3 Solid Tips for a Successful Stoner Valentine’s Day

Hero Stoner ValentinesValentine’s Day is only two days away and if you are like most stoners you most likely have not purchased a gift or planned anything for that special somebody. And, you most likely are now just starting to think about something to do. Your mind may be scrambling thinking, do I get red roses, dark or milk chocolate, sexy lingerie, or maybe take the guaranteed out and get a whole bunch of weed? Or maybe you are thinking Valentine’s Day is a heinous Hallmark holiday and all hearts and cupids should be banned for eternity? Either way Valentine’s Day is monumental and your loved one whether they verbalize it or not, wants you to do something that expresses your love for them. The day will come and go, but if you are in a committed relationship the cumulative effects of multiple Valentine’s Day could ultimately reverberate around you for the rest of your life. If you want to express your love and make a memory for that special stoner in your life follow the three tips below for a super, successful stoner Valentine’s Day.

    1. First and foremost, herb should present in many different forms, flavors, colors and conduits. Try and include all the conduits of imbibing and sampling. Invest in a clean bong, at least a ¼ of her or his favorite strain. For me it’s Grandaddy Purple. Can’t get enough of it and love getting any forms of it. Flowers, vapes and concentrates it doesn’t matter which form it comes in. The purps actually taste purple and the indica will relax every muscle tied up in your body. Most stoner girls and stoner boys really enjoy the personal hand rolled joint. Take the time and roll 3-5 juicy joints and set a scenery made just for two. Which leads me to the second stoner tip, set the scene.
    2. After you obtain the necessary herb it’s time to focus on the scenery and set. Make sure to seclude the two of you in a room with candlelight, music, little finger food snacks, and your loved one’s favorite beverage. I would suggest staying away from corny heart shaped shit, unless it’s a heart shaped Grandaddy bud. Hearts become really dated the day after Valentine’s Day and can’t really be considered cool again until way after St. Patrick’s Day. Stick to the candlelight and obtaining all your loved one’s favorite things. Think about what your loved one likes to eat and listen to. If you have a wife or girlfriend who loves Rihanna or Loverboy make sure ‘Working for the Weeknd’ or ‘Umbrella’ is included in the playlist. Cater to your loved one’s appetites and think and do things only for them.
    3. The third and most important ingredient to having a successful stoner Valentine’s Day is focus. Laser light focus, the kind of focus only somebody who really knows and loves you could have, kinda focus. Sometimes, wait, no all the times, it is difficult to put aside one’s own wants and needs and focus on someone else. But, Valentine’s Day is the day when all the cosmic and commercial forces come together giving us all an opportunity to express love. The right focus could have the power to tattoo a lasting lifetime memory on your loved one’s brain. I can’t tell you exactly what to buy, say or write, but if you focus on your loved one and your loved ones favorite things the chances are you will get laid. And, isn’t that what we all want for Valentine’s Day anyway?

So, please don’t be fooled by the hype and think Valentine’s Day is only for suckers and the lonely and loveless. Everybody wants to feel loved and understood, even your stoned love one. Remember Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showering your loved one with gifts it’s about understanding your partner, lover, wife, or husband like nobody else. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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