Yoda Bong Giveaway

This Yoda Bong is AwesomeWin a Ceramic Yoda Bong

We’re kicking down a really cool ceramic Yoda Bong from Ali Bongo!


1. Like our Facebook Page.
2. Leave a comment below telling us which Star Wars character you’d like to blaze with and why.
3. That’s it your done.

We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20pm West Coast time on May 1st STAR WARS DAY aka May the 4th. If you live in the US we’ll cover shipping. If you don’t…on you…shipping, dude.

The new Star Wars movie looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t look as cool as this motherfuckin’ Star Wars bong. Dude. Look at this thing. It’s a Yoda Bong. C’mon, man, how many bongs have ears? It’s like the perfect bong for any stoner Star Wars fan out there, right? Stoners like Stars Wars—as a matter of fact, Star Wars is element number three on the ever-popular PERIODIC TABLE OF STUFF STONERS LIKE. If hit the bong you must, may this Yoda bong be with you. Always.

Yoda Bong
This Yoda Bong would be a great addition to your Star Wars bong collection

Sure there are lots of fancy bongs out there. But there’s no bong as memorable as this ceramic master Yoda bong. It’s glazed ceramic and will get you glazed in just a few hits. The color is a cool blue and the main body features some grips to make sure this thing doesn’t slip through your fingers while you get high. It also features a really wide mouthpiece for maximum-sized hits. The down stem and bowl can be detached for cleaning. And it measures 13cm from ear to ear, 17cm from back to front and 23cm high. It would probably rule filled with a bit of snow or ice gleaned from the planet Hoth, but ice cubes out of your fridge will suffice. This would be a great addition to your Star Wars bong collection. A Yoda bong would look great next to your r2d2 bong and your Darth Vader bong.

Grand Jedi Master Yoda is among the oldest and most powerful known Jedis in the Star Wars universe. In the movie, The Empire Strikes Back Yoda said, “For eight hundred years have I trained Jedi.” So he’s like hella old, dude. His longevity probably stems from the fact that he smoked more pot than Bob Marley. Did you know that not only was Yoda a major-pot head, he played a role in training almost every Jedi, including many of the most powerful like Count Dooku, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi. He even trained Luke Skywalker.

Anyhow, before you head to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters make sure to enter the giveaway. Good luck and may the force be with you.

47 Responses to “Yoda Bong Giveaway”

  1. Colt DeMorris

    Won by me, this yoda bong should be. At home, a sick wife I have. Hit by a car, her favorite dog Yoda was. Lol. Gotta love SSL!

  2. Willy manner

    Jar jar binks because his voice would make me laugh my ass off and he could take me underwater for like 2 hours.

  3. Justin Prince

    I’d love to smoke with Jabba. Use that hookah he got then we could get a lap dance by Leia.

  4. Jessica Williams


  5. James Hoster


  6. Dan

    I would definitely smoke out some ewoks

  7. Austin

    I would sesh with Boba Fett so we could take turns hotboxing his helmet and if things go smoothly he might let me take the jetpack for a rip

  8. maku

    Id like to smoke with chewbacca hes furry

  9. Macky Cosmos

    Anakin after the Mustafar incident. I would want to speak with the dark, twisted mind of a young Vader and document his rise to infamy and the effects on his psyche. Maybe he could have been saved from the grotesque machinations of Sidious?

  10. Zach venegas

    Gotta be Master Yoda, give me the force need to rip the bong he shall.

  11. Baily

    I would smoke with jaba the hut the dude already pushes more weight then any other Star Wars charter so you know he will hook a brother up and he looks like he eats his fare share of Cheetos and so after we smoke a blunt best believe il be leaving a dent in those Cheetos MAAAN!

  12. Baily

    Hey every one likes to save a little weed
    Why not sesh with C3-p0 and R2-D2 they don’t need to have nun plus if you get high enuf and smoke all your weed you can just sell them to some sand-people for some nugs for your and your buddy voda

  13. Baily

    Hey every one likes to save a little weed
    Why not sesh with C3-p0 and R2-D2 they don’t need to have nun plus if you get high enuf and smoke all your weed you can just sell them to some sand-people for some nugs for you and your buddy voda

  14. Marge

    I’ll blaze with Darth man

  15. Dezzy Howell


  16. cheryl cook

    Blaze with Yoda, i would…

  17. miriam lovejoy

    yoda of course

  18. Jason

    I’d smoke with Chewbacca. My family is always calling me Chewbacca because I look like home and I can speak his language Shyriiwook (it translates too, “Tongue of the Tree People”) aka Wookiespeak. So if I’m reading that right it’s saying he’s a tree hugger which then translates too he’s a Hippy, and we all love hippies right 😀

  19. DjTito

    Id blaze away with Chewey. Why? Because all we could do afterwards is laugh our asses off cause I wouldnt understand a damn thing he’s saying when he’s trying to tell me he’s fucked upppppp! The next best thing to blazing with a dog, one that stands upright. #GoodTimesWithChewey

  20. jennjenn

    I’d love to get stoned with jabba or an ewok
    Both would be awesome smoking companions because they seem like they just have wicked ways of thinking

  21. Cole K

    I would like to sesh with obi wan so he would share his wisdom and he can use the force to swiftly roll up some nice joints. We can hotbox his ship and eat munchies lol

  22. Mikey Alcala

    Ewoks cos you know they wanna party! Haha

  23. Ray Evans

    The sand people. We could just hang out on the cliffs and enjoy the view.

  24. jicand

    Definitely Obi Wan, guys awesome.

  25. Victor Adame

    I’d probably smoke with Vader or the Emperor. I think they need it in their lives!

  26. Margo

    Yoda, of course. All that wisdom, he has. Just imagining getting high with Yoda trips me out.

  27. John Hudson

    the Emperor! How trippy would it be to watch him do the Lightning bolts with his hands? “I said Cheetos not puffs. Now, you will die!”

  28. Nick Walsh

    Chewbacca, so we can dread his hairy ads up. Plus him growling ND shit would be funny

  29. Joey Perry

    Leia Skywalker, she seems freaky

  30. Joey Perry

    Leia, she seems freaky. Last post was a mess up

  31. Shelby

    I would totally smoke a Yoda bong with Yoda himself :p Why not, perfect idea right??

  32. Pete Erio

    I would love to toke up with the Max Rebo Band. Jammin to tunes, partying with groupies, hitting some sweet sticky. Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll Man.

  33. David

    Of course yoda, he’d be saying the craziest shit and I’d be blown the fuck away

  34. Krieger

    I’d like to smoke with the emperor. He probably gets that bomb shit, make u shoot lightning from your fingers.

  35. Anonymous

    i would love to smoke with chewbacca because he could do his little call and make me laugh my ass off.

  36. chad pelletier

    i would love to smoke with chewbacca because he could do his little call and make me laugh my ass off.

  37. Cassie

    I would love to smoke with Han Solo! That way we can blaze ride on the Millenium Falcon, get at an uber crazy speed and travel from planet to planet stopping by the lounges. Peace&Love

  38. Brixy

    I would blaze with Chewie. He would outlast everyone else on the Yoda bong!

  39. Cody

    Yoda. He’d be super chill.

  40. Scottie

    def jabba the hutt cuz he got all the munchies!!!

  41. Renee

    I would smoke with the Lord of Darkness- Darth Vadar because 1) He needs to chill the fuck out 2) Villains are always more fun 3) I’d hope to convince him to streak through the Death Star.

  42. Arielle L.

    Jar Jar Binks because it would be endless entertainment!

  43. Matthew

    The main starwars boy i would get lit with would be yoda because he to layed back with the mind set of physciatrist you can talk to em the whole time blazing about advice an just be amazed hahah thats def it

  44. Steven browning

    R2D2 all the way – I could listen to him bleep away all night when I’m high!

  45. brub

    Darth Vader cause you know he’s gotta have some sort of vaporizer built into that helmet!

  46. Megen

    To get stoned with Darth Vader, it would be most fun! Instead of just passing the bong around, we could hook up his face and gas mask that instead..

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