Win An Ounce of Weed and More

juicy fruit strainWe’re giving away an ounce of weed and more to one lucky Bay Area marijuana patient. That’s right, dude, to celebrate the Harborside Health Center’s new location in San Jose we’re giving away one of each of the awesome door buster specials that Harborside San Jose is offering. We’re also going to kick down a pack of 1-1/4 and king size Stuff Stoners Like rolling papers, assorted SSL stickers and a Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like poster.


  1. Like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter or Instagram
  2. Like the Harborside Health Center’s Facebook Page, follow them on Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Leave a comment below telling us you’ve completed steps 1 and 2

We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Aug 7. Make sure to see the restrictions below. You can learn more about the prizes and other Harboside specials here.

1 ounce of sun grown weed (value $240-295)
1/8 ounce of Lemon Skunk Reserve (value $60)
1 pre-roll joint (value $12)
1 gram of Gold Drop Oil (value $55)
1 gram of hash (value $15)
1 Solio Gem Drop gummy candy
1 Lighter
1 SJ Oaklandish T
1 pack of 1-1/4 Stuff Stoners Like rolling papers
1 pack of King Size Stuff Stoners Like rolling papers
1 Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like poster
Hella Stuff Stoners Like stickers (original and drippy black metal designs)

You must be a medical marijuana patient in the state of California, at least 18 years old and have a valid medical marijuana recommendation. You will need to pick up your winnings at Harborside Health Center’s San Jose location.

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Good luck with the giveaway. And huge thanks to the Harborside Health Center and Steve DeAngelo for the generosity.


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  1. Tim Groves

    All steps have been completed!

  2. twinklenugs420

    Awesome prizes!!! I just liked STUFF STONERS LIKE on FB, and HARBORSIDE HEALTH CENTER on FB as well! Yay!!

  3. Jenna

    Done I hope I get picked

  4. Gail McDonald

    Done done and done.

  5. Lee padilla

    I’m following on both pages

  6. Kelsey McCafferty

    I’ve completed steps one & two!!
    Liked both on FB & following both on IG !

  7. Brad Holmes

    Done… love Oakland gotta hit up San Jose

  8. Denice Lessard

    Easy peezy! Phew, glad I got something done today! Love you bros…..

  9. Alix Thierry

    I’ve completed both steps. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  10. james hilburn

    As I said in my 2 comment in the first 1 and 2 guestions. I would be every gratfull to be concered for the promotion you have I have been getting mine from friends because the closes one I know is in tracy you have a nice clean place and one day soon I will check it out because no tranpertation.I am 77 year old with a very bad back maybe you can pick me to win.I live in modesto calif and they do not have a store .

  11. james hilburn

    very nice facility you have, hope I can be selected because of my disability.I live in modesto calif and they have no stores here and I can’t drive because of me lower back thank you for are doing a good job in your presatation.thank you much

  12. Ryan OU

    Completed Steps 1 & 2: I am liking/following both Harborside Health Center and Stuff Stoners Like on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.
    Thank you!

  13. Taurus

    All done!!! Loving my new glow in the dark table btw. 😉

  14. og800sjsu14

    1&2 done,much needed professionalism and respect for cannibus much needed in bks, home of merle and buck, one love Steve Andrew and ssl.

  15. Taylor R

    Done! Thanks for this opportunity!

  16. Indiana

    Yo man, just done steps 1 & 2, just waiting now.. cheers for the chance bro

  17. debb

    I completed steps 1 & 2. please pick me, unlucky is my middle name. prove the universe wrong. peace@420

  18. Daniel willsn

    I followed both. Wish me luck. 🙂

  19. Maggie Abernatha

    I’ve completed the steps! I hope I win

  20. Big Todd

    All steps completed 🙂

  21. Joshua white

    1&2 steps completed

  22. Joe Perez

    I have completed steps 1 & 2

  23. labellavida925

    all steps competed good luck everyone !

  24. Ben

    Steps completed!

  25. Erik Murillo

    I’ve completed steps 1 & 2.

  26. Chad H.

    The deed has been done!

  27. Justin Vachon

    I’ve completed these steps!

  28. Maria Walsh

    Following and liked!

  29. Jocelyn Duran

    Ok I completed the steps!! Man I always look at that shirt when I go into harbor side…I can’t believe how much of a giveaway this is! You couldn’t stop at an ounce(hey I ain’t complaining!)…super generous!! 😀
    Thanks for the chances!!!
    Peace and stay up!

  30. Carlos mejia

    I’ve completed steps one and two !

  31. Peter Gio.

    Completed the task, good luck everyone!

  32. Dom Abarca

    All steps completed

  33. Brad Scott

    Done and done! Hi5 for this.

  34. Bimmerguy

    Did step one and two, thanks!

  35. Cletus J.

    Followed and followed!

  36. James mull

    I already follow on twitter and Facebook..:)

  37. Amber

    I’ve completed steps one and two.

  38. murdershows

    i have completed steps 1&2 and following SSL and hhcoak on IG! very excited for the new shop in SJ!

  39. bendsbras

    followed both on IG

  40. Flavio

    Step 1 and 2 done

  41. Tom

    I completed steps 1 & 2 above, hope I win..

  42. Donavan Schinkel

    Steps 1 & 2 done. Thanks for the contest!

  43. Cody Webber

    I have finished following you guys on twitter and instagram thank you so much for being there for us patients. The Infamous #TeamKush thanks you. The Fresh King of LA signing off.

  44. Oscar garcia

    Following both on Twitter

  45. Cameron Wallace

    I’ve liked harborside and stuffstonerslike on Facebook and followed both on Instagram and Twitter! Glad to see harborside could open up another location! Thanks!

  46. Tonytones

    Completed both 1 & 2.

  47. Rene

    Checked off 1 and checked off 2
    now the rest is up to you……
    Pick my name and I will stray
    Right on down to San Jose!!!

  48. Dave Kerst

    MMMMM! goody Bag!

  49. Dave Kerst

    MMMM! goody Bags!

  50. Gina evans

    I liked both pages!

  51. Manuel L. Valencia

    Want to enter contest 8/1 to 8/8 1915

  52. Itsdamack

    Followed on all social media sites

  53. Yugin Lam

    Followed on Twitter and liked on Facebook. All steps completed. Done.

  54. B-Nice

    Done and Done !

  55. Albert Gussmann

    I have completed the steps… Awesome bundle of gifts to the winner!! ^_^..

  56. Anonymous

    My name is Troy I live here in SanLeandro and am a native to the SF bay area. I shop at many place for my meds but hands down, the quality, price, and safe access is Harborside heath centers. My desire to use canabis came with the pain from diabetic nuropathy. I also suffer from violent digestive issues that leave me nauseous. Canabis helps with those issues I have along with anxiety. Its so much better then the drugs the doc wants to give me. Plus canabis has no horrible side effect. I feel so much better now. Thank God for the medical canabis act and hats off to the supporter, activists, and all other folks involved. This is a God Send. Whether or not I win this amazing prise give away I feel I am already a winner. Thanks for your continued support. Troy A Cunha.

  57. troy cunha

    Thank you for this awesome chance to win my meds. To live with chronic pain daily its good to know people understand the pain relief and relieve of my nausisa is comforted by medical canabis thanks for safe access.

  58. D.A.P

    Done and Done

  59. Suzy

    I’ve completed steps one & two. Much love and gratitude!

  60. Hector

    You got it ….Done !!!!!

  61. David brooks

    @harborside hey fam. Wow. That’s a lot of stuff your giving away. I would love it. No need to do anything cause I follow and love you both. @ThingsStonersLike & @HHCOAK Thanks. Maybe I’ll leave with a this awesome gift on my next visit. So sweet!!!

  62. Stacey denegree

    I would love to know more

  63. Stacey denegree

    I’ve completed steps one and two

  64. Ryan lopez

    Done liked the Facebook and fowlled on Twitter and Instagram

  65. Eric karsner

    I’ve completed the tasks

  66. SJCC

    Did it a while ago.

  67. Cannedsss

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  68. Paul Guzman

    Steps 1 and 2 have been completed and I am asking to be entered into the contest.

  69. hannah hoban

    Completed! My Instagram account is connected with a different e-mail address than my Facebook, hope its all good

  70. BigD

    All steps complete. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  71. Karen Hicks

    Yay! Done! Hope the force is with me

  72. Lita L.

    Steps 1 & 2 completed 🙂

  73. Megan Dooley Fisher

    Steps all completed!!

  74. Craig Banda

    Steps 1 & 2 are complete!!

  75. Anthony

    Wow, a whole ounce? That’ll keep me medicated for at least a month! Followed on Instagram and Liked on FB

  76. Drew Norton

    Steps one and two completed! This was the very first club that I heard get praised before I even became medical. It’s awesome to see you guys giving back to the community once again! Thanks guys!

  77. Nick w

    I have completed the above steps. This would make my year!


    I’ve been following you guys on IG for sometime now , just added you to my Facebook (never really go on there)
    You guys are awesome. I saw all the hard work and effort you guys put in to get the San Jose location up pretty much over night. Trust me we all appreciate it. Your products are awesome. Love the clones .
    Thank you

  79. Greg Thomas

    Steps one and two done! thanks!

  80. Lorrie Nunez/keepnitreal71

    Steps 1 & 2 Completed and now my comment posted 🙂 Have a FANTABULOUS day!!

  81. Mallory McKenzie

    Did everything

  82. SycoNut

    Completed and re tweeted

  83. Ray N.

    All steps have been completed. And nicely done teaming up with Harborside. They are pretty darn good too. Keep up the good work. Peace.

  84. Michael Severns

    Did step one and two I’ll be waitn till 8/7 with my rec

  85. Lynda Harp

    Been there done all to you all….

  86. Jamees lawson


  87. Sam Haddad

    I’ve completed steps 1 and 2!

  88. Anonymous

    All Steps Complete #LOUDlife #HHC


    All Steps Complete #LOUDlife #HHC

  90. shayna


  91. Carla Pablo

    Steps 1 & 2 done!!

  92. Jennifer

    I would LOVE to win this..I never win anything. I followed every step.

  93. Anonymous

    Done and done good luck everyone

  94. Jose Solorio

    Done good luck

  95. Drew Gberg

    All steps are completed! Hook me up

  96. Kristin greer

    All steps Completed

  97. Paola

    Dooone. Peace

  98. Jade


  99. SycoNot

    All steps done. Good luck to everyone!

  100. Matt

    Done liked both fb and been following Harborside health center. Goodluck all!

  101. RypeDub | Nicholas Aranda

    I’ve completed steps 1 and 2.

    However, I don’t have a FaceBook, so, I just followed BOTH Harborside Health Center and StuffStonersLike on Twitter AND Instagram.

  102. RypeDub | Nicholas Aranda

    I’ve completed steps 1 and 2.
    However, I don’t have a FaceBook, so, I just followed BOTH Harborside Health Center and StuffStonersLike on Twitter AND Instagram.

    *NOTE: I could NOT delete my previous post, I typed in my Twitch link improperly, so I made this 2nd post. I AM NOT entering in twice. Please feel free to remove the previous post where the URL to my Twitch Page is RypDub.

  103. Jill Maleson

    Winning this would give me pain control for a long time!

  104. Brittany Cameron

    Like both lages on Facebook.

    Could really use the medicine. Budget is tight.

  105. Nick Saal

    Steps one and two done! Now smoking a good luck bowl! Hook a brother up! Harborside is the best!

  106. alex bobadilla

    Done with tge steps, now to wait till 420 tomorrow lets goooo!

  107. Kelly Carstensen

    Completed both steps, such a dope contest, sending everyone good vibes and stay lifted my friends✨

  108. Kathy Bogart

    Liked , and shared ! Wish me luck

  109. Eric

    I have completed both steps. Thanks.

  110. Nathan

    Steps are done. Hope to win!

  111. Josh


  112. Gregory R

    I have completed steps 1 and 2.

  113. Daniel

    All completed. This is a great contest, thanks.

  114. Lou

    All set.

  115. Roger

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  116. Thomas

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  117. Paul

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  118. Robert

    It is done.

  119. Anonymous

    All the steps have been completed. This would be nice to win.

  120. Craig

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  121. Anonymous

    Done. Thanks for this contest.

  122. Ben

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  123. B

    I have completed the steps. Thanks.

  124. Anonymous stoner

    Finished all the steps, thanks.

  125. Smoke

    I’m am all set and did what you asked.

  126. Mike

    I completed both steps. Thank you.

  127. Mike

    I completed both steps. Thank you.

    Left wrong email above this post. This is correct.

  128. lsxjohn

    Step completed

  129. Daniel Ruiz

    I did steps 1 and 2.

  130. Top Brahman

    I’ve completed the steps. I love you Harborside!

  131. Dalia Ortiz

    I have completed steps one and two. I hope you pick me!! It’s my bday month! Thanks for the opportunity guys! Xoxo #PROP215 #HEALERSNOTDEALERS

  132. Jeffrey albania

    All steps completed

  133. Tim clancy

    I liked both pages! I wanna win

  134. Ryan San Paolo

    I’m a happy prop 215 patient that completed both steps

  135. Ryan San Paolo

    I’m a happy prop215 patient and I completed both steps

  136. frank leyva

    I have completed both steps please pick me

  137. Sev

    Was already following the insta page. Just liked the facebook page. Best of luck to everyone!

  138. alison huffaker

    Done !

  139. Smel G

    Don’t have FB but did the IG thang! Hook it up! LOL, I want that gold drop cart!

  140. Jeff Alcairo

    All done!

  141. Amanda

    Completed steps 1 & 2 – Twitter, Instagram, & FB 🙂

  142. courtney

    All steps have been completed…please pick me i love meds

  143. Cortney G.

    I did steps 1 and 2!

  144. Jimmy Morris

    Completed! Good luck everyone!!

  145. Anthony ma

    All steps completed!! 🙂

  146. Anthony ma

    steps completed!

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  148. Mike Q

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  150. Steve Goldfield

    Steps 1 and 2 completed.

  151. Edwin

    Super dope giveaway, I completed both steps 1&2. Thanks!

  152. Mario D

    Steps One and Two Complete

  153. TMB350Z

    I follow both before the draft, let’s get this going and thanks for local Bay Area support for our patents and health care growers!

  154. Sara Buchanan

    I have been following Yall and Harborside Healthcare on Facebbok, Twitter and instagram for months now. So I did 1 and 2

  155. Conner alioto

    Theyve been completed for a while 😉 may the luck be with you. And me.

  156. SumoSmoker420

    I am already friends with you guys!

  157. Damien lane

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