7 Tips On How To Buy Weed In DC

Here's how to buy weed in DC

The marijuana scene in DC can be a bit confusing. Lacking dispensaries, DC might seem like a difficult place to score weed. But, fear not.  While the laws are sometimes less than straightforward, getting marijuana in DC is easier than you might expect.

Here are seven tips on how to buy weed in the District of Columbia:

1) Know the Law
The first question you should ask yourself should be, “Is recreational weed legal in DC?”  Unfortunately, the answer is quite complicated. Thanks to Initiative 71, which was passed in 2014, it’s legal to possess up to two ounces of weed for recreational use, grow up to six plants, and gift up to one ounce to others. This is all assuming you are over 21.

It’s illegal, however, to sell weed outright. Also, be aware that consuming weed in public is not allowed, especially on federal land, which makes up some 22% of the city. Moreover, be wary of carrying weed if you’re planning a visit to the Lincoln Memorial, but you should be able to wander the neighborhoods with no worries.

Fortunately, thanks to legal loopholes and plenty of DC creativity, there’s a booming gifting economy for weed in DC. Instead of selling weed, stores and vendors, like Cloud 9 Art & Smoke, can provide bud as a gift to accompany purchases.

2) Go The Medical Route
Individuals with medical marijuana cards can purchase from the city’s seven certified dispensaries. These dispensaries offer indica and sativa strains, along with tinctures and paraphernalia. Also, all purchases must be made with cash.

To ensure a good experience, you ought to learn how to properly review online weed dispensaries, so you’ll end up with the best one.

3) Only Buy From A Reputable Store
If you don’t have a valid medical marijuana card, fret not!  There are still plenty of stores that offer weed as a gift for recreational use along with any purchase, such as Cloud 9 U Street Smoke Shop. You can buy things ranging from necessary paraphernalia, like rolling papers or pipes, to T-shirts or posters. Of course, you’ll pay more than usual for a similar product. But, the whole point is the gift, isn’t it?

4) Order In or Pick Up
You might be thinking, “Now’s not the best time to go to stores, is it?”  The pandemic has made staying home the safest option; this, however, shouldn’t stop you from obtaining weed. There are plenty of delivery services that can give you weed as a gift, along with the product you have purchased, of course!  Just select a product you like, ask for your I71 gift, and, then, provide an address. As with any transaction, you’ll be asked to provide a valid ID showing that you are over 21. 

Similarly, you can arrange a pickup wherein you meet with a brand at a private location, such as a hotel room or apartment. The brand will have an array of products and gifts available for you to browse, much like a storefront option, but with greater convenience and privacy. While you can typically schedule a pickup or delivery a couple of hours ahead of time, planning a day ahead is the recommended way to go.

5) Grow Your Own!
While clearly not the fastest route, growing your own cannabis plants is cost effective and can ensure a steady supply. Those of legal age can grow up to six adult plants in their private residences, with three of them flowering at any given time. Many shops in the D.C. area sell growing equipment, as well as seeds. An added bonus of this method is that you can gift your friends bud from these plants, assuming the gift is one ounce or less, which is in compliance with I71 restrictions.

6) Check Out Weed Events
Know that there are regularly scheduled weed events that occur in the DC area. These are typically announced via social media, and may include live music, cooking classes, or yoga. Typically, vendors will set up their booths, farmer’s market style, and you’ll have the chance to peruse their wares, assured that whatever you buy will come with an I71 gift. Be prepared to show your ID in these types of events as well.

7) Know The Drill
Of course, whenever you’re looking to purchase something with the gift in mind, ask about the product before inquiring about the I71 gift. Most vendors will offer an array of options, ranging from sativa or indica bud, to edibles and the like. Be aware that a sticker that your gift comes with will likely end up being a USD$20-sticker. Also, you should always be prepared to show your ID.

Whether you’re visiting as a tourist or moving in for the long term, the DC area has plenty of advantages to offer. Fortunately, easily accessible bud is one of them. With these key tips in mind, you can successfully navigate the city’s weed scene and find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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