5 Really Really Good Reasons Stoner Couples Stay Together

5 Reasons Why Stoner Couples Stay Together

Good Reasons Couples Should Smoke Pot 3 Stoner couples or couples who smoke pot together are happier, together longer, have more sex and enjoy each other we say. Why not smoke pot with your mate?

5. Marijuana is a known stress inhibitor. And there ain’t nothin’ more stressful than life. So why not smoke pot? Is it so wrong to smoke an all-natural herb with your partner? The answer is HELL NO. It’s perfectly acceptable to relax with a martini or a glass of wine at the end of the day—so it should be totally acceptable to blaze a blunt too.
BOTTOM LINE: Smoking together is a fundamental and foundation joy of stoner couples.

4. Breakups sucks. Ever see the movie Kramer v Kramer? This movie’ll shatter your heart into little, tiny, fuckin’ pieces. It’s a testament to why weed should be given away at the altar. Watch it. Afterwards, you’ll either want to get so high you forgot you ever watched it. Or you’ll do everything possible (like get STONED and NOT SWEAT THE SMALL SHIT) so you don’t become ‘that couple’—the couple that was once in love, but lost themselves in motherhood and careers and ruined their lives forever.
BOTTOM LINE: Stoner couples suffer less breakups because they get along better.

3. Marijuana diffuses anger. Every couple inevitably argues and gets angry. When you’re trying to share space with another human, it goes with the territory. But when you smoke pot it’s really difficult to remember why you’re angry. And it makes it really easy to not-give-a-shit about it too.
BOTTOM LINE: Stoner couples who smoke more fight less.

2. Marijuana makes women happy.  Ever hear the adage, “happy wife, happy life”? Guess what? It’s fucking true. It’s a proven fact that women who use marijuana are less stressed and experience a greater degree of happiness. Well, maybe it’s not proven yet, but we’re working on it.
BOTTOM LINE: Stoner couples should enjoy and embrace weed together.

1. Marijuana leads to sex. Need we say more? Well, this shit wouldn’t be much of a post if we didn’t. So, like, cannabis is a definite aphrodisiac. When used properly, weed leads to sex, which leads to caring, closeness, connections and probably a whole shitload of other words that start with “C” and benefit couples. Want world peace? Easy. If everybody in the world got laid regularly, there’d be no time or energy for war. Smoke weed. Fuck. Word peace. It’s that easy.
BOTTOM LINE: Stoner couples enjoy sex more often.

Are you part of a stoner couple? Do you have any tips on how to keep staying a stoner couple or why smoking pot has helped you stay together as a couple? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  2. Callen

    I totally agree!! Me and My Boyfriend smoke Together, and there is nothing greater than those times Together!!

  3. Nina

    My boyfriend is totally against me smoking pot, he doesn’t want me to and says that he never will but I really REALLY want to without the guilt of hiding it from him, any suggestions?

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