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beer bongWin a Beer Bong and Other Stuff Stoners Like

Beer bongs are definitely stuff stoners like, man. No, we’re not talking about a fuckin’ frat-house funnel thing. Nope not a gravity bong either, dude. We’re talking about a bong made out of a beer bottle. How awesome is that, dude? A bong, made out of a beer bottle—a Corona bottle, to be exact. Anyhow now’s your chance to win the dopest beer bong ever.


    1. Like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter, Instagram or signup for our newsletter
    2. Leave a comment below telling us you’ve completed step 1and tell us what beer bottle you think would make a cool beer bong

We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time on October 23th and mail them the beer bong and the rest of the stuff we got from the dudes at 420 GoodyBox. See below for everything you can win! You must be 18 years old to enter. *We’ll cover the cost of shipping in the US only. Live abroad? Shipping’s on you, man.

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Along with the dope beer bong you’ll also score some other cool free stuff stoners like that came in the 420 Goody box. You’ll get a little cooler stash jar and a Splitaroo Cigarillo wrap. There’s also some pimple cream and gum in there (meh) so we thought we’d super-size your shit and toss in some signature Stuff Stoners Like King Size rolling papers and some Stuff Stoners Like STICKERS. Good luck, man.

46 Responses to “Win a Beer Bong”

  1. Ryan

    I think a miller light will make a great beer bong 🙂 hope I win! Followed on Twitter

  2. Alicia Burns

    I follow you guys on all 3 websites A hoegaarden bottle would be dope af cause the color would hide the build up!!

  3. Dax Luna

    Done with your Instagram profile, (mine: pleasemegirl) And I would like a Mickeys beer bong haha.

  4. Kristin greer

    Steps completed

  5. Betsy

    Hemptober Spliff By Kettlehouse would make a dope (uh huh huh) bong..

    I’m following you on Twitter. (Step one complete!)

  6. Michael Staton

    Gotta do a Sweetwater 420! It’s literally got 420 written all over it! Lol

  7. Danielle Hendrix

    Done and sam adams beer bottle

  8. Bradley Baker

    Twitter and a Corona Extra

  9. Russell

    Heck yeathat would be sweet

  10. Robyn Bone

    Steps completed. I believe Sweetwater 420 should be used. It’s got stoner written all over it!!

  11. Erin Garcia

    done! Pabst blue ribbon would make a good bong

  12. Sara Adams

    steps done. indio would be cool

  13. Matthew wyant

    Steps completed. I would say. The dead head or dead fish beer bottles

  14. Zoso

    Already follow on Twitter and Instagram. Def make one with an Anchor Steam Beer.

  15. Jaime Antal

    Rolling rock

  16. @four20thoughts

    Step 1 complete! I’m thinking Sweetwater 420 is the obvious choice haha

  17. Ta-kiera

    All steps complete my fellow stoner. This beer pong is everything definitely some thing stoners like. I’ve never had a glass bong made from my favorite beer. I will make a perfect birthday gift for me. It would also be my first one. #smokeon

  18. Ta-kiera Richardson

    All steps complete my fellow stoner. This beer pong is everything definitely some thing stoners like. I’ve never had a glass bong made from my favorite beer. I will make a perfect birthday gift for me. It would also be my first one. #smokeon

  19. Juan Garibay

    Following on instagram, and I think a stone ipa would make a cool beer bong.

  20. Bert B.

    LaBatt Blue

  21. Roy L.

    I dig the bottle. Keep up the good work all! (Steps completed)

  22. jose macias

    Completed bud light bottle

  23. Tiffany

    Following on twitter.. love the Corona bottle!!

  24. Bobby springer

    Love you guys. Would really, really love to win this. Bud light bottle! Done

  25. amelia

    following on Twitter 🙂 I’m a Corona drinker so I gotta say Corona! although a silver bullet Coors bong might be an interesting toy too…hmm!

  26. Michael

    Step 1 done and a Great Lakes Brewing Company or Sierra Nevada bottle would be awesome.

  27. Adalis Davila

    Done please pick me ! I WOULD DIE❤️❤️ This is the best!

  28. Curt King

    This would be the perfect “fuck you” to the alcohol I was a slave to for so long it nearly killed me. Pot led me away from that mind-rotting liver-destroying shit. I never would have chosen the ‘easy way’ with booze if pot were legal. My beer bottle of choice would therefore have to be cheap garbage beer like PBR ( sorry hipsters the stuff is swill get over it ), Keystone ICE, Natty ICE or some equally horrible homeless fuel.

  29. nicky

    CÎROC or Bong Spirit vodka and followed on all 3

  30. chris jack

    Wow this was made for me !!!

  31. chris jack

    Oh yea completed step one and corona please.

  32. Mikey A

    I completed step 1, I think a Grolsch beer bottle would be cool! My favorite brew and the bottle and cap are awesome, you can leave it on the bong! 🙂

  33. BaGz

    Done and Buddha beer would be dank beer bong !! The bottle is shaped like Buddha

  34. Janet

    Signed up
    A Michelob ultra bong because who would think Michelob ultra is that cool!

  35. Francisco A.

    Done. I think a Presidente beer bong would be awesome, because you know, the leader of the free world would deff hit it lol

  36. Jason

    I already am a news letter follower and been an instagram follower since for ever so haha I’m good with step one 😀 the next step I’d say a Pyamid Apircot Ale very tastey and it’s a local brew from Berkkey CA

  37. Anonymous

    A Red Stripe from Jamaica. Not the shitty stuff made in New York. BTW I completed Step 1

  38. Joshua Hoffman

    A Red Stripe from Jamaica lol not the shitty stuff made in New York. BTW I completed Step 1

  39. RealMrWakeNBake

    It would be really cool to have a Grosch beer bottle their one of my all time favorite beers. Been a fan since day one. Follow you guys on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr

  40. Rona Evans

    Gotta go with the Corona manman, perfect the way it is, unless you got a coke a cola

  41. Jaimie

    Step One is done! Already have been signed on for the newsletter and just gotcha on Instagram. This would be awesome to win and I think a Stella Artois Bottle would make a cool bong!! I mean shit, this is a great idea period! A lot of bottles would make for cool bongs!

  42. Ann

    Sweetwater 420 only seems appropriate
    Luv to win

  43. Joshua Junkin

    Yo! I follow you guys on twitter, and I think a gnarly looking micro-brew or import bottle would be awesome. I also think a Jager bottle would make nice bong.

  44. tom

    Follow on twitter-done..clear off a spot on the shelf for beer bong-check..Elysian brewers in Seattle make a beer called “men’s room original red, would make an awesome bong..

  45. Joseph

    Following On Instagram. Beer Bong Made From A Bottle Of Humboldt Brewery Company’s Hemp Brown Ale!

  46. Sierra

    Liked you guys on Facebook and was already following on twitter I’m from the 805 Santa Barbara area and a bong made from the Firestone 805 ale would be the dopest!!

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