Stoners Like Road Trips

VW Bus is perfect hotbox for road trips
The VW Bus is the perfect hotbox mobile for road trips—just ask Jeff Spicoli

Road trips are pretty cool. But, road trips while stoned are legendary. Being out on the open road, the wind in your hair, ashing a bowl right out the window, smoking a joint while driving and eating a cheeseburger…incorporates just about everything stoners hold dear; loud music, snacks, and being stoned.

Sober, road trips can be a real drag, man. You’ve seen all those ancient-80’s European Vacation movies, right? You know why those Griswolds had such a miserable fucking time? Sure that Bullshit Bullwinkle amusement park was closed and Gramma croaked and all. That bunk shit would kind of bum anyone out a little bit…but the real reason…the true reason those Griswold motherfuckers had such a terrible fucking time was that they were not stoned! Well, except for the daughter. She picked up some schwag from her cousin or something along the way. And, you know what…that was the fucking highlight of her trip.

stoners like road trips
You know why those Griswolds had such a miserable fucking time?

Think about it, to a stoner a road trip is really pretty similar to a munchy run. It’s like one really long-ass drawn-out munchy run that never ends…

And, the wonderful advantages that puffing a joint brings to the perception of everyday life do wonders for road trips. It actually ensures that all road trips are epic. It’s a mandate. No…Marijuana is like insurance. It’s like built-in automatic fun insurance. You smoke a bowl and all of a sudden traffic becomes tolerable…shit it becomes the perfect opportunity to brush up on phonetics as you try and decipher all those obnoxious vanity plates. All of a sudden a flat tire becomes an adventurous adventure and that hit-and-run becomes the story you always tell at every party and always seems to start off with the phrase “This one time,  I was so stoned…”.

6 Responses to “Stoners Like Road Trips”

  1. ryan j

    hah tru tru… Good job.

  2. Alx B

    A-men dude you nailed it. I’ve traveled cross country stone on several occasions… and they were EPIC! good job though that was fun to read!!!

  3. reoweedwgn

    This is our best comment ever. It’s like a great big hug. Thanks.

  4. Baschive

    There are fun, baking out the car while on the highway….hehe.

  5. Dr Rockso

    yeah being stoned can make the whole trip tolerable. Sleeping in an abandoned warehouse or stepping in dog shit or realizing you’re passing through some disappointment of a city can be tolerated and even fun when you stocked up on the old ny sour d before shpping out. insurance, thats a good way of putting it.

  6. atothec

    oh yeah, my favorite part of being a stoner… fuckin road trips. there really is nothing better. and cruise control is mandatory IMO. ripped, music blarrin, and just cruisin. not a worry in the world. fuckin love it. cant even imagine a sober road trip. how do people do it.

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