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Drug Testing SucksDrug testing tips

Drug testing is on the rise. And knowing how to pass a drug test is more important than ever—especially now that more than half of the nation has legalized marijuana for recreational or medicinal use. However many companies still drug test their employees. Plus who knows where the future of weed is headed now that the Trump Administration is running the show. But have no fear you can easily pass a drug test. You don’t even have to give up smoking weed to do it. We’ve got a few drug testing tips that will ensure your dream job doesn’t remain just a dream.

PRO TIP 1: Buy a home drug test kits from Amazon to see if weed is even in your system.

PRO TIP 2: If weed’s in your system get synthetic urine. We suggest Sub-Solution.

How to pass a urine drug test

Because it’s so cheap to administer the dreaded urine drug test is not only the most common drug test you’ll likely face it’s also the most humiliating. Peeing in a cup just seems gross, right? Luckily a urine drug test is it’s a lot easier to perform than a blood test and it’s a lot less common than a hair or mouth swab drug test. And it’s a lot easier to beat.

Drug Testing TipsPractice makes perfect so get a home drug test

If you smoke weed every day you can bet that weed will be detectable in your system for at least a month. Why take a chance. If you’re in doubt just buy yourself an at home drug test from Amazon or the drug store down the street and test yourself. If you test positive then you’ll know you’ll need to take some evasive measures to pass a drug test. And by that we mean purchase some synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine to the rescue

There’s lots of advice on how to pass a urine test available online and off. Examples? You could try diluting your urine by drinking a lot of water or cranberry juice. But drug tests look for specific creatinine levels in your urine. Changing them could mean that you’ll fail the test. You could try to mask your urine, but most of those myths like bleach under your fingernail or sprinkling in laundry detergent are plain false.The most surefire way to pass a piss test is to use fake pee. Synthetic urine is easy to purchase online and almost always works to pass a urine drug screen. We HIGHLY recommend Sub-Solution synthetic urine. Many people have left comments on our site testifying that it worked for them. Just make sure that your sample is the correct temperature before you hand it over. Sub-Solution comes with a heating powder that brings the fake pee to temperature.

Using fake pee is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. About 15 minutes before your test sprinkle the heating powder into the fake pee. Make sure the lid is closed tightly. Stash it in your pocket or purse.
  2. Once you’re in the test room pour the synthetic urine into the cup and shake it slightly. You want a few bubbles for authenticity but you don’t want a frothy head.
  3. Hand your sample to test folks and wait for your negative test results to arrive.

Drug testing and the drug testing industry suck. It feels like such an invasion of privacy and in many cases it’s just plain unnecessary. Have you ever had to submit to a urine drug test? How did you feel about it? Did you pass? Did you use fake pee? Leave us all of your tips on how to pass a drug test in the comments section below.

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