What Is a SunRock? Plus Lean How to Smoke and Make One

sunrockThe SunRock is so potent that the legendary Snoop Dogg won’t even smoke one. That sounds like some pretty damn powerful stuff, right? Snoop passing on some cannabis? That’s can’t be true, right? Although we imagine Snoop is just talking some bullshit because the guy’s a professional smoker who always loves sample the latest and greatest serious connoisseur shit. Anyhow he did an interview on The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God recently where he talked about SunRocks. He was most likely just kidding around because he can definitely handle a thse like a champ.

Anyhow Snoop Dogg called these things the ultimate weed product. He said that, “once the growers started to think about the THC level was what induces the high, it would be like 15 percent THC, 20 percent at the most. These fools with the MoonRock went to 60 percent THC. SunRocks went to 80 percent.”

Wow eighty percent THC is pretty impressive—especially when you’re talking about marijuana flowers. However these things aren’t just mere marijuana flowers. They’re super enhanced. That’s what makes them potent and popular right now. Although they’re not readily available on the market. However it won’t be long, we image, that you’ll start seeing these things for sale everywhere. It’ll be surprising if half the vendors at next year’s Emerald Cup aren’t hawking them. Anyhow…

But what the hell is this SunRock? Well you’ve probably heard of a Moon Rock Weed, right? Well according to experts like Snoop SunRocks are even stronger. They’re so strong that many claim they’re the most potent bud ever. That’s because they aren’t just weed. And no, there isn’t a Sun Rocks strain or anything. They’re so potent because they begin with all OG product—from top-shelf bud, to killer wax, and awesome kief.

Sun rocks vs moon rocks

You know it’s not a competition or anything. But the again it seems like a lot of the culture in the weed scene nowadays is competitive. Everyone’s always trying to one-up everyone else. There’s good and bad sides to such showmanship. It gets old and lame after awhile. But it also leads to exploration and innovation. Moon rocks, caviar weed, you name it! And most importantly? New products that are even more potent and more tasty than ever before. That’s awesome and probably why these SunRock things were invented in the first place. Some super cool stoner made some super potent weed product and named it Moon Rock. Great name because they kind of resemble some rock you’d likely find on the moon’s surface. So naturally someone else had to take things to the next level. Lucky for us, eh?

You probably already know that Moon Rocks Weed are buds dipped in CO2 oil and then rolled in kief. Pretty simple. And anyone can make them at home. That’s a really good thing. Killer weed products should be exclusive to people who can frequent a dispensary. But because these things are easy to make and you can’t really see what’s inside of them you’ll see a lot of low quality MoonRocks around. That’s because making one of ‘em is kind of like a process that some stoners can undertake to transform mediocre bud, kief or oil into something a little more potent and a little more tasty. Anyhow the rappers Kurupt and Dr. Zodiac began their own brand of the stuff called Kurupt’s MoonRocks. These little green nuggets coated in oil and then powdered kief are super dense and solid. Plus they look a lot like green powdered donut holes. They reportedly contain a whopping 51.20% THC making them about as potent as a dab. But they contain the full and familiar flavor of cannabis, oil and keef. And when burned they smell heavenly and deliver a potent stone.

But like we said above—this process can be used on some really sketchy bud to improve it somewhat. If you were to buy one from a club or from a friend you won’t really know what’s inside that thick kief and oil coating until you crack it up and then fire it up. So you’ve got to be careful when purchasing these things or you just might get ripped off.

That’s what sets the SunRock apart from the competition. Just by looking at one you can tell it’s got nothing but pure rock-star status—it can get into any party. That’s because you can see for yourself with your own two bloodshot eyes that these things begin with only the finest bud. We’re talking herb that’s super coated in THC crystals and then doused in the best cannabis concentrate that money can buy. It just glistens in that sun-shiny orange concentrate. Now you can kind of understand where the SunRock gets its name—because these potent little mofos shine like the sun!

How to smoke ’em

You can smoke or even vape these things. If you’re into vaping then you’ll want to make sure that you bust it up into small chunks to better facilitate vaporization. You’ll want to follow the directions below if you’re going with the vape route. You can also roll your SunRock into a joint or blunt. Again follow the forthcoming directions on grinding this thing so you can maximize your product.

Because a SunRock is coated in kief and oil you’ll want to treat it with some extra respect. Toss that thing in a grinder and a lot of that kief and oil covering your SunRock will just fall to the wayside in your grinder. That’d be such a waste. So busting this thing up in your grinder is not a really economic idea. Plus it’ll get your grinder all gummy quickly. And who likes cleaning a grinder all the time?

Using your fingers may be a better idea than busting up your sunny nugget in your preferred grinder. However a lot of that tasty kief and sticky-ass oil is going to end up on your fingers. Sure you could rub your coated fingers together and make some really potent finger hash. But then again this would be such a waste of such a beautiful product, right? Afterall you spent some serious cash on a SunRock or used some really high-quality starting material to make one yourself so you want to not only get the most bang for your buck or hard-spent time you want to experience consuming one in all its glory. Or vaping it if that’s what you’re into.

So since you should avoid using your fingers or a grinder to bust up a SunRock that leaves us with one obvious choice—scissors. The best way to go at a SunRock with scissors is to plop that thing into a shot glass or similar-sized cup. This way any flying chunks won’t really get past you. Waste not want not, right? Make sure your scissors are clean. You can take a lighter and heat the tip of the scissors for a few seconds. You’re not trying to sterilize them or anything just trying to heat ‘em so you can easily clean ‘em. Once you’ve got the scissors heated slightly then wipe them down with a dry paper towel or something. Make sure to let them cool off before cutting up your Rock or you’ll melt that delicate oil and also some of that fine kief.

Once you’ve got your SunRock all busted into small chunks just go ahead and roll that thing into a blunt or joint or put those bits in your vaporizer and have at it. You can also sprinkle those bits on a bowl packed with some regular weed to kick it up a few notches.

Now if you want to just drop a big chunk of your SunRock in a bowl or bong all by itself and treat yourself to a few tasty hits you’ll want to break it up carefully with your fingers or use those scissors. Bottom line is be gentle with your Rock so you don’t waste any of that delicious kief or oil covering.

And make sure to store ‘em properly. You don’t want your SunRock to dry out and turn to powder do you? So keep that thing sealed in a jar not a plastic baggy, or just sitting there on your desktop, or in your pocket. Treat that thing nicely, man and it’ll treat you nice right back. Also don’t expose it to heat so as to melt that oil and kief and stuff.

How to make ’em

These things are still pretty rare. So you probably won’t be finding a bunch of Sun rocks for sale at your local dispensary or on your local delivery service menu. And even if you do they might be really expensive. So why not make your own sun rock if you’ve got the high-quality ingredients necessary. What are those ingredients you ask? They are:

  1. Super high quality buds
  2. Super high quality cannabis concentrate
  3. Super high quality kief

See what we mean about super high quality, man? Anyhow here’s how to make sunrocks aka one of the most delicious delicacies of weed. You’ll first take that top-notch bud and drizzle it with some top-notch cannabis concentrate. Co2 oil or BHO will work well for this application. If you’ve got wax or shatter or something a little more solid than BHO you’ll want to heat it slightly to make it easy to drizzle. Don’t hit it directly with a flame or you’ll burn the stuff and destroy a lot of that precious THC.

You’ll also severely alter the flavor, texture and taste as well. So just heat your concentrate from a short distance. Make sure to twirl or turn the bud for even distribution as you drizzle it with your concentrate. How much to drizzle? Up to you, man. You’re not making a Tootsie Pop or anything with a serious shell coating—just use your best judgement.

Now grab some high-quality kief. You can usually find this stuff at the bottom of your grinder. The better quality weed you grind the better quality kief you’ll have, right? Now the trick to coating your Rock with kief is to give it a light dusting. The light dusting is to not only add just a bit more flavor, aroma and potency it’s also a way of protecting that oil. A light dusting should make the sun rock much less sticky than it was with just the oil or concentrate alone.

Keep in mind you are not making a moonrock so you don’t need a fat shell-like kief coating on this thing. Keep the coating light so you can still marvel at the bud and oil’s beauty. This is kind of like a less-is-more sort of thing here. There’s no need to shroud your beautiful bud in a kief coating. That’s not what these things are all about. These things are about pure potency and beauty. If done right you’ll want to marvel at this marijuana wonderment as much as you’ll want to set it on fire and inhale it. We feel ya. Anyhow good luck making one. Let us know how it turns out?

So that’s about everything we know about this new marijuana marvel. Surely by now Snoop and his buds have not only smoked the shit out of these things they’ve probably moved onto the next bigger and badder, OG connoisseur delicacy—whatever that might be.

Have you ever consumed or created the mythical SunRock? Let us know all about your experience in the comments section below.

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