25 Funny Movies to Watch When Stoned

Funny MoviesFunny Movies to Watch When Stoned

Looking for stoner movies? Here are the top 25 funny moves to watch when stoned. Because the work week is long and unforgiving. And life at home is not much of a vacation. Even maintaining social relationships can be taxing, while romantic ones can be an outright minefield. Stress is a real killer. But we stoners know laughter is the best medicine and that means funny movies all around.

So for the pain of the human condition we prescribe two tokes of your favorite herb and a funny movie. Surrender a few hours to pure stupefying laughter and let the stresses of the week blur out of focus.

As therapy goes there are few methods as effective, accessible, and budget friendly as simply getting stoned and watching funny movies. With some of the best comedies available for streaming possibilities are endless. Consider different funny movies to watch according to the various strains of weed you enjoy.

Comedies of all kinds, from the funniest movie you’ve ever seen to the quirky and introspective, will certainly appeal to the stoner. Sure, films of all genres can provide a blissful escape from the day-to-day but good comedy movies paired with some quality cannabis can be transcendent.
Need a little guidance? here is a list of comedy films that are sure to leave your belly aching. From the top comedy movies to the hidden gems, following are some of stoner culture’s most highly regarded expressions of art. Now light up, grab a snack, and laugh ’til it hurts. Here are our list of comedy movies to watch when high. If you’re looking for recent comedy movies, you’re out of luck, man.

fucking incredibleAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy – 2004
Dir: Adam McKayStar: Will Ferrel, Christina Applegate
“I’m Ron Burgundy?”
New funny movies usually suck, So why not watch a classic? A 1970’s San Diego news anchor has his world turned upside-down when he is forced to share his desk with – gasp – a woman. All of the silly, slapstick, over the top awesomeness you might expect from this ensemble of comedic geniuses—making it one of the great comedy movies of all time for the stoned.

Half Baked – 1998
Dir: Tamra Davis
Star: Dave Chappelle, Jim Bruer, Guillermo Diaz
“I don’t do drugs, though. Just weed.”
Element #19 on the legendary Glow-in-the-dark Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like Poster is Half Baked. Three dim-witted friends try to raise bail money for a buddy by means of selling weed. The film that introduced us to the comedy of Dave Chappelle achieved well deserved status as a stoner classic.

The 90’s in many ways proved an interesting turning point in society’s perception of cannabis as is evident in the reappearance of cheech&chong style comedies like this one. After the ugliness of the Regan era war on drugs Half Baked was refreshingly good comedy movie about weed that came along right when we need one. As such it remains one of the top comedy movies for stoners.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High – 1982
Dir: Amy Heckerling
Star: Sean Penn (aka element #4 on the Glow-In-The-Dark Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like Poster, Jeff Spicoli), Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judge Reinhold
“Aloha Mr. Hand”
A group of students face pressing the issues of their time including sex, drugs and rock and roll. Cameron Crowe’s high school chronicle set the standard for teen movies and has provided endless fodder for parody ever since.

Many of the great comedy movies have drawn inspiration from this classic. If you haven’t seen Fast Times you’ve certainly seen some modern allusion. Do your self a favor and check out this ensemble story of teenage shenanigans, regarded as one of the best funny movies of the 80’s.

Pineapple Express Funnies MoviesPineapple Express – 2008
Dir: David Gordon Green
Star: Seth Rogan, James Franco
“I’m trying to decide how stoned I am and just how on the verge of death am I right now. Like, am I seeing shit because I’m stone or because I have no blood left in my body.”
An lazy process server and his marijuana dealer find themselves on the run from the city most dangerous drug lord. With quality writing and oscar worthy performances – literally – Pineapple Express delivers the classic stoner comedy with unexpected elevation of quality. Designed to be a fun movie to watch stoned (see title), Pineapple Express delivers as promised.

Almost Famous – 2000
Dir:Cameron Crowe
Star:Billy Crudup, Patrick Fugit, Kate Hudson
“If you think Mick Jagger will still be out there trying to be a rock star at age fifty, then you are sadly, sadly mistaken.”
A teenage boy is given an opportunity by Rolling Stone Magazine to go on tour with up-and-coming rock band Stillwater. This charming coming of age story is one of those really good comedies that’s also accompanied with an amazing soundtrack. Both the movie and the soundtrack offer a glimpse into the early 70’s rock and roll scene with all of the sex and drugs that went along with it.

One of the great fun movies of the more recent comedies. This is sure to inspire longing for a time in music history regardless of whether you actually lived during the period.

Funniest Movies the big lebowskiThe Big Lebowski – 1998
Director: Joel & Ethan Cohen
Starring: Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi
“The dude abides”
In a case of mistaken identity Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski becomes entangled in the schemes of powerful and maniacal people. Millionaires, porn tycoons, nihilists all want a piece of the Dude but all the Dude wants is his rug back. It really tied the room together.

This list of funny comedies is in no particular order although The Big Lebowski would certainly be counted among the top 10 comedy movies of all time among the stoner demographic. The Cohen brothers, genius storytellers as always, bring you all the silly weed humor you could ever hope for. No wonder the Big Lebowski is element #88 on the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like Poster.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou – 2004
Dir: Wes Anderson
Star: Bill Murray, Owen Willson, Willem Defoe
“I’m going to find and I’m going to destroy it. I don’t know how yet. Possibly with dynamite”
An oceanographer sets out to search and destroy the mythical Jaguar shark who may have killed his friend. In his typical fashion, Anderson brings wit and whimsy to this story of revenge and redemption. Visually stunning, this film is sure to satisfy the inner art director in us all. Otherwise the dry silliness of Bill Murray promises to inspire a laugh. Good funny movies are easy to come by so one must take particular appreciation of one that offers such artistic merit.

Clerks – 1994
Dir: Kevin Smith, Element #71 on The Periodic Table of SSL
Star:Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson
“This job would be great if it wasn’t for the fucking customers”
Kevin Smith’s breakthrough indie classic follows two store clerks in this day-in-the-life film. This witty low-budget comedy introduced the world to stoner hall of famers Jay and Silent Bob. Easily among the top comedies of the indie set, Clerks is a must see for the stoner film buff or anyone who really digs a funny movie completely filmed in black and white.

funny movie Dazed and ConfusedDazed and Confused – 1993
Dir: Richard Linklater
Star: Jason London, Mathew McConaughey, Adam Goldberg
“All right, all right, all right”
Element #55 on the Periodic Table of SSL Poster is Dazed and Confused. 1976 in small Texas town we follow a group of students on the last day of school. Incoming freshmen are hazed by the upperclassmen as they enter the hedonistic world of high school night life. You don’t have to have experienced it to be nostalgic for the 70’s. This is among the funniest movies to evoke the period with a soundtrack that brings you back.

Chef – 2014
Dir: Jon Favreau
Star: Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo
After loosing his restaurant a celebrity chef rediscovers his creativity when he starts up a food truck and hits the road with his tech savvy son and an old colleague.

Did somebody say food porn? It’s perhaps not the best comedy to watch on an empty stomach but it is one of the best funny new movies if you dig food and laughter. Chef is a charming feel good film full of laughs. Easily among the best recent comedies from one of the genre’s most talented directors.

Who Framed Rodger Rabbit – 1988
Dir: Robert Zemeckis
Star: Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd
“I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”
Sure this isn’t one of those funny new movies featuring crazy computer generated graphics that you see in every theater nowadays. It’s a groundbreaking marriage of live action and animation that brings a trippy and colorful twist to the film noir genre. With elements borrowed from classic cartoons and 1940’s detective films it is sure to capture the interest of the stoned movie goer. If you’ve exhausted all of the new comedy movies, this is a classic that mustn’t go overlooked. Also because it’s so bright and over-the-top It’s definitely one of those fun movies to watch in a theater if you get the chance.

Super Troopers – 2001
Dir: Jay Chandrasekhar
Star: Broken Lizard Comedy Team
“Littering and… Smoking the refer”
A group of fun loving Vermont state troopers have to work to save their jobs in the face of budget cuts, rival precincts, and a string of crimes that may uncover a massive drug ring.

Because what stoner doesn’t love to laugh at a cop acting like an ass. Since super troopers introduced us to the Broken Lizard comedy team we have enjoyed a string of hilarious movies from the group.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – 1994
Dir: Terry Gilliam
Star: Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro
“We cant stop here. This is bat country.”
Counterculture icon Hunter S. Thompson takes us on a mind bending journey into the heart of the American dream. This film offers a hilarious and horrifying glimpse into psychedelia with a visual treatment that can make the sober feel stoned. Needless to say its all the better after a toke or two. Indeed this is a fun movie to watch under any influence so “buy the ticket, take the ride.”

The Wackness – 2008
Dir: Jonathan Levine
Star: Josh Peck, Ben Kingsley, Olivia Thrilby
“There’a enough assholes in the world, Dr. Squires, don’t be another one.”
The hip hop saturated New York City of 1994 plays backdrop for this coming age comedy following a teenage pot dealer in his last summer before college. Faced with the trials of pending adulthood he seeks the advice of a client, a psychoanalyst who accept weed as payment. The Wackness is Quirky and fun with an indie touch.

Superbad – 2007
Dir: Greg Mottola
Star: Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan
“Do you know how many foods are shaped like dicks? The best kinds.”
Two unpopular best friends hope to finish high school with a bang. Their efforts to score alcohol, attend a party and gain favor with crushes well out of their leagues offer nearly two hours of constant laughter. The best comedy about the high school experience is a toss up for sure, although Superbad certainly holds its ground in the running.

Pulp Fiction – 1994
Dir: Quentin Tarantino
Star: John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L Jackson
“It’s the one that says Bad Motherfucker.”
Yep Pulp Fiction makes our list of good comedy movies to watch when baked. Sure, Pulp Fiction isn’t your typical choice for funny comedies, but it is very witty. And very bad-ass. Gratuitous violence, snappy profanity laced dialogue, lots of drugs, great soundtrack, really everything we love about Quentin Tarantino is epitomized in this cult classic. Among the top funny movies about gang violence and drug abuse, this one belongs in everybody’s film library – stoner or otherwise.

Shaun of the Dead – 2004
Dir: Edgar Wright
Star: Simpn Pegg, Nick Frost
“We’re coming to get you Barbara!”
Talk about fun movies, right? A man tries to turn his life around and win back his ex-girlfriend amidst a zombie apocalypse. This is possibly one of the parodies to take aim at the horror genre, borrowing heavily from George Ramaro’s dead series – see title. still shaun of the dead pulls off feeling perfectly original while delivering laugh after laugh.

Funniest Movies for Stoners Team AmericaTeam America: World Police – 2004
Dir: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Star: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
“America, Fuck Yeah!”
An elite U.S. counter-terror force imposes their destructive policing in the name of freedom. This is the most obscene, hilarious and well-produced puppet show in history as only the twisted geniuses behind south park could deliver. ‘Nuff said?

Tropic Thunder – 2008
Dir: Ben Stiller
Star: Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. Jack Black
“I got a good b-b-brain”
Behind the scenes of a big budget war movie, the actors find themselves caught up in a real life drug war where hollywood egos prove a less-than-valuable survival skill.

Robert Downey Jr. somehow pulls off blackface and Tom Cruze gives his funniest performance. Ben Stiller proves his ability to produce really funny movies from either side of the camera.

Donnie Darko – 2001
Dir: Richard Kelly
Star: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone
Here’s one of those top funny movies that never tops a list, Donnie Darko. A troubled teen is guided by visions of a giant bunny to commit a series of crimes. This ones more of a mind-trip than a barrel of laughs but with enough comic relief to stand up against any good comedy. This one’s out there so choose your bud accordingly. FACT: Danny Danko, the famed High Times grow expert and columnist and element #99 on the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like Poster takes his name from this funny movie.

Office Space – 1999
Dir: Mike Judge
Star: Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston
“looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays”
Employees at a tech company rebel against their oppressive boss. Simply one of the funniest movies about the work place, Office Space is a gem from one of comedy’s greatest minds.

Natural Born Killers – 1994
Dir: Oliver Stone
Star: Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis
“Shit man, I’m a natural born killer”
What list of really funny movies would be complete without this gem? Two lovers go on a murder spree and achieve celebrity status in this visually striking, darkly comedic farce on American media culture. Not for the faint of heart, this one is as silly and outrageous as it is gratuitous. Likely the funniest movie with such a high body count you’ll ever see.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – 2004
Dir: Michel Gondry
Star: Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet
“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating”
Talk about funny comedies. A defunct couple undergo a procedure to erase each other from their memories only to find their way back together, by chance or by fate. don’t go into this one expecting the usual Jim Carey physical comedy we know and love him for. this is a good comedy movie to watch while enjoying a more introspective kind of high with its twisted and layered plot told out of sequence. As a comedy its best described as quirky, and is otherwise a beautifully unique display of storytelling.

Beetlejuice – 1988
Dir: Tim Burton
Star: Alec Baldwin, Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder
“Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!”
Here’s one of the funniest and most colorful movies ever. A recently deceased couple employs a bio-exorcist to rid their house of its pesky living occupants. This list of course needs a Tim Burton movie as his psychedelic imagery is unmatched. Funny comedy movies with a high level of imagination are indeed a rare treasure.

Hamlet 2 – 2008
Dir: Andrew Flemming
Star: Steve Coogan, Elizabeth Shue, Catherine Keener
“My life is a parody of a tragedy.”
A failed actor turned failed high school drama teacher hopes to save the theater program by putting on an original production, a politically incorrect musical sequel to Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.

Though this one came in somewhat under the radar, hilarious movies of this caliber are deserve a shout out. With unflinching immaturity Hamlet 2 delivers uncommon wit with some hysterically catchy musical numbers. Definitely one of the greatest movies to watch when stoned.

What are your favorite movies to watch when stoned? Give us your list of comedy films to watch when stoned or list off your favorite really funny movies in the comments section below…

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