Top 10 Things To Do While High

things to do while highTop 10 Things To Do When High

We do everything high. We even get high while we’re high. It’s not like stoners need a list of things to do while high. Well. You might be so fucking high that you can’t think of things to do while high. IF that’s the case. Congratulations, man. That’s awesome. Can we have some of what you’re smoking? But just in case you need some help we’ve compiled a top ten list of fun fun things to do while high. How’d we come up with the list? We asked our 175,000 Twitter followers, man. Did you miss it? You should follow us on Twitter then dude.

Anyhow here are the top 10 things to do while high:

1. Chilling
This list isn’t in numerical order even though it is numbered. But when it comes to things to do when high—chilling tops the list. You thought sex was going to top the list, didn’t you? Well it doesn’t. That’s because sex requires effort. Chilling doesn’t. So chilling wins dude. Relaxing is one of the best things to do while high alone and it’s pretty awesome with friends too. Kicking it while stoned on the couch, laying on the bed, on the grass or on a raft floating in a swimming pool rules. Maybe watching TV is your way of chlling? Well fun things to watch while high include the Family Feud and Teen Titans Go. Or whatever you consider good stuff to watch while high. Look at it this way. You’re entertained by that stuff already just imagine how much you’ll dig your favorite shows while high? C’mon. Advertisers like Jack-In-The Box are counting on you, man.

2. Get more  stoned
Dude. You thought sex was going to be second our list of things to do when your high didn’t you? Well man, to most stoners getting more stoned trumps sex. That’s why it’s second on our list of things to do while stoned. Again you can do this solo or with friends and like sex, just about anywhere. If you like smoking weed, why wouldn’t smoking weed be near the top of your best things to do while high list? It’s a no-brainer. As a matter of fact maybe it should be first on this list? Aww fuck it.

3. @#%&
Speaking of fuck it. We’ll just put this right here so we can get it out of the way. Yep one of the best things to do when high is you guessed it? Have some sex. That is if you want to get preggers. Just kidding. You don’t have to take your clothes off to enjoy weed. But it could help. And again this is something you can do alone. It’s cool, don’t be embarrassed. We’re all adults here. But it’s true that weed and sex go together like weed and sex. Smoke some weed with your partner and all of a sudden you’re reading a “fun sex things to try” list or a “fun sex things to do” list instead of some stupid “things to do while stoned” list. That’s because sex is pretty fun. But sex while stoned is pretty funner. Yes. We know funner isn’t a word, but we just turned it into one. You’re welcome.

4. Work
What the fuck, dude? Work? Yes. Work is one of the best things to do when high. And yes we do mean your job. Work isn’t fun, but it could be if you smoke enough weed. Plus you’ve gotta be there anyhow, right? Might as well enjoy it, dude. Grab your vape pen or that crazy dry herb vaporizer we taught you how to make and take a few hits in the bathroom. Now those fucking TPS reports don’t seems so shitty and that motherfucking, we mean, malfunctioning printer will live another day.  Now—if you’re a rocket surgeon, pilot or drive for Uber or some shit. Well then–you should find a job that you can do while stoned.

One of the best things to do when high is cook. That is if you’re competent enough to not burn your house down while doing it high as fuck. Why cooking? Because one—you’ve probably got the munchies and two—you’ve probably got the munchies. Sure you could gnaw on some Doritos, Marshmallows or drop a few Hot Pockets in the microwave, but why not make something healthier and tastier? After all you’re looking for things to do stoned, right? So turn on some Food Network for inspiration, go through your fridge and cupboards and put something healthy together. Make some sauce and put it over rice, or cook your rice in that sauce. Maybe serve it over pasta. Mmm. Pasta. Fuck we’re getting hungry. Don’t have anything healthy? Get creative. Cook the ramen, drain the water then sprinkle the seasoning packet on the damp noodles. Delicious. Or smash an avocado and smear that shit on some toasted bread. Oh wait? That’s not creative at all. Anyhow just get with the pots and pans, you stoner. We can hear your stomach rumbling from here.

6. Order In
Of course you have the munchies and don’t want to cook, dude? We smoke weed too. Maybe we should have put this as number four on our list of best things to do high and saved you the trouble of thinking and reading about cooking. You could be reading a menu right now. Sorry, dude, just trying to motivate you, save you some cash so you can spend it on weed, etc. Seriously though—one of our favorite things to do while high is order pizza, or Chinese or Thai—doesn’t matter. You don’t have to make anything, no stirring, no measuring. You don’t even have to get up. All you’ve gotta do is put on some pants and answer the door.

7. Play video games
One of the best things to do when high is play video games, man. That’s because you can smoke a bowl and get lost in that shit. There are tons of games to play while smoking weed. In fact there’s a game out there for every stoner, man. Maybe you like 1st-person shooters, or adventure games, or racing games or vintage games—whatever man. On your computer, your phone, your tablet, while at work, etc—one of the best best things to do high is play video games.

8. Get off your ass
No this isn’t a public service announcement—it’s a list of the 10 best things to do high. And one of them involves putting down that XBOX controller and getting the fuck off the couch. You don’t have to go outside. Do some ganja yoga in your living room, because one of the best things to do high is get active. Go for a hike, play some hockey. Skate, surf, jog, walk—whatever, man. Get that heart pumping and some fresh oxygen in those lungs. If you have a hard time focusing on the pain while you workout or jog, or bend yourself into a pretzel doing yoga—smoke some weed and you’ll relax your mind. Suddenly your workout doesn’t feel so much like work. But we’re talking fun things to do high on this list so like we said—take a hike, take the dog for a walk—do whatever physical activity you think feels good and do it while high.

9. Get creative
One of our favorite things to do while high is play music. A lot of musicians, from the Beatles to Bob Marley, loved to play music while stoned. There’s something that allows musicians to channel music and freely create in the moment totally unhindered. Don’t play bass or drums? Try it anyhow, dude. Smoke a bowl and give it a go—you’ll fuckig love it, dude. No? Grab a pen and some paper and get drawing, man. Grab a spray can and find a wall. Design the next piece we’ll see on Project Runway. Wait? We don’t watch Project Runway. Make a collage with stuff stoners like stickers. Turn the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like poster into art—do something inspiring, dude.

10. Sleep
Call it what you will dude, a siesta, a power nap, 5th period—sleeping is one of the best things to do while high. Now wait. Don’t get all “you’re wasting your weed, man.” Because some people don’t consider smoking weed and deep slumber a waste of time. Some need the rest and some just can’t stay awake during chemistry class. Anyhow like we said at the beginning of this long-ass diatribe one of our favorite things to do while stoned was chilling. So think of sleeping like taking chilling and turning it up to 11.

This is a subjective fun sex things to try list, wait. No. We mean this is a subjective fun things to do when high list—so that means it’s based on opinion not fact. And that means you’ve probably got a difference of opinion. So we want to hear it. In the comments below.

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