Wiz Khalifa Doesn’t Want to Be a Stoner

Wiz Khalifa Doesnt Want to Be a StonerWiz Khalifa doesn’t want to be a stoner anymore? First he gives up blunts. Now this? Khalifa, who once claimed to smoke $10,000 worth of weed a month, admits that he built his marketing off of marijuana in an interview with interview with HardKnockTV:

“I was just talking with one of my homies yesterday, I kind of want to break the stigma of everything I do is like a ‘stoner this’ or a ‘weed head’ that,” Khalifa said. “That’s what I built my marketing off of and my brand but at the end of the day everyone who is successful in film or in music get’s high and they don’t look at them as “the stoner.” When I get past that point I think I’ll make more movies and do different things so to people it doesn’t look forced or look like I’m trying to change lanes or change gears. It’ll just be people ready for me to do that anyway.”

Anyhow, since the guy who penned stoner anthems like “Roll Up,”and  “So High” plus the album, “Rolling Papers” and the mix tape Kush and Orange Juice doesn’t want to be thought of as a stoner anymore should we remove him from the PERIODIC TABLE OF STUFF STONERS LIKE???

Here’s what the ex-stoner told Complex magazine about why he doesn’t smoke blunts: “I used to smoke blunts, but when you smoke the quality of weed that we smoke, you want to taste all that weed. You don’t want the blunt to get in the way. Plus blunts are real bad for you. They make your body ache, you be coughing up brown shit. I need my voice. I don’t want to have blunt damage.”

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  1. Nina

    Sad that he feels ashamed to be a stoner lightweight… it’s really no different than people who enjoy drinking (besides being healthier and safer). Johnny Depp was so hammered at an awards show last week and could barely even present as he stumbled on stage, yet alcohol is so normalized in our society.

  2. My_Spaceship_has_Tires

    I can see how he could be ashamed. I never label myself “stoner”, because there is a negative connotation to it. Also it seems like the people that show it off all the time are really shallow. Without the label you can still smoke. Be more than a label, be your own not a clone.

  3. Bailey j

    The real problem is that the world is wired to add a negative connotation to the word stoner

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