Win an Ounce of Weed on Halloween

Ounce of Weed GiveawayWin an Ounce of Weed and More

Harvest time is here again. The summer’s beautiful sun has helped this year’s crop flourish and reach its full and tasty potential. Yep the harvest of 2015 is underway, man. And it is looking great. Not to mention Halloween is right around the corner. So it’s time to celebrate, dude. So to make that happen and to kick off this years bounty in a big way we’re working with the Harborside Health Center in San Jose and Oakland to give away an ounce of weed at each store and lots of other great stuff stoners like—a total of $1,200 worth of marijuana products from this year’s harvest that was all grown using the power of the sun.


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    3. Let us know how many joints are in an ounce of weed (give us yer best guess) and which Harborside store you’d like to visit to claim your prize. There’ll be 1 winner per store so choose your location wisely—and keep in mind that you’ll be held to it.

We’ll pick 2 random winners (one for each location) at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Halloween, October 31st. You must be a medical marijuana patient in the state of California, at least 18 years old and have a valid medical marijuana recommendation. You will need to pick-up your winnings at Harborside Health Center’s San Jose or Oakland location. Good luck.

Win an ounce of WEED and moreWHAT’S INCLUDED:

  • SunGrown ounce of weed. (regularly $295)
  • SunGrown Pre-rolled Joint (regularly $12)
  • Strait Concentrate Made with SunGrown Cannabis (not pictured)
  • Trichome Heavy Concetrate—The Melts Made with SunGrown Cannabis
  • Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites or Kiva Espresso Beans- 120mg (regularly $16) Made with SunGrown Cannabis
  • Kiva Chocolate Bar – 180 mg (regularly $18) Made with SunGrown Cannabis Choice of Blackberry, Tangerine, Mint Irish Cream, Vanilla Chai
  • Kiva Chocolate Bar – 60 mg (regularly $9) Made with SunGrown Cannabis, choice of Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate
  • Absolute Extract (ABX) Cartridge – .5g (regularly $35) Made with SunGrown Cannabis Various Flavors
  • CBD Blue Jay Absolute Extract (ABX) Cartridge – .5g (regularly $60) Made with SunGrown Cannabis.

Make sure to join us this Halloween (Saturday, Oct. 31) for Harborside’s SunGrown launch event and score some of the stuff we’re kicking down for some dirt-cheap prices, dude—see below. Make sure to order or arrive early because everything is available while supplies last and we’ve seen those ounces go quick. Both Oakland and San Jose will be open from 10am-8pm. Online ordering is available for delivery within Harborside’s delivery areas; and for pickup at their Oakland location. Discounts cannot be combined with industry, senior, or veteran discounts.

Harborside Health Center Giveaway Harborside Health Center Giveaway Harborside Health Center Giveaway

165 Responses to “Win an Ounce of Weed on Halloween”

  1. René

    Enter me!!! 42 joints in a oz.!! And I’ll pick that up in San Jose!

  2. Brad Holmes

    28 joints & Oakland

  3. Lori Berry

    It’s approximately 40.49929 joints. Oakland please!

  4. Kristin

    All depends how fat of a joint your rolling but somewhere around 28 or less joints . Oakland please

  5. Fernando


  6. n.m

    I calculate 40.

    If they’re fatties 20.

    Harborside SJ

  7. Theo Napoleon

    48 gram joints SJ

  8. Samantha Norick


  9. Samantha Norick

    1 I ROLL FAT JOINTS!! LOL Oakland

  10. Samantha Norick

    1 I ROLL FAT JOINTS! Oakland

  11. Jessica veraza

    I would say 21 joints and the san jose location

  12. Theo Napoleon

    28 gram joints sj

  13. Jill

    35 San Jose

  14. Lemon33Vodka

    Seeing how i don’t live in the cali area to redeem the free oz. i’ll tell everyone the real answer.
    All were good answers but nowhere near .

    If there is 28grams in 1oz. and MANY joints are 1.75g ,if not 2grams stuffed into papers …
    2 x 14 = 28
    So the answer is: 14

    Hpw you win @Kristin

  15. shayna

    26 joints !! San jose

  16. Ben C

    23 joints per ounce! It’s a well known fact that stoners like 1.2 gram joints! San Jose Harborside please 🙂

  17. Jorge P

    An ounce is about 28.3495 grams and I would roll with 1.7 grams roughly so I would guess about 17 slow burning joints for a great time to relax. I choose Oakland’s Harborside Health Center! Thank you!

  18. Javier

    About 24. Oakland please

  19. Sharon Gasca

    I would ha ve to say since there is roughly 28 grams (give or take) in an ounce aND each joint weight to around .07 grams to 1 gram. You wold be able to make around 35-41 joints! I followed both Stuff Stones and Harborside . I am a patient at both location. Would prefer the Oakland location is chosen! Thank you for the opportunity

  20. Ana M L

    28 1 gram joints / oz!
    I’d like to pick up in Oakland if I win! 🙂


  21. Scott Francis

    47 Dubees. Oakland location. Sweet

  22. Jacqueline V.

    31 joints is my guess.
    Oakland, CA location please 🙂

    Thank you.

  23. Daniel

    20 fatties. Oakland location 🙂

  24. James harrison

    40 joints in an ounce, oakland

  25. Samantha Norick

    56 Oakland

  26. Lee

    22 joints and the San Jose location

  27. Mat

    I personally roll 1g joints, so im gonna say 28 joints!

  28. Mat

    Oh thats Oakland HS by the way

  29. Jen

    40ish. Oakland! Yay!

  30. Kate

    28.3495 joints. Oakland.

  31. Candace

    I’ve been a follower and liker on all social media platforms for HHCOAK and SSL 31 joints in a ounce

  32. Greg

    Approximately 40 joints in an ounce. Oakland.

  33. Renee Cordova

    I think about 24 joints in Oakland Thank You!

  34. Matt Wiens

    If u roll by the Gram – 28 joints

  35. Andrea

    28 fat joints which I’m ready to get my hands on Oakland Please !

  36. Andrea Maldonado

    Followed you on IG : drea_cmf ..28 fat joints please & thank you for the chance !!

  37. Kyle S.

    Lol here goes try two, since I posted the other one on Twitter , I think I’d have to stick with my answer though. I mean we all can start licking papers together and stuff, but when it comes down to it the the old faithful joint never does ya wrong. 2g packed in a joint would come right about 14 joints in an ounce, aka a great F’ing Halloween ✌️ If I were picked, I’d prefer the oak location ✊

  38. Sammer Haddad

    28 joints 🙂 Oakland Ca

  39. Vanessa M

    28 joints 1 gram each
    Harborside Oakland

  40. Yoda

    30 dawg. Oak because even though SJ is five away, Oaktown has always had tha betta

  41. Danilo Soda

    28.3 joints, and Ill pick it up at Oakland location 🙂 have a great day

  42. Rashaad Bess

    About 32 joints in an ounce. Pick up from Harborside Health Center Oakalnd. 1 love.

  43. Michael Chavez

    48 joints are in an ounce of weed. Harborside Oakland on Embarcadero.

  44. Curtis

    Approximately 40.49929 joints to be exact!

  45. hilary

    31 joints!!

  46. Luis salgado

    I say 20 joints rolled at 1.4.

  47. Justin Hernandez

    Id guess around 28 joints.
    But its all about that #vapelife
    Harborside San Jose

  48. Luis salgado

    And if I win I’ll pick up from San Jose!

  49. Leonardo Solis

    It all depends how much are in each joint. IF it’s a gram to each joint, then it’s 28 joints in a once. And the location I pick is Oakland

  50. Courtney B

    28.3459 one gram joints and Oakland!! 🙂

  51. rpclennon

    About 100 joints, unless your Rolling a Cheech and Chong joint, then one big one

  52. Rebecca C.

    From an ounce, I would roll about 20-25 joints, depending on how lazy I am that day =) Oakland please! Happy Halloween Harborside! =)

  53. David Brooks

    I’m saying 27 perfectly rolled spooky joints…. Oakland Harborside!!!!

  54. Michael La flamme

    1 oz = 28 king size joints / 36 regular joints! Since iv sat and rolled a few zips befor! Happy Holloweed!!:)
    Harborside health center oakland! Following on instagram.

  55. Kelly C

    I think it’s about 26 joints and I’d pick up from Oakland 🙂

  56. Freddy

    19 joints with some larger papers. San Jose harbor side for the win!!

  57. Amanda

    46. Oakland Harborside 🙂

  58. Anonymous

    17. Oakland

  59. Diane

    I say 28 joints

  60. Carrie Pilch

    30 or 40 depending on how phat they’re made!

  61. Amber

    Depending on who is rolling there are roughly 30-40 joints in an ounce. Maybe less if you are Wiz Kalifa. See you in Oakland!

  62. Carrie Pilch

    For got to include location in previous comment ☝ Oakland por favor! Gracias!

  63. Derek Castrejon

    28 joints in an ounce. Oakland Ca

  64. Brad

    25 if small papers hand rolled. King sized cones 16. Regular cones 24. Id love to pick all those delicious treats in San Jose friends

  65. chris jack

    For me only about 12 joints (we roll spilff’s mon). NC

  66. John O Sea

    28 joints.Oakland location.


    28 jointsOakland.Amazing giveawaysThanks for the chance

  68. Johnny

    51 joints. I’ll go to Oakland for that…..

  69. Megan Dooley Fisher

    40.49929 Joints in an ounce!

  70. Megan Dooley Fisher

    Oakland for me 🙂

  71. Johnny

    28 depending on size, 28 good size. Oakland locations works for me thx.

  72. Amanda

    Ive actually done this, we got 37 joints and some left over the couldnt make it into a joint. San Jose, Ca. 🙂

  73. Mack

    I say there are 28 joints in an ounce. I’ll take my prize at the Oakland location please 🙂

  74. Dan

    50, San Jose

  75. Kevin Kawazoe

    I will be happy with anything I win.

  76. Kevin

    I will be happy with whatever I win. I’ll just be glad on winning something.

  77. Anonymous

    I will be happy with whatever I win. I’ll just be glad on winning something but if it there is always a next time,
    Thank you!

  78. Jon NcJohn

    40 joints! Oakland!!!

  79. Mike Carrol

    I’ll say 25 joints and I’m good w/the Oakland store.

  80. Derek Hadfield

    Love it! Thank you Stuff Stoners Like & Harborside. I follow you on IG & love your pics. SJ store please.

  81. Chris Landy

    40 & oaktown is where I’m down

  82. troy

    28 1 gram joints if following Harborside standards.

  83. Andrew Veloza

    28 joints in a ounce I believe and I prefer Oakland

  84. Jon

    There would be 28 joints rolled out of an ounce of sweeeeeeeet Mary Jane!!!

  85. Jon

    There would be 28 joints rolled out of an ounce of sweeeeeeeet Mary Jane!!!

    Oakland please!!!!

  86. Richelle

    52 joints in an ounce. Oakland!

  87. Mauricio

    52? They would be thinner than toothpicks! 35 tops! Oakland, please!

  88. richelle

    28 grams in an oz; 2 joints/gram =52
    ima win, Mauricio! watch me! LOLOL!! then i might share a pin joint with ya lmaoooooooooooo

  89. Mike Q

    51 joints in an ounce. Not every roll is perfect
    If I win I choose HB San Jose

  90. Benjamin H

    My guess is 26 joints. But if I won I would roll about 32. Oakland Plz

  91. Steve B.

    1 – I roll big joints just like the judges! Oakland please.

  92. Brian

    41 – theres 41 joints in an oz

  93. Deric Adkinson

    I say 57 joints in an ounce!

  94. Deric Adkinson

    Oakland ca

  95. Libby Trumer

    I’ll say 25 and pick up in Oakland

  96. greg

    Hi enter me please . I just rolled a good looking joint and it weighed 1.2 grams. Thats equals 23 joints per ounce as my guess. Thanks for a great contest.
    Peace and love

  97. greg

    Hi enter me please . I just rolled a good looking joint and it weighed 1.2 grams. Thats equals 23 joints per ounce as my guess. Thanks for a great contest. San jose pick up please.
    Peace and love

  98. greg

    Lol whoops meant to edit for location!

  99. Jacob A

    Oakland! 60 joints! Gimme can’t wait

  100. Elaine b

    45 joints. San Jose

  101. Brian

    How many joints are in an ounce? As many as your willing to Roll up!

  102. Phil D

    30 joints. 1 blunt. See you in Oakland

  103. Ruddy P

    30. SJ

  104. Mermaid Man

    100 pincers. Oakland. Rock on

  105. Tim W

    Read the other post. It says 40 but I say as many as I want! Susan Jose.

  106. Melman

    Sweet 16. San Jose

  107. Mickey Ackerman

    San Jose. 100 joints

  108. George W

    16. Oakland

  109. Michael La flamme

    (Update to earlyer post for perfect joints) 1oz = 2 raw supernatural,8 Emperador,14 peacemaker,28 kingsize,36 1/4size
    Happy holloweed!! Harborside health center oakland 🙂 been following and supporting

  110. Jim

    25 at least
    San Jose location

  111. Yup


  112. Mike

    28 for sure, Oakland, Thanks!

  113. Anonymous

    58, San Jose

  114. juanillo

    42 Joints san jose Please

  115. Treehouse_farm

    21 joints. @hardborside in San Jose!!!!

  116. Dom

    28 joints i know cause I rolled up two ounces on 420 and we had 56joints location for pickup oak town followed hall on Twitter @cuzzinbruh <—-

  117. Oscar

    55 joints. Oakland please

  118. Brad Holmes

    A solid 28 joints & Oakland… This would definitely be sooooo sweet & perfect timing as I just lost lots of work….

  119. Josh

    Well, if I’m listening to the greatest marijuana site there is, its 40.49929 But when I go to pickup the winnings, it’ll be jusssst enough for only one to smoke with everyone in the store!!

  120. Josh

    ^^oakland 😉

  121. Albert Gussmann

    Hi, using Raw papers i feel that in an ounce there would be 16 joints rolled out of that… i live in richmond, i’d pick up prize @ the Oakland dispensary! Thanks for the awesome prizes you guys always give away to patients!!

  122. Josh

    ^@norcal215 On IG

  123. Eric

    20, San Jose

  124. Daniel

    40, Oakland

  125. Dude

    Oakland, 28

  126. Anonymous

    Would guess 25, San Jose

  127. Travis

    40 San Jose

  128. Robert

    Nice! I would say about 30, Oakland

  129. Anonymous

    25, San Jose, Thank you!

  130. Thomas


    Oakland location

  131. Rosemarie

    There would be 40 Joints in an oz, little less if they’re stuffed fuller.

  132. Rosemarie

    Good morning ! There would be 40 Joints in an oz, little less if they’re stuffed fuller. Harborside Health Center Oakland​, Rosemarie

  133. Guy

    24, just a guess, San Jose

  134. Grant

    About 50,

  135. Sarah

    Happy Halloweed I’m guessing about 23 per ounce for an average sized J 🙂 Imma go with the San Jo location if I win all that awesome stuff stoners love hehe

  136. Anthony ma

    28 j’s. Oakland!!

  137. Brent B

    39. San Jose. Have a kick ass day

  138. Jake

    55 – San Jose

  139. Guest

    40joints. Oakland

  140. William Brooks

    I believe 37 reasonably sized joints outta 1 zip. Oakland

  141. Chevyboylo

    If you are rolling .5 joints out of a ounce then it would be around 56 joints, gram joints it would be around 27-29 joints. Oakland location !

  142. Starry EYES

    WOW. I need some of this outdoor weed. 28 joints provide more bounce to the ounce in Oakland please.

  143. Powerson

    I’m super into this giveaway. From San Jose and I say 34 joints. Maybe 35.

  144. Weird Things

    Weird things happen on Halloween 2015 like me winning some weed. Please count me in. I say 15 joints. Phats ones. In Oakland.

  145. James

    27 of them. Oakland.

  146. Anonymous

    31, San Jose.

  147. Lou

    Oakland, My guess would be about 35.

  148. Me

    Probably around 26. San Jose

  149. Bob

    30, Oakland

  150. Anonymous

    25 San Jose

  151. Dus Tul

    40 and San Jose thank you!

  152. Logan C

    I say there are about 35 joints in an ounce and i want to win in Oakland. Moving to Portland soon. Can’t wait to try the store up there

  153. Tommy C

    Love IT! 30 and San Jose!

  154. Anonymous

    15, San Jose

  155. Anonymous

    20. Oakland

  156. Anonymous

    12, Oakland.

  157. Anonymous

    50, Oakland.

  158. Brandon Lillie bra

    Acidentally submitted my last comment before finishing, but to be a good joint in my opinion would need at least a gram per joint, but it’s not always exact so factoring around 1.15g per joint out of 28g, would be around 24 joints.

  159. Anonymous

    Is this over? No winners were posted!! :'( I’m just so eager to see who won this amazing, what was supposed to be, Halloween treat! waited all day for 4:20, and I’m sure so did more than half the people who entered! Always love u tho HS! 🙂 Day of the dead is a cool holiday to give it away too. ❤️

  160. Stoner Stuff


  161. Stoner Stuff


  162. Stoner Stuff

    We posted it on social media. The winners were: Leonardo Solis and Luis salgado. Danks for asking. We’ll have another contest starting tomorrow, man. And we always have FREE STICKERS:

  163. Anonymous

    Not cool the people who one had the most generic answer

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