Wiz Khalifa Wakes and Bakes Post WEED Bust

Wiz Khalifa Wakes and Bakes Post WEED BustWiz Khalifa Marijuana Bust

“Waken…baken…wrist still achin” is what STUFF STONERS LIKE fave, Wiz Khalifa, from Pittsburgh (Black and Yellow…Black and Yellow) who allegedly smokes $10,000 worth of weed a month is Tweetin up after last night’s bummer weed bust in all places…GREENville, North Carolina. Yep, Wiz is currently out on his Waken Baken 2010 Tour and played last night at East Carolina University in ol’  Greenville. So, uh, yeah that sounds like anything,  GREENville, eh?

Under the classic probable cause of “smelling weed”, campus officers detained the Hero of Our Story as well as like ten of his band mates eventually finding about two measly li’l ounces of herb on their tour bus. Anyhow, looks like they’re chargin’ our Wiz with some felony count of trafficking weed, a felony count of maintaining a dwelling/vehicle/place for sale or storage of marijuana and a pesky li’l misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia…all of which, according to our friend Keith Stroup at NORML, will likely be reduced to personal possession. Whew.

Earlier this morning, however, before wakin’ and bakin’ and posting some Tweets, Wiz posted bail and was released just in time for a li’l Kush and Orange Juice.

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  1. Xochitl

    i hate wiz khalifa.

  2. Andre

    kill yourself
    its T.aylor G.ang O.r D.ie

  3. travis

    who ever hates wiz khalifa is a pussy

  4. Name

    taylor gang or tea bag a bear trap!!

  5. Name

    if i could like that last status i would loooool

  6. Name

    Wiz khalifa is my fucking idol. he lives the life i dream of

  7. mahogany


  8. robert

    fuk haters this nigga is living the life lets all do it (ROLL UP)

  9. jessica

    coo love it ttyl!:)

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