How to Pass a Blood Drug Test For Marijuana Without Getting Caught

How to Pass a Blood Drug Test For Marijuana Without Getting CaughtHow to pass a blood drug test for marijuana

Blood drug test for weed? Geez. There’s so much talk about passing drug tests these days, we are always getting emails asking about the best way to pass this or that sort of drug test. If people aren’t prying into your private lives by wanting to inspect your spit and piss, then perhaps they’ll ask for a blood sample. Why the blood? First of all, because they are vampires. Second, you can tell an awful lot about someone and the type of lifestyle they lead from a sample of their blood. Blood test for drugs anyone?

The only surefire way I’m aware of if you are wondering how to pass a blood drug test for marijuana, is to not take one. If you are going to fail the test, don’t bother taking it. If the job is that important, then maybe it’s time to think about a weed break. I know, it sucks, but being broke and unable to afford dope shit sucks even more.

A lot of this is going to seem similar to passing an oral mouth swab drug test, in that the more heavy daily smokers will have to take more care to clean up so to speak, than the more casual smokers.

Blood drug test facts

Does marijuana show up in a blood test? The dreaded marijuana blood test. The thing is, they don’t give out blood drug tests just to anyone trying to get a job. That would be silly and completely wasteful. Not to mention how all up in your shit it is, with needles and blood and such. Too invasive for normal everyday privacy interventions. But, sometimes these things do happen. What are the blood drug test facts?

According to people who are applying for certain insurance must submit to a blood drug test. Certain jobs dealing with safety issues might also require a blood drug test. Of course if you are court ordered to give the man your blood, unless you have a pretty slick lawyer, you might end up with your blood splattered all over a blood drug test. If lots of money or law is involved, you can bet your bloody veins that a blood drug test is going to be ordered at some point in the process.

Does THC show up in blood work?

Find yourself taking a weed blood test? You know a blood test for marijuana? More commonly known as a blood test for THC, or a blood test for weed, but they also detect lots of other fun drugs. Does marijuana show up in a drug test? Yes, well again semantically not the weed, but the thc that’s in your blood. That’s right THC in blood everyone.

Does weed show up on a blood test? Yes. Pay attention. They can detect it. But for how long? Marijuana detection times definitely vary person to person. It depends on your metabolism, how much you smoke, how much fat you are made up of, and a bunch of other variables. Like I said before, if you are going to take a drug test, whether it’s a thc blood test, or any other kind, you should probably stop doing the drugs they are testing for well in advance of said test. At the top end of the detection time, I would say it’s around a couple of months. That’s talking worst case scenario. Normally, it’s up to a few days to detect the THC in blood.

Abstinence always works

If you can’t do that, at least try to refrain from smoking weed for a few days, or even a week if you can manage. I know that’s asking a lot for some of you, and I definitely include myself in the group, but at the end of the day it comes down to how hard you need to adult to take care of the things that need taken care of. It’s definitely doable with weed in blood, but when you need a blood detox, the best thing you can do is just stop smoking weed for a few, and drink lots of water, and also get your ass some exercise.

Can you donate blood after smoking weed?

Smoking before blood test? Probably not a good idea. Because of the cannabis in blood? No, not really. I know a lot of you are taking these tests, because a bunch of you ask us about it. A lot of people ask, if you smoke weed can you donate blood? Yes, yes you can. I wrote about it here. But the summary version is yes. Just don’t be in there reeking of weed and acting a fool. Respect yo, and they will respect you back.

How long is THC in blood

Marijuana in blood. It’s gotta go there before you get high. But how long is THC in your blood after you smoke? That all depends on a lot of things. Mostly fat content, and how much the individual is using. If you drink lots of fluids and stay active, you’ll most likely be ok after a couple of days. But if you were that sort of person, you would just stop smoking weed for however long you needed to. The rest of us aren’t like that. So for the rest of us, how long can marijuana be detected in blood? I would say at least a couple of weeks.

By Mat Lee

Have you ever had to face a blood drug test? Did you do anything to help you pass your blood drug test or any other type of drug test? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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