Wiz Khalifa FINALLY Cleared Of BOGUS Felony Marijuana Trafficking Charges

Wiz Khalifa FINALLY Cleared Of BOGUS Felony Marijuana Trafficking ChargesThis morning, Pitt County (North Carolina) District Attorney Clark Everett dropped Wiz Khalifa’s felony drug trafficking charge stemming from his November 8 arrest, when campus police found marijuana on Khalifa’s tour bus while he was ridin’ dirty on the East Carolina University Campus in Greenville.

Khalifa, who allegedly smokes $10,000 worth of weed a month, and nine other men were originally charged with trafficking, maintaining a vehicle for sale or storage of marijuana and a misdemeanor offense of possession of drug paraphernalia. But according to the DA, the trafficking charge was bogus, because the amount of weed seized on the bus, a li’l more than 2 zips, didn’t exceed the 10-pound threshold required to make the count stick, so the charges were FINALLY dropped.

The rest of the lame charges against Khalifa and the others were dismissed back in August after three of Wiz’s dudes admitted the weed was theirs, paid a grand each, plus court costs and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession.

NORML’s Keith Stroup predicted the trafficking charge would eventually be dropped. “You figure about one joint for each gram, so that’s 60 joints, and if you’re traveling on your tour bus, you don’t have your connection with you. If you were at home, you would not have that much on hand,” Stroup said, attempting to explain why Khalifa may have allegedly had that much marijuana on hand. “But unless they found scales or baggies or other evidence that someone bought [marijuana] from him, it will be a personal possession case.”

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