol but long story short three more yrs down the road I learn that tramadol is the best I was using it as detox savier Avery time I ran out of my hydros tramadol will save me from all the horrible symptoms. and now I come to find out that tramadol is much better than hydros or any of thos them. patch up meds that are just good to mess up people lives… for now i’ll just continue taking tramadol ER for pain symbalta for my depression topamix for my anxiety ,Norco for wen my pain gets elevated… but definitely tramadol helpe me big time and how to control my self from drowning my self with a lot of this type of meds….

  20. Brenda

    I have taken Tramadol for about 8 years now. I take it for pain from Lupus and Spine spasms. It works great!! Never have I got high or been addicted in any way.

  21. Phil

    Wow, lots of misinformation on this site! I have taken Tramadol since it was called Ultram when the patent ran out on Ultram, Tramadol was born! (it is the generic form of Ultram).
    If someone gets high on it I think they are imagining it! A placebo would probably make them high!
    It is a synthetic form of an opiate! It’s not a REAL opiate as this article states) As for not being addictive, this is BS, when I run out (I take them for restless legs) fuzzy-headed and feel like I have the flu! I get if I take 100 mg right before bed it helps me sleep, if I take too many it will keep me awake.
    I like them as no side-effects (unless you run out!).
    I have liver cancer now and the bone pain from the shot after chemo (it puts the bone marrow into overdrive to rebuild white blood cells killed by the chemo-poison) so Tramadol won’t stop this, I have to take 20 mg Oxy for that!

  22. Matt

    I smoke a ton of weed–and I also take Tramadol occasionally for back pain. Why?

    Whomever wrote this article is an ignorant piece of shit. In other news—two or three times the regular dosage will definitely get you high. As for the side effects listed–never experienced a single one.

    I’ve never been to this site before—if this is an example of the kind of breathtaking ignorance masquerading as an informed opinion—it will be my last.

    I just feel sorry for the people who don’t know any better who are coming here for answers.

  23. Matt

    “I have taken Tramadol for about 8 years now. I take it for pain from Lupus and Spine spasms. It works great!! Never have I got high or been addicted in any way.”

    Oh, the irony. “I’ve taken this drug for 8 years–but I’m NOT addicted!”

    Really? Try stopping it for a month. See how you do.

    Tramadol is VERY addicting. Ask your doctor. If he tells you it’s not, find another doctor.


    You are SO rite Matt! These are definitely unreal/uninformed opinions here. I would never take gab but tramies aren’t too bad, not as good as a perc or vic, but really a no- risk low level pain remedy. Comin from a stoner not a fiend!

  25. Jessica

    Tramadol is great and it helps wth opiates withdrawals that’s all I can say !

  26. Marshall Lentini

    Tramadol is fine, side-effects are rare and bearable, and you don’t have to shell out hundreds each month on cannabis products and apparatus.

    Best of all, you don’t have to deal with stoners and their preachy “it’s natural man” dogma. I pray for full legalization just so you people will shut up about how superior you are for smoking it. Only thing worse than a hippie: a self-righteous hippie.

  27. Matt

    Well said, Marshall.

  28. Bill

    Retired NP primary care. Look all Pharm.. is about balancing benefits against long and short term side effects. The use of long
    term opiates is under attack right now in the US. PCP’s are under increasing pressure not to use standard opiates like Norco for
    out of hospital chronic pain. There are comparison studies that show we have prescribed multiple times the amounts of opiates
    that are prescribed in Europe. What they do not do is talk about what replaces the opiate in W. Europe. Living in Europe I can get up
    to 36 physical therapy appointments per year try that at the VA or Kaiser, I know as a patient and a provider.
    Tramadol is used freely in Europe. For mild to moderate chronic pain in over 60 year old patients it often is the best choice. For enhanced effect can be taken with tylenol. Motrin Naproysn etc just have two much bleeding potential to be used every day in the over 60 population. The SSRI antidepressant effect of tramadol is equal to a low dose antidepressant. Show me a long term chronic pain sufferer without depression and I will buy you lunch. Gabapentin can be added for nerve pain and to promote sleep.
    Withdrawal yes but da, its for life long chronic pain. Will the chronic pain return, restless leg, depression etc you betcha. Now tell me the 20 year primary care provider what is withdrawal and what are symptoms at this point?? I have been living with neuropathic pain, RLS, status post three back surgeries, and have been able to live a modified, but more tolerable life with the above drug regimen.
    Oh and as far as the USA is concerned about the quote prescription opiate epidemic just wait, The ER’s will see more GI bleeds from NSAID’s more Illcit sales on the streets, more suicides( some enlightened psychiatrists use low level opiates with effexor for refractory hard to treat depression).Opiates will always be abused by some. Same with all drugs. I have never had a speeding ticket on plntyy of friends who have, adddictions come in all forms. Providers have a duty to treat chronic pain and in the US I am afraid calvinism with its honoring suffering, and corporate and federal prescribing guidelines make this more and more difficult. I hope the pendulum evens out and there is not too much suffering. Oh, a little MJ for mild chronic pain is probably effective, but for really severe neuropathic pain in my own experience is no way. And if you are a VA patient you have to choose one or the other, all VA patients are now urine tested for MJ. No Norco, No tramadol, with a positive drug test.

  29. Sean

    Great for dope sickness!!!

  30. RonP

    I have severe degenerative arthritis, having had a knee and both hips replaced. I am 63 years old and have been on Tramadol since 1999. I take it to relieve the pain in my shoulders and neck, mostly. It doesn’t make me dopey like some drugs and I have blood tests twice a year, to check on my liver and kidney function. I take 75mg when I rise in the morning (about 7:30), 100mg at 1pm, and 75mg at bedtime (about 10:30pm).

    The only negative reaction in 17 years is when I was having my last hip replacement, in 2011, and the doctor had me stop all meds the day before surgery. By the 2nd day after surgery, even with the pain meds they were giving me, I was experiencing serious withdrawal issues, with high anxiety, and my blood pressure sky-rocketing to 210/125 (normally 118/72). They ran all kinds of tests, but it was a PA who found a similar case as mine, in the medical literature. Within 3 hours of putting me back on Tramadol, my BP returned to normal and my anxiety went away.

    I will sometimes add an Alleve (naproxyn), if I am having a particularly bad day, and I have not seen any adverse reaction. This combination lets me carry on my life with enjoyment, relatively pain free.

  31. Anonymous

    Take 4 or more 50mg pills at once and you will get high. I had a month where i literally started off my day with a 200mg+ dosage, during the peak of that behavior I was popping around 350mg. It will give you an intense high, but it is not something I recommend anyone doing.

  32. Anonymous

    Don’t fuck around and try to be cool and pop outrageous amounts of this shit. That 10-15 at once from an above poster will probably make you wish you were dead. Nothing worse than getting way higher on trammy’s than what uoi2 intended. That is a nauseating high that does not go away until it’s ready.

  33. Marshall Lentini

    Yep. Similar to a very small dose of Suboxone. You’ll be riding a rollercoaster of nausea for at least a day or two.

  34. anonymous

    I took tramadol for fibro pain and it helped but it did make me sick if taken on an empty stomach. I ended up not being able to keep talking it because it caused constipation and I can’t deal with that. Simple exercise ended up being my saving grace for fibro flare ups.


    Wow … I never read so much BS in all my life what really got me is how they kept referring to it as AN 627 instead of just tramadol, and the kicker, that it’s an opiod, hilarious! It’s mostly prescribed for people who are inclined to be addicted to narcotic pain meds because it is not addictive. If you want to promote pot, do it with some real information. This is not helping your case. Big Pharm is laughing at you. No wonder it’s taking so long to legalize weed. Amazing what you find on the internet these days.

  36. Estimated Prophet

    I am seeing a mix of people here: those who are legitimate users of this medication for its intended purpose, and those who write like they are 15 years old trying anything in their fathers medicine cabinet to get high.

    Having been both of those people, and now the former, I can say that Tramadol can and will certainly get you “high” at higher doses, but not in the traditional sense that other opiates do. Indeed, the high is helped in part by the unique effects Tramadol has on serotonin and norepinephrine receivers in the brain, which are very little if at all touched with traditional opiates.

    That said, it isn’t for everyone as as someone who now uses it legitimately for pain control at doses around 200-400mg at day, it is incredibly useful. It’s long duration of effect helps with the need to “re-dose” and it provides a very pleasant mood lifting effect. At higher and intentional doses, it will impart an opioid effect along with the uniqueness of its chemical makeup with other brain chemistry, providing a very interesting “high” that I wouldn’t recommended doing much more than laying around with.

    For those looking to get high with this: just don’t. This medication went from unscheduled, which made it very easy for people who needed it to get, to schedule IV, to schedule II/III in some states. It has been progressively more difficult for people who need it to acquire. I don’t fault anyone who wants to get “high” – I used to be that way when I was younger too. But now that I legitimately need it, and have been on it for nearly five years, it certainly is becoming more questionable in the eyes of my doctor because of folks who are eating them like candy.

    And let me give you one, solid reason not to take this as some kind of fun drug: the withdrawal is worse than any hell you think you may have experienced. Have you been through opiate withdrawal? Good, because it’s not even close to that easy. Since it effects other chemicals in the brain, including mood chemicals tied to daily function and well-being, the withdrawal it produces will make you shrivel up, cry, and scream for release. And that’s after very little use too – is it worth it? You decide, I can’t for you, but in my opinion it sure isn’t. The withdrawal from heroin will seem like a walk in the park compared to this stuff.

    Good luck and safe travels to all, and as always this advice is offered only as an opinion and not based on any medical knowledge beyond anecdotal experience.

  37. Marshall Lentini


    Good comment, solid perspective. I feel your description of withdrawal is a bit exaggerated, though you are correct that it’s more the effect of coming back to the reality of pain, than the neurochemical withdrawal itself, that makes it such a bitch.

  38. Anonymous


  39. Creamywhite

    Tramdol has not got me high at all. I have taken 7 or eight of them at a time and nothing. I’m addicted to pain pills so that’s why I’ve tried Tramadol. I’m now taking Methadone for my addiction and it’s working out great. So when I was getting high I stayed away from Tramadol. I needed stronger pills to get that high

  40. Creamywhite

    Tranadol is not for everyone. If your looking for a good high, your gonna want to take something st

  41. Art

    Most of the people in the comments sound like they have never experimented with drugs as they do not sound very learned in the subject. Tramadol can and will get you high for the 50 milligrams I start with three or four as soon as those kick in I top it off to 7. If I start in the morning euphoria lasts all day. As opposed to taking your general painkiller that only last maybe a few hours. I am a stoner I like drugs. I never exceed more than 7 in a day as I have heard some shady things about the side effects. I do not suggest that anyone go ahead and try that amount. I have worked myself into it I know what to expect I know my limits. And whoever wrote this article is f****** retarded along with majority of the commented people.

  42. Randy

    Whoever up there said that hopefully marijuana laws will loosen enough so pot can be used to treat the same conditions as Tramadol has a few screws loose. I’ve tried marijuana–my ex was a pot head and I used to smoke it with her once in a while to “participate” Tramadol and pot are nothing alike for pain. Tramadol does not affect your cognitive ability — you can function completely normally with it. I’ve been using it regularly for years (have a bunch of really messed up broken ribs wired together with lung popping out in between) and have some advice for people who need. If you use it long term you will get addicted. But it affects nothing except your pain. I take 3, sometimes 4 a day. Don’t substitute pot.

  43. Anon

    Prescribed this due to low back pain. After a few months I found that it really did little in addressing my pain, however an urgent care doctor prescribed xanaflex, which is a skeletal muscle relaxer, and that worked amazingly well. It also was not non-habit forming as I take it only for flare ups currently.

  44. Amy

    You all r so full of shit! Go to rehab! Oh and Marshall your a douche bag wanna be dr., & Matt why don’t u get off Marshalls dick!

  45. Hellbilly

    Tramadol is crap. I suffer from three ruptured disc in my lower lumbar and two in my neck. For the past 15 years i have had to live with extreme pain. Reefer in an unprocessed form doesnt help. Dabs of wax kinda helps. Oxys, diladid and morphine is the only things that really works for me. But thanks to asshole drug addicts that don’t need these kinda drugs its getting harder and harder to get them from my doctor. So thanks to all the junkies for screwing it up for the folks that need strong meds to have some sort of a normal life.

  46. TramRelief

    I have found Tramadol to be about as effective for pain as Tylenol 3 but without the side effects that are normally experienced with T3s. My experience with cannabis as a medicine is that it is not an effective pain reliever for me, but I know it is for some of my friends. I chalk it up to bio-chemical individuality, or in other words, what’s good for one person isn’t necessarily good for another. That being said. My first few doses of Tramadol gave me a mild buzz similar to if say I had consumed 2 glasses of wine within an hour. After my system became more accustomed to it – 1 day, I don’t experience any kind of euphoric or mood enhancing effects. It is basically as effective as one tylenol 3 or about 800mg for me, of ibuprofen, for chronic joint pain and muscle pain. I am only taking it now because I have recently sprained my ankle and subsequently injured my knee in the past month. I was taking T3s for 3 weeks and now take 3 trams a day with the occasional 500mg regular tylenol and the pain is for the most part under control. If you know the pain of a sprained ankle and the effect of T3s, then you will understand the effectiveness of this as a pain relief medicine. The bottle says take one every 6 hours as needed and that seems to be pretty spot on as to when the pain starts to return. I feel that they are less addictive and much less euphoric than real opiates so I prefer them. I have not tried them in large doses as it just doesn’t give the euphoria, but relieves the pain, so the urge to take more simply isn’t there because they don’t really get you high. Enough said.

  47. fanta

    I have been on tramadol for 8 years and this is the second time i have reached a point to where i take too many. 15 to 20 a day. If I stop I have most all withdrawal symptoms. I will wean back down to 6 a day as soon as I can get my hands on enough at one time. No doctor will give them to me. They make my pain able to tolerate but I have never had a high from them. Sometimes I itch all over but never a high. I prefer it as long as I can keep from feeling like I need more as my pain increases. I am close to the point they are not very effective for my pain. Smoking is not an option as I do not like the effect. Tramadol is addictive. Some people may not have withdrawal but man I sure do.

  48. Stacey

    Iv been on Tramadol 50 mg 1 to 2 every 6 hours .. I have servier arthritis in my neck and some in my lower back .. I have bad nerve pain as well. it’s the only thing that’s helps!!! Narcos help but make my belly hurt!!! This doesn’t ! I really think idiot junkies should stay off of it so people like me with real pain can have relief without worrying if we can get out rxs .. it’s not fair ! It doesn’t make you high, it helps you with your anxiety which I have really bad .. it helps in place of my Lorazepam if I forget to take it .

  49. Noel

    Tramadol good for back pain, can’t take after 3 will keep you up all night.

  50. michael o. bradley

    I’m 62 and was prescribed Tramadol for pain, primarily in my feet. I was 313lbs and hurt so bad i wouldn’t get up and walk across the room to get the Remote! I take up to 3 a day. I now weigh around 220 lbs. When the pain went away I got off my ass and started moving again. Delivered Pizza for 2 years and lost the weight. If you take more than 3 you will just get sick, not ” high ” If people don’t stop taking this to get high then the DEA will move it from a schedule 4 drug to a schedule 2 and make it impossible or troublesome for me to continue taking it. Please stop taking this very pedestrian drug to get high, understand?? Mike,

  51. Lexie

    I’ve been prescribed tramadol for pain and I’ve taken the AN627’s. I took 3- then 1 after that and I was wired. Depends on the person and how your body metabolizes medication. For some it can get you High- and for others simply manages your pain! It makes me feel high, I know pain pills- love them. The high is not like it but it’s there- depends the brands as well. 377’s white oblong give you a headache and that’s because they have different binders. These are amazing!

  52. GeronimoJackson

    I am 76 years old and have been taking tramadol to help with joint pain in my hands and feet for nearly twenty years. I started with ultram which is expensive. It contains buffers and acetaminophen. Later I learned that I could purchase straight tramadol for a much lower price and add the acetaminophen if I needed it. But the lack of buffers will cause constipation if you’re not careful. But I later found out that I also have diverticulosis and then I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic so I drink metamucil and eat a lot of fiber and that seems to keep me loosened up.
    There have been times that I have run out of tramadol and it was very unpleasant. I not sure what withdrawal feels like, this was like I just wasn’t feeling right, mostly the muscles in my shoulders, arms, and legs kept tightening up, it was very annoying and I did not like the feeling at all. As soon as I got back on tramadol the symptoms went away.
    As for diabetic neuropathy, my feet felt it the most. It was like stingers in my toes and they hurt like hell. I researched for a medication to relieve the pain and I came up with cymbalta, it works beautifully. I save on cost by using the generic duloxitine.
    So I use tramadol and duloxitine for pain. Fortunately I have great medication insurance.
    I have been smoking pot since I could buy an oz for twenty dollars. I came of age in the sixties. Living in Nebraska there are dry times now and again. but when it rains I smoke it up. To be honest I really don’t notice any difference in pain except that I don’t notice any pain. I guess felling good is good enough.

  53. Jas

    Tramadol alone or in combo with anything else does nothing for me. What’s ironic … even maddening is that despite having severe chronic pain from being hit by a truck, our dog is prescribed a higher dose of tramadol than I. Also, despite paying over $2,500 per month for healthcare, we can’t get decent h/c – why? There are no doctors accepting pts.

  54. Dennis

    I love that it dose fell just like that I smoked a blunt,pains good ,mood good,thanks for making them

  55. Johny G

    This site is run by a 13-year-old I’ll bet. How pathetic.

  56. RAP

    I have used Tramadol for almost 20 years, also started when it was only available as “Ultram”. I hurt my back, and at that time, they said that pain management was the only option. I have since had numerous injections, after the nerve pain became so great I couldn’t walk. They prescribed Hydrocodone, but I didn’t really like using that. They “burned” the nerves, several times but it wasn’t long-lasting, about a year. I went back to Tramadol, because Tramadol for me, seemed like it specifically targeted the back pain. Had little to no side effects, other than some weird dreams (or maybe it was the fact that I never remember them, unless taking Tramadol).
    That being said, I finally got another opinion, found out that my spinal canal is 1/3 what they want it to be, as well as a bad disc. I am going in tomorrow morning, for a spinal fusion. I’m hoping that I can get off all meds, or possibly get by with Ibuprofen, and the like.

    Just saying for me, the Tramadol works great, specifically for lower back pain.

  57. Bob

    Have been taking tramadol for 2 months. Have had back pain all my life and just had ankle surgery. Am very fit and
    active with bicycle, weights, and dirt bikes. I’m older guy now -59, and like always pot clouds my thinking and can
    only do it after 9 pm once work is done. I ‘ve been taking 1/2 of a pill around 11 AM every day and it relieves pain
    but also picks me up both mentally and physically without the anguish of caffeine, and lasts all day. I call it my
    gravity neutralizer. So far, no ill affects. ( Only take 1/2 because sometimes a whole pill keeps me up at night)

  58. Kathryn Green

    My tramadol 50 mgs. 4×daily doesn’t do much for my pain due to neck &back problems. Degenerative disc desease. I wish something other than resodamies and steroid injections were available to me. I don’t think the weight gain and tooth loss is worth the effort.I still hurt constantly. Like a nag beating on me Constantly.

  59. Henry Jay

    I am not a “fun user” I have OXY 30mg 5x daily, and I can modulate at times, as my pain is unpredictable, except something is going to leave me in anguish, I never know what, I self medicated with pot for years and it helped with many of my issues, some unknown until I had to give up pot because of urine tests. I always run out of my opioids , and a neighbor helps me out with the tramodol 50 mg.
    I take 3 at a time, no buzz, no withdrawals from the oxy, a blessing from above, however it only moderately deals with my pain, dont get me wrong it helps no with drawals but doesnt do as much for the pain, but I can deal until my refill of oxy, has been a life saver avoiding withdrawals, worried about not taking them if withdrawals are so bad, but not my experience yet.
    I have 2 types of arthritis fibro torn ACL cirrhosis IBS and IBD Co infection with Hep B and C

  60. Rhae

    I’ve learned a lot from all the comments, some good and some not. Obviously I have not been taking enough because my pain is barely reduced. And I’ve never been advised by my doctor to take muscle relaxers or aleve, etc. She would rather have me beg for relief. I will definitely try this and see if I get much needed relief. As for marijuana, I’m quite sure recreational isn’t nearly as good as medicinal for pain because they work differently. I’m looking forward to medical soon I hope.

  61. Neuropathic Nerd

    I’ve had peripheral neuropathy for close to 20 years now. Freaked me out when it started. Since then I’ve discovered that in my family we’re genetically predisposed to the neuropathy over diabetes (we can still get it as my oldest brother did from “ODing” on sugar). Anyway, I’ve been on Tramadol for at least a decade, probably more. Right now I take 2-3 per day of 50mg. I got up to 2x50mg 4 times a day at one time. At that point when I’d run out of the things I take with it for the synergistic effect, I would take 1-3 more in a day and never felt “high.” I’m not sure it’s a good idea to want them for that purpose as per the people I’ve received it from (and the pharmacist from time to time) kept repeating that over 400mg in a day could cause seizures. I never experienced anything like that, but I will admit that the article (and others in the comments that say this too) got it wrong when it stated that Tramadol isn’t physically addictive. It is.
    I don’t have an addictive type personality so I often find myself forgetting to take my meds (even though I have an alarm set on my smartphone). Usually, the first symptom that tells me I forgot to take my meds is that I get a really liquidy runny nose. Then I start to feel it in my hands and feet.
    It does its job well and at times is almost enough itself alone, but I normally take it in conjunction with both gabapentin (300mg) & morphine sulfate (30mg). This used to be enough to keep me functioning like a “normal” human being, but about a year and a half ago I got an infection in my L3-L4 lumbar spine area that softened the bone and caused a compression fracture which set off a spasming reaction in the muscles along the top ridge of my pelvis that was nearly constant for 2-3 weeks. I initially thought it was just a muscle thing so I got a referral from my PCP for physical therapy for 6 weeks. It had changed, but not improved after 6 weeks of the PT, so I stopped that and went back to my PCP to get an X-ray. That was when we found out it was an infection. I was hospitalized for a week, then released to a rehab center while receiving intravenous antibiotics for 8 weeks. Since then I’ve been back in the hospital three times for the same problem (technically the third was a new route for the infection as it went up the inside of my leg from the ulcer on the ball of my right foot to my crotch and felt like someone had hit my leg with a bat if you touched the redness of the infection on it). Tramadol has never, since the first pill I took, ever made me feel high, or dizzy. The only effect I feel is when I go without. Then I begin to feel like I have allergies (I have no allergies – none – except being allergic to a lack of my meds). This is my addictive response to a lack of Tramadol (my nose runs – and fast…comparatively).

    Take my experience for what it’s worth to you. Your experience might be different than mine, but for me, this drug should never have been made equal to an opiate. As far as I’m concerned it’s not worth taking just to get a high, not even for the good feels mentioned by others above as I’ve never noticed any such euphoria that couldn’t be explained as a reaction to the lack of pain as a result of taking a pain med.

    If it matters to anyone I’m a 20-year-old in a 57-year-old body. As the saying goes: getting old isn’t for sissies. hehe

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