What is Rosin and How Do You Make It?

Rosin Tech ExplainedWill Rosin Replace BHO?

Can a $20 hair straightener deliver bigger and better tasting yields than a costly closed loop system? A new technique of separating trichromes from green matter just might put an end to the use of explosive chemicals to create concentrated THC.

By: Mat Lee

I was getting blazed Friday night. Checking out the usual hot spots on the internet I stumbled upon something called the Rosin Tech—basically you take buds or dry sift, wrap them up in parchment paper and run a hot hair straightener over them releasing all the sticky resin. You can collect it and then dab it like any other concentrate.

The first thing I thought of when I heard this was holy shit. I bet the non-stoner wives and girlfriends of stoners are running to the bathroom right now to hide their straighteners. The stoner girlfriends of stoners are already in the know, that’s why they always have more erl than you.

Rosin tools
Making Rosin is quite simple and so are the necessary tools

How to Make Rosin

I’m not going to go step by step through the process, because by now, you should all have gotten it figured out. If you haven’t, far smarter and more motivated people than I have written it up and made videos detailing the process. The technique is pretty simple though. To make rosin you basically just need some heat and pressure. That’s it. And that’s pretty much why it’s so awesome. There’s no funky chemical additives to dissolve all the good stuff. Those chemicals aren’t all that healthy and is there really proof that they’re gone in the finished product? Because rosin doesn’t use any additives there’s no worries about consuming hash chemicals like butane or hexane.

The most clear and concise one is here on the Black Leaf Extracts GrowOps YouTube channel. Their rosin instructions and the details in the demo video are very well done. They do point out that doing this in bulk doesn’t really work that great. They found that runs of seven grams each are about the max you wanna do. But again, the quality of the yield is very nice.

There is also a great write up and explanation here on Errlax about the Rosin tech. I’ll quote a bit here from that article so that we are all on the same page as far as definitions and whatnot. They say:

Death of BHORosin tech is a heat extraction method that utilizes an ordinary household hair straightener, or any other flat heat press mechanism, to “press” out the terpene and cannabinoid rich resin from the cured flower or hash. This process occurs near instantaneously and requires virtually no professional expertise in the field of botanical extractions. Rosin Tech requires nothing more than an ordinary hair straightener, some parchment paper, and either flower or hash. The benefit of using this technique with hash is that it will produce a full melt with a comparable yield. So in cases where you have less than 5* Hash, this will method can transform your inferior product into a 5-6* full melt.

Rosin tech uses heat to melt the glandular domes of the trichomes off of the base material. This resin rich sap will then reconstitute on the parchment paper, ready for collection. After scraping the parchment paper, the clean waxy residue collected will be clean and ready to dab.

Rosin How Well Does the Rosin Tech Work?

Interesting stuff, so now that we know how it works, does it work well? A user on Reddit by the name of BirdMachine69 ended up with .45 grams from 2 grams of some nice looking buds.

They reported using 300 degrees and two ten-second passes to get this done. Another kid by the name of Amnesiac854 on Reddit said his girlfriend was able to pull a 25% yield using her $20 hair straightener. He says, “Seriously though, this rosin shit is incredible. She just pulled a bigger and better tasting yield from a $20 hair straightener than I get from my closed loop…”

Is this too good to be true? Apparently not—at least from everything I’ve read and watched online regarding the Rosin Tech. As best as I could trace it back it was figured out by an individual who goes by the name SoilGrown on Instagram. But the more I Googled, the deeper down the sticky DAB-bit hole I went. There’s so much information or misinformation out there that it gets trick to navigate. So follow me now!

What is rosin_extraction artistRosin Tech—A Quick History

It all started with this article on Cannabis Culture about how the Rosin Tech was the death of BHO. With a name like that, of course I had to click it. In it they had a link to a video by John Berfelo called? Yep, you guessed it. The Death of BHO. Classic link baiting, but it did the trick.

From there I found a great discussion with a bunch of extractors on this four hour long Google Hangout called Hash Church. I had never heard of it before, but it was pretty enjoyable. They were all trying it out and reporting on their results.

A human by the name of Jimmy Carter over on a random Rosin Tech thread on Grasscity.com says the tech has been around since before 2005, so if anything, Soilgrown has just brought the process back to light, and given people a new twist on an old concept. It’s good to see Jimmy Carter still producing fine results. According to him the tech was originally used to “clean up non melty hash and make it into full melt.” But now Jimmy, along with what seems like the rest of the internet that is in the “know,” are all over this.

ROSIN_memeThe one thing people keep saying is that the taste is phenomenal, and the amount of work you put in for the quality you get out is also pretty nice. It’s a far more simple process than the OG Boffo Butane PVC Hash Oil method Indra blessed the collective consciousness online with way back in May of 1999. Have you ever read that script? Do you even remember 1999? I was like 19 years old. Anyway, it’s pretty awesome, you should definitely check it out here on Erowid. And it’s so much less risky. There’s no way you’ll explode your house using a hair straightener, man.

I would like to quote a piece where he describes the best way to collect and store the oil. He says, “Trying to transfer the oil into a small container while it is still solvated by the butane is too risky. I learned the hard way about this, thanks to the volatile temperament of butane. I had filled a vial almost all the way to the top and was preparing to drop those last couple drops in, so that cleverly, I could let the last of the butane evaporate from the vial and the oil would all be neatly contained. But when the last drop hit the mother lode in the vial, it changed the temperature of the solution in the vial upward by a hair and it all “superboiled” out of the vial and onto my fingers, which of course startled me and caused me to drop the vial. I suggest dissolving it in alcohol as I mentioned above.”

Can a $20 hair straightener deliver bigger and better tasting yields than a costly closed loop system?

Keeping that in mind, being able to produce a some of the sticky icky that looks as good as what our friend Jimmy Carter over on the Grasscity forums made, without the use of pvc and butane, is a huge leap forward in stoner safety. Personally, if I didn’t work where I do here in the beautiful, freedom filled evergreen state, I would definitely be doing this instead of trying to safely jam a couple cans of butane into a glass tube.

Unless you have a lab to do that in, you should definitely be careful. The last thing we need is a rash of articles in the mainstream media demonizing dabs because people can’t seem to not blow themselves up trying to make them.

Have you tried making your own rosin? Actually have you tried smoking or vaping rosin? Post your results or tell us all about your experience in the comments below and let’s talk about it. Thanks for reading! For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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35 Responses to “What is Rosin and How Do You Make It?”

  1. Patrick Bennett

    Oh my goodness I completely missed the credit. Thank you so much and I am incredibly sorry for the mishap. I am genuinely humbled. Thank you again and please feel free to ex out that first comment!


  2. mat

    Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

  3. John W. Getts

    This sounds to me like a good idea, I’m going after my parchment paper and hair straightner RIGHT NOW. Will leave comment after my experiment.

  4. mandymeow

    ….ok I can do this. Ill go get some bud and try it later after some more research on it. Interesting!

  5. superguy

    i did this with some purple trainwreck and got about 3 medium-big sized dabs from every .3 bud i used . woo!

  6. xenubarb

    Finally! A use for my iron again!

  7. Mich

    I tried this for a cheap dab with some Strawberry Cough. I’m baked so I’m going to try and yield more when I re-up. What is the end consistency supposed to feel like? Mine was still pretty crumbly.

  8. mat

    It should be more like shatter, but it all depends. I’ve heard it works much better with certain strains. Also moisture content is a must have. Not dripping, but you want to try it on fresh buds if you can.

  9. Constance

    I have some quick and dirty iso hash I made that’s pretty sub-par (idk I was in a rush!), could I salvage it with this technique? Really interesting article, thanks.

  10. Barry Smoker

    Great article, good tips through out. I’ve been living in Denver for past few years and can say this Rosin Tech is catching on here big time. Just so much easier and cleaner. If anyone needs a press check out these guys: http://www.rosintechproducts.com

  11. Jonathan Diaz

    I disagree, there is no way this method is going to replace BHO.

  12. j

    can you still smoke the pressed bud?

  13. Munchoo

    Looks like our boy John W. Getts (From wayyyy up there in the comments) never got off his ass once he smoked the product. He never commented lolz.

  14. Munchoo

    He was quite the high guy.

  15. 420

    Did this with some nugs I didn’t like. It’s fire. Press 3x for max squirt age!!

  16. Joweed

    Can fresh buds be used with this technique or must they be dry?

  17. Brandon

    Rosin tech is one of the best ways to consume cannabis. The process to make rosin is fairly easy. Check out my website http://www.howtorosintech.com to learn more about rosin. I would love to link this article on my website to get this information out. How does that sound?

  18. t im

    Are there different kinds of parchment paper I got some but it is like regular paper and the oil go s into it

  19. Chris

    Can you make rosin with something else than parchment paper

  20. Bannister Carwin

    I think that a press is just a better option than an extractor because of the price and safety. I just don’t want to mess with butane or chemicals. Was looking for a small one and http://thetrippyhippy.com/product-category/extractors/rosin-press/ seems to have a cheap model, but now I’m wondering if a straightener is enough… Maybe I’ll wait until I get my tax return.

  21. Rosinator

    1.08 gm of keif (wrapped in a piece of coffee filter) returned .3 gm of rosin. The rosin absorbed by the coffee filter makes a great cup of tea. and the left over rosin smokes quit well in my waterpipe. it’s a win win win situation.

  22. Rosinator

    sorry I meant the left over keif smokes well

  23. Valance Olsson

    I need no explanation on this brilliant idea, I will make my own dab using your magician idea’s. Thank you so so much for this tips…Cheers
    P. S. I will comments soon….xxOxx

  24. Jr boy!

    Hi! I’m from Colombia and I’m very interested in this method. When I designed my equipment I’ll show you my results.

  25. Tonerthestoner

    Actually I found that it doesn’t work on fresh buds only cured buds that aged about 3 months. The oil from the fresh buds comes out clear and too liquidy and it kinda melts into the paper and you cant collect it.

  26. Cook

    Can you use kief with this method?

  27. Cook

    Can you use kief on parchment paper? I have two very expensive flat irons, and I would like to put them to use!

  28. james milner

    learn about hash oil


  29. Irving Gonzalez

    Excellent explanation of How to Make Rosin however I would have liked to see the video but it is as if it were an image …

    Thank you for this information.

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