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Orange Fruity Pebbles Marijuana StrainBuy Weed Online from Stuff Stoners Like

Buy weed online from us—the experts in marijuana. Well not right now, but soon you’ll be able to use our website to buy real weed online. From Skywalker OG, to Sour Diesel, to Girl Scout Cookies to your favorite strain of Kush you’ll soon be able to get the best quality weed directly from Stuff Stoners Like. We definitely can’t wait to sell you weed. So read on and stay tuned for updates.

Buy legal weed online from us

Our weekly Dope Deal flash sales were a huge success. A ton of our audience loved getting an exclusive deal on cool stoner stuff at deep discounts. So we’re now expanding into actually selling weed online soon! We’re working with several marijuana dispensaries and a few delivery services to help us deliver to you the ability of buying weed online in your area and having it delivered or ready for pick. We’re not talking about buy synthetic weed online, but the ability to buy legal medical marijuana online. So far states have yet to allow dispensaries to deliver recreational marijuana or even mail it. But with legalization looming in many states we all know that eventually we’ll be able to buy weed online and have it delivered overnight ala Zappos. But until that day comes we’ll have to settle for medical marijuana and delivery services.

Buying weed online

Buying weed online was recognized by the mainstream a long time ago. Time magazine ran an article back in February 2014 called Now You Can Order Marijuana and Have It Delivered to Your Door and said that “In Washington, placing an order for a pot delivery is now as easy as dialing up for a pizza. Only with marijuana orders, deliveries are made by characters named Otter, Wombat, and Possum.”

The Times article went on to say that “While shops in Colorado began selling recreational marijuana at the beginning of the year, similar retail outlets in Washington—the other state where voters approved the purely recreational use and sale of pot—won’t start selling weed for non-medicinal purposes until spring or summer. Filling the void in the state where demand for pot is extraordinarily high are businesses such as the Winterlife Cooperative Cannabis Delivery Service.

The service provided is just like the name indicates: Anyone age 21 and up in the greater Seattle area can call up and choose among a daily menu of marijuana and place an order for delivery. Prices run roughly $80 per quarter-ounce of weed, and cash is the only accepted form of payment. Winterlife’s FAQ page explains that customers can expect delivery to arrive around 45 minutes after an order is placed. The page also addresses a stickier question: Is this operation actually legal? The co-op obviously thinks so, even if a customer hasn’t specifically received a medical prescription to use marijuana. “All adult Washingtonians qualify for ‘Medical Cannabis’ out of ‘Medical Necessity’,” the site explains. “We ‘Good Samaritan’ Critters will continue to provide ‘Safe, Reliable and Legally Defendable Service’ for as long as it takes for ALL adults in Washington to have access to cannabis!”

Narnia Marijuana StrainBut it’s not really catching on as a mainstream practice just yet. But why? As recently as June 06, 2016 Danny Danko told High Times readers that they shouldn’t buy weed online.

Dear Dan, Hello, I’ve noticed lots of online weed sales, I’m interested in making a purchase but have yet to do so in fear of losing my money. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks from Florida. – Zachary C.

Dear Zachary,

I strongly recommend that you do not purchase any cannabis online. There are far too many scam artists posting and there’s simply no guarantee you’ll get what you ordered and that you’re not giving over your information to law enforcement or hackers. You’re far better off either growing your own or finding a good “real-life” connection than throwing caution to the wind and ordering pot through the internet.

A few readers, like us here at Stuff Stoners Like disagree with Danko and think that buying weed online is a great idea. Take a look:

You just wrote this article to CYA from all the people posting their sales ads on your site…. IF you weren’t then why do you allow it? It promotes interstate drug trafficking…said MindFlurry and I strongly disagree with Dan on this one and think he should catch up to the rest of the world …. I’ve discovered strains and variety I could Never find locally online . When looking for a spot just do homework, research the company. Herbal dispatch and treemo are both great companies to try. Said Darryl Reddy.

Where can I buy weed online now?

So far you can buy weed directly from dispensaries and have it delivered or waiting for pick up. Our buds over at the Harborside Health Center helped pioneer this practice. This site offers free delivery to residents in the San Francisco Bay Area but only accepts cash, money orders and cashier’s checks. The site’s menu of medical cannabis products include flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, seeds and accessories such as shirts. Orders can be made online 24 hours per day, although deliveries are only made 1-7 pm daily.

There are also several sites like Speed Weed in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as Crown Collective in Forestville, California. And of course there’s business Treez and EAZE medical marijuana delivery services that allow you to buy weed online from a number of different dispensaries and get it quickly delivered to your door. Our service will function similarly however deliver drivers from their respective dispensaries will most-likely be the ones doing the drop off.

Sites to buy weed online

So far there aren’t a ton of legit websites that sell weed online, but there likely will be in the years ahead especially if California finally legalizes marijuana with Prop 64. But places where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes such as Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia will the the best states to buy weed online. Live in Canada and want to buy weed online? You’re in luck because you can order medical cannabis from various websites that are licensed by Health Canada.

Craigslist Denver Is not a legal marijuana marketplace.

Browse Craigslist Denver and you’d think selling weed through their sites was completely legal. Go ahead visit Denver and search for the keywords “420 donation” and you’ll notice a ton of ads offering everything from the finest in purple weed, to impressive sheets of shatter, to delicious-looking dank brownies. However the last time we checked Craigslist Denver Is not yet a legal marijuana marketplace so avoid classified sites like Craigslist due to possible scams.

You can always just search for “dispensary near me” or dispensaries near me and find marijuana places that have a delivery service and then check if you can buy weed from them online. Of course you can also check WeedMaps or use our handy Find Marijuana guide as well. Our Find Marijuana guide is simple and easy to use plus it isn’t geo-tagged so you don’t have to give up your location. You can simply click on the dispensary address to open it in your map app or tap their number to give them a call. Who knows you might be able to phone in an order for weed delivery and pay for it via credit card. Super Simple.

Marijuana SeedsBuy weed seeds online

Most weed delivery services don’t deliver marijuana seeds or clones. No problem because you can always buy weed seeds online and grow your own marijuana for pennies on the dollar. You can trust all the weed seed companies that advertise with us. They’ve all been in the business for years and have helped many stoners start crops.

Of course with legalization comes the ability to grow your own weed in many areas. So go buy cannabis seeds online, check out our litany of growing marijuana articles for some knowledge and get growing. You’ll save money and know exactly what’s in your weed. Worries about pesticides and funky growth hormones? buy weed seeds online and grow your own. Keep a mom and learn to clone and you’ll be self-sustaining. You’ll never have to buy weed online again. Hell we’ve even given away seeds so you’d never have to buy weed seeds online again. Keep an eye out for more contests. You’re welcome.

Legality of buying weed online

Anyhow Seattle police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb clarified to the Seattle Times that services like Winterlife, a Seattle based company that allows users to buy weed online are “not legal.” And yet neither drivers nor customers nor anyone else seems to be at risk of getting in trouble. Pot delivery “undermines the spirit of the law,” said Whitcomb, but he doesn’t expect the authorities to take any action to stop the practice. “Like anything else, our department takes all the complaints and dedicates our resources in a way that makes sense and is going to be most impactful.”

When The Stranger, an alternative weekly in Seattle, asked directly if the police department would pursue criminal action against pot delivery practitioners, Whitcomb responded, “Probably not.” At least partly because marijuana’s legality is currently in an in-between stage—approved for recreational sale, yet not available for direct sale yet—it seems as if the police are choosing to look the other way for a few months. “It is too early to say where a companion delivery service merits any further review,” Whitcomb said.

So far, that means that business like Winterlife can continue to allow users to buy weed online or buy weed edibles online. So that’s one reason why we’ll soon be able to offer weed to our readers. So stay tuned because we can wait to sell you some weed.

Are you excited to buy weed online from sites like ours? Or would you rather continue to go to a dispensary or dealer and get your weed yourself? Have any suggestions on how we can help you buy weed online? Let us know in the comments section below…

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