Xzaler Review—Smoke Without the Odor

XzalerLike the Beastie Boys you can rock a tree on your mirror so your car won’t smell. But what the hell are you supposed to do about your apartment, bedroom or dorm all smellin’ like weed? What’s that you say, man, you live with your anti-marijuana mother-in-law and you wanna get stoned in the basement while watching that 70s show and you don’t want her all hassling you about the smell of weed. Well, you’re in luck dude, there’s a device for that. It’s called the Xzaler and it’s good at keeping your pot smoke a secret.

XzalerWith the Xzaler you can smoke when you want, where you want and eliminate all odor! Well that’s what it says on the flyer that came with our test unit. Are those  four people getting stoned in an 80s dentist office? We did notice, however, there were a few places that one couldn’t use the Xzaler:

  • Not on a train!
  • Not in a tree!
  • Not in a car!
  • Sam! Let me be!

Why? Because these places don’t typically have power outlets.

Our test Xzaler came with the Xzler system—a really well-constructed, anodized aluminum box that kind of looks like a digital ballast used to power a grow light. It also came with two hoses like the kind you’d find attached to only the finest hookah and two hose port adapters.

Apparently the Xzaler is easy as fucking to setup. After unpacking and plugging this bad boy in just open one of the Port Caps, insert a hose, turn it on—DONE. Now your ready to enjoy some big hits without stinkin’ up the damn place.

Say sayonara to smoke with the Xzaler. Remember that trap in GhostBusters? The Xzaler does to smoke what that Ghost Trap does to ghosts, man. What actually happens to the smoke? Fuck if we know, dude. We’re stoners, not rocket surgeons.

If you’re looking to smoke stealthily, who you gonna call? That’s right, GhostBusters. No wait, SmokeBusters. Damn it we fucked that up. Anyhow check out our buds at Xzaler.com for more information.

Want to win an Xzaler?

We just can’t accept this awesome $399 device. Why? Because it would be wasted on us. We love the smell of weed—sometimes we even stop to take a lingering whiff when we smell a skunk. But we know there’s some stoner reading this nodding his head thinking, “dude I NEED this thing.” So it’s yours. Leave us a comment and tell us why. Best answer wins. We’ll contact you via email and mail this thing to ya. If you live within the US we’ll even cover shipping. If you don’t…shipping’s on you, dude. Check out the video below for a demonstration from the manufacturer.

42 Responses to “Xzaler Review—Smoke Without the Odor”

  1. Wip

    I need this because my wife is ALLERGIC to weed!!!! I know it’s an age old joke for someone to be allergic to cannabis, but it’s no laughing matter. Swollen, itchy eyes. Sneezing. Sinus congestion. It’s bad. I already take measures to keep it away from her but this thing would be a blessing.

  2. :^)_~

    I need this because i can catch more stoner chicks with this than i can with honey

  3. Cleopatra Zones

    I need this so bad right now!!! First off I’m not technically allowed to smoke in my apartment… I’ve gotten caught like twice and fined $100. But Ofcourse I’m not gonna stop smoking I just burn hella candles and crack a window lol. But on a more serious note, I’m moving back with my mom in about a month. She is sooooo against weed and would NEVER let me smoke in the house. Even if I smoke outside and come inside she bitches about the smell. If I had soemthing the truly elimated the odor I could finally try to convince her to let me smoke In my bedroom! Smoking outside is cool for now but I live in OHIO and smoking a blunt in a blizzard is not what’s up! Lol hope I win!!

  4. Burn1dwn

    I need this really bad my wife doesn’t smoke and we have a 2 year old so all I hear everyday is how bad the house stinks and she hates the smell please make my wife, little girls, and my life soo much easier

  5. The real chris

    I’m moving to a new apartment in Washington D.C. And they are notoriously up tight about the smell of weed. This will significantly impact my ability to medicate. Please consider me!

  6. Stoner420

    I need this because it’d be the perfect gift to my mom for me on Mother’s Day. She hates when I smoke in the house so I’d think she’d be pretty happy if I had this around.

  7. Chucky Anunciation Jr

    I need this so my wife doesn’t bitch at me cuz it smells in the house from all the blazing in the garage me and the boys do. I have four daughters! Chuckyrankin@gmail.com

  8. 420Seabee

    I’m a disabled vet suffering from PTSD and a seizure disorder. My wife is “semi-casual” regarding me smoking, but she absolutely HATES the smell. She has never smoked and lacks the appreciation. Outta respect for her and being chill on my medicating, I smoke in the shed, but she still smells it on me a little. I’ll live without it, but I could really put it to good use. Thanks for considering and for what you do.

  9. Lyss

    One of my good friends was wounded in Iraq and recently got a new home through tthe government because he earned two Purple Hearts. He is an avid smoker and also has kids so this would be the perfect housewarming gift!

  10. Stoney McStoner

    HOLY SHIT DO I NEED NEED NEED THIS!!! Im a college student living in the dorms. Already caught a $200 charge this year due to the skunk living in my room. Medication is absolutely necessary especially with finals coming up!!! Help a homie get some HIGHER EDUCATION!!!

  11. BobbyStrong

    I would love to have the Xzaler because when it’s winter time I would never have to go outside again. I will no longer have to raise the temperature in my house when I come back in thus saving me money on my gas bill (my heat runs off gas and that’s very expensive)

  12. Jazzalyn Aldredege

    I wouldn’t have to buy febreeze all the time if I got that, therefor I’d have more money to buy more pot and be higher. 🙂

  13. megan t

    Hello fellow stoners. I believe I NEED THIS SUPREMO vaporizer, as i want to “win” this not for myself but for my uncle.Let me tell you a bit about him, my cousins, siblings, and I call him uncle Bubba:). This man has been more of a father, uncle, grandfather then any male has been in my entire family, he is honestly the best. My parents arent exactly grade A egg but my friggin uncle is an A+ egg if you catch my drift lol. Through all my struggles as a kid he was always there for me, as my crutch,..and he’s taught me not all men are bad guys, and to think for myself and proved he will always be there for me. Sadly, my uncle has chronic pain in his back from a work injury, and has used many different types prescription pain killers, surgery, weekly needles to numb the pain, you name it he’s tried everything. Nothing helps him, and he is on a fixed income which makes it hard to purchase expensive medicine and treatments. Some days he can’t even get out of bed or walk,..but if someone needs his help like my grandfather he will force himself up through all the pain and do whatever need be to help someone else even though he is in more pain then anyone could possibly imagine. My uncle bubba has just gotten the O.K from his doctors that he can “legally” posses and grow marijuana for himself and the help from cannabis enables my uncle to actually be able to have a pain free day, but as cannabis can be expensive on a fixed income he uses it sparingly when he feels he cant handle his pain anymore. He uses cannabis for a reason more then just getting high, – which dont get my wrong is a good enough reason for me, but i truly believe my uncle could benefit greatly from this. He has a crappy vap that he uses in his little apartment, but he lives with my grandma and can’t openly smoke when needs to for his pain…and I think he at least deserves that…Not only does he smoke the vap but he reuses the ash from the vaporizer and makes it into AMAZING BUTTER and then bakes goodies that are high % in CBD. He calls his brownies the “Poppa Paralyzed” and I can personally vouch they are amazingly paralyzing (in a good way) lol. Anyways that is why I think I NEED THIS VAPORIZER, because I love my uncle with all of my heart and I think he needs it more then I and could benefit greatly from it. Please vote, or consider or have a toke for my awesome stoner uncle bubba 😉 and even if we don’t “win” much love everyone and thanks for reading. stay lifted #420 #medicine #swed #peace&love

  14. Kiya Abrams

    I would love xzaler. I live in apartments and my neighbors are assholes..im pretty sure if they just smoked one with me they would see im cool asss shit and wouldn’t call the manager on me have the time smh.. but this zxaler would be perfect ..please pick me..

  15. girl_writer01

    I have tried HTG Supply Co. Ozone400 Generator, NOT once but 3 times.They start off strong. And then they die. The last one was sparking. Luckily HTG replaced the first 2. The last one I ate the cost. I would love to put yours to the challange.

  16. Demian

    Hi stuff stoners like , I feel like this will be a good thing for me because I recently got released from a rehab center and I just got off probation and my parents are strict and old school so they dislike the smell and i want to celebrate by getting medicated and having no worries of the smell and just relaxing without being paranoid of the smell. one love

  17. john

    i vote this person

  18. Jazzalyn Aldredege

    Ignore my reason as to why I need it and help this nigga out. #StonerFam

  19. megan t

    :’) thank you so much everyone for taking the time to read this and for all of your kind words and positive vibes! Everyone have a beautifully wonderful day and stay lifted! #StonerFamily #Medicine #Peace&Love

  20. Gabby

    I think its safe to say that we all NEED this but ima say i WANT the fuck outta this thing!!!!!!

  21. Rastaman Lino

    I never really smoked in my crib, I wish I could but my mom’s kind of conservative and she’s pretty much against it..
    She even threw some of my dank away a few times cause she keeps finding some in my room, kind of annoying
    I love to smoke in my bed in the morning when I wake up I’ve never done it before!!
    Peace & love from Montreal dudes

  22. Paint the Moon

    As a college student, I need this so badly

  23. bmitchlove

    I could use this because i have a child and smoking in my dads hoarded garage. Plus my baby doesn’t like the smell as much as i do.

  24. Treeli

    I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’m a stoner who still lives with mom. I live in Louisiana and the mosquitoes are big and plentiful enough at night to carry me away. This device would save me from having to go outside and risk being eaten alive every time I want to smoke a bowl before bed. Please choose me!!

  25. Stoner Stuff

    MEGAN!!! This is a great comment and clearly the winner. Your uncle sounds super rad…but this thing isn’t a vaporizer or a smoking device. What you do is take a hit off your smoking device and then blow the smoke through the Xzaler and it eliminates all the odor. Does this still sound like something your uncle could use?

  26. stoner_stuff

    MEGAN!!! This is a great comment and clearly the winner. Your uncle
    sounds super rad…but this thing isn’t a vaporizer or a smoking device.
    What you do is take a hit off your smoking device and then blow the
    smoke through the Xzaler and it eliminates all the odor. Does this still
    sound like something he could use?

  27. megan t


  28. megan t

    email my personal email if you want meganoxo@live.ca

  29. Roboto

    Finally, a way to enjoy my medicine in my apartment! Unfortunately, I can not afford to buy one since my wife is pregnant with our first little nug due in September. One day I hope to experience a product with such a novel concept. 🙂

  30. Demian

    just because

  31. Beauhart24

    Hi my name is beau hart. I have been a struggling stoner for the past three years. All throughout high school I smoked but every once in awhile i would have to stop because I gt caught. 9/10 times for getting caught was the smell. I have tried homemade sploofs, smoke buddies, etc. and nothing has worked to where I feel comfortable. Basically what I’m asking is please give me the solution to the aurora of marijuana, lol. In addition, I am about to be going off to Indiana university where my dream is to buy a volcano vaporizer and be able to smoke it in my dorm. The only way I can see that possible is with this amazing product. If you feel like I deserve it then please email me at beauhart24@aol.com. Help a playa out!

  32. Angel Mendoza

    I need this well……. Because I need it, pretty self explanatory I dont want to dank up places not everyone appreciates the smell of goodness unfortunately 🙁

  33. Aiden

    Yo I’m just tryna get the neighbors off my back about the smell. Peace.

  34. June Ebinger


  35. Dankcityclothing.com


  36. megan t

    My uncle could benefit greatly with this! regardless thank you so much for choosing my super cool uncle and reading what I had to say 😀

  37. Happydude22

    It’s hot as balls in Texas!! At least lemme be high!!! #stonernation

  38. Stoner Stuff

    WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! We’ll be in touch Megan. =)

  39. Adam

    I would like to be considered to win the product. We have a family of 4; my wife, 5 Yr old daughter, 2 yr old son and a 15 yr old (people yrs) dog. Our landlord is selling the house we have been renting and living in for the last 6yrs. Now we will be living in an apartment and we need to hide all smoke from the live in landlord and kids. There is no yard or anywhere else to smoke on the property. We can not afford to purchase one ourselves and would appreciate winning so we can continue smoking as it is our daily medicine that balances us out.
    Thanks for the consideration,

  40. Jesús Gonzalez

    I’m on probation for weed and I wanna smoke freely. I can’t go to parks anymore because of that and I need it for my anxiety. Parents can’t know because they are against it. Also my name is Jesús so that’s a pretty good reason to let me get this!!

  41. Gargola

    Don’t know if a winner was picked yet, but whether I win or not I’ll tell you why I need this & how I’ll be using it! I live in an apartment with my girls, so I have to be discreet, plus I have nosy ass neighbors that don’t appreciate the orgasmic, healing, and wondrous aroma this hard earned & well deserved Loud Ass DANK. Damn neighbors leave notes on the garage, have called police, and even throw garbage on my damn patio. I got to a point where I was smoking in my storage closet, it’s fuckin ridiculous. .So I had to cut back since I need to have someone home with my girls so I can go out to have my smoke break. .that cuts into my time. I may be a stoner , but I’m responsible & productive. I hate the typical lazy, dumb stereotype they put on us. Anyway, I’d absolutely LOVE this Xzhaler. I’d be able to have my quick break right at home & not have to worry about any interruptions/delay with my time. I love that this is safe for inside the house because I never smoke inside regardless because of my children. It’s a major plus because my neighbors can finally back off. This really seems to be a GREAT product. Regardless, I’ll be saving up to get one asap! This is something I need and can benefit from in so many ways, I could on and on.
    Thanks for your time in reading my comment!


  42. Gargola

    OK Sorry So I Jus Scrolled Back Up & Actually Took Time To Read Lol . Megan Honey You’re A Bomb Ass Niece , After Reading Your Entry I’m So Happy For U & Your Unc Winning ! Congrats I’m Sure He’s Enjoying , Bless Him & U Doll !

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