Win an Ounce of Weed for 4/20

Win an ounce of weed for 4/20Win an Ounce of Weed

To the 14 million Americans who smoke pot daily April 20th is just another day. But that’s not stopping us from celebrating what’s become a national STONER holiday, man. And this year we’re kicking down two ounces of weed to two lucky stoners to help them celbrate. We owe it all to our buds from the Harborside Health Center in San Jose and Oakland.

You can also take advantage of other Holiday specials over at the Harborside in Oakland and San Jose including $150 Sun Grown ounces of weed! Many smokers, including Berner, are all about outdoor, sun-kissed weed because they way outdoor plants are able to reach their full potential and crank out tons of tasty terpenes as a result of that big burning ball in the sky. Anyhow the holiday sales start on the 14th and run through the 20th so take advantage of the low prices, dude and of course good luck winning that ounce of weed, man. Thanks for following stuff stoners like and big ups to the Harborside Health Center for continuously hooking up the killer cannabis giveaways.

Win an Ounce of WEEDHOW TO ENTER:

    1. Like our Facebook Page, or follow us on Twitter, or  Instagram or signup for our newsletter
    2. Like the Harborside Health Center’s Facebook Page, or follow them on Twitter or Instagram.
    3. Let us know which Harborside store you’d like to visit to claim your prize. There’ll be 1 winner per store so which ever store you pick that’s where you’ll go to claim your prize, man.

We’ll pick 2 random winners (one for each location) at 4:20 pm West Coast time on April 20th and announce the winner via our Twitter and Facebook streams. We’ll also email them. You must be a medical marijuana patient in the state of California, at least 18 years old and have a valid medical marijuana recommendation to win. You will also need to pick-up your winnings at Harborside Health Center’s San Jose or Oakland location. Good luck.

Check out Harborside’s site to learn more about the 4/20 deals or take a look at the graphic below. And don’t forget to visit the Harborside in San Jose and Oakland to score some dank weed at low prices from the 14th to the 20th of April.

Harborside 4/20 Deals

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  1. Kristin Greer

    Oakland . Happy early 420 everyone 🙂

  2. Tim Kane

    Harborside Oakland

  3. Daniel

    I will pick it up at Oakland but both harborside locations are amazing. 🙂

  4. Ian

    Oakland! : ) Very cool of SSL to get in on the holiday fun!!

  5. Brad Holmes

    It’s 4:19, ya’ got a minute???

  6. Sarah

    Oakland is where it’s at

  7. Fairymama

    Oakland Please.Happy 420

  8. Mike

    Harborside OAK!!!

  9. Norma Sanchez

    Harborside, Oakland!!!!

  10. JenDoof

    San Jose!!

  11. John

    Oakland.Thank you

  12. Anonymous

    San Jose, thanks

  13. Greg

    San jose! Thanks for the fun contest! Peace and Love !

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  16. Cho Buddy

    Oakland!! Happy 4/20!!

  17. Diane

    Oakland please…thanks for the 420 fun

  18. Hippie

    I will go to Oakland and pick up my o.z. Thank you and have a happy 4/20/16.

  19. Anonymous

    fuck yeah Oakland!

  20. J.A.D.E.

    fuck yeah Oakland!

  21. Danielle Rose

    Can you post it to Australia?

  22. mlungisi

    Thanks guyz

  23. Anonymous

    San Jose, thank you

  24. Anonymous


  25. Guy

    San Jose

  26. Anonymous

    The San Jose location

  27. Anonymous

    San Jose!!! Thanks!

  28. SycoNut

    Liked Both Facebook pages. San Jose

  29. Kelly C

    Oakland please Thank youuu and happy 4/20 everyone!

  30. Anonymous

    Done, San Jose please, thanks

  31. Uh


  32. Anonymous

    All steps complete
    San Jose

  33. Anonymous

    All steps are done. San Jose!

  34. Chris


  35. Anonymous

    Oakland, thanks

  36. Anonymous

    All steps completed

    San Jose!

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