Ace of Spades Strain Review

Ace-of-Spades weedAce of Spades Strain Review

Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Forbidden Farms
Harvest Date: 2/10/15
Sativa vs Indica: 40% Sativa 60% Indica
Content: THC 21.5% | CBD .2%
Genetics: Jack the Ripper X Black Cherry Soda

Ace-of-Spades marijuana
This Ace of Spades is so frosty even the hairs have frost on them

Appearance: Beautiful lime green buds completely frosted over with a smattering of red hairs. I’m not kidding, this bud is so frosty, the hairs have frost on them. This bud is so frosty, the frosty frost has frost on it. Trichomes on trichomes yo! I would love to see this under a nice scope. It’s definitely some gorgeous bud.
Smell: An intoxicating, piney lemony smell rushed out of the sealed bag once I opened it. The first whiff was memorable. This is what Ace of Spades is supposed to smell like. If you remember a while back we reviewed some Ace of Spades, and it wasn’t very good. Apparently that farm has since discontinued carrying the strain. This one  is from a completely different farm, and a different rec shop, and damn it’s good. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure there’s some mint undertones in there. At least that’s what my girlfriend said. I didn’t smell it at first, but once she mentioned it, I definitely smell the mint now. Again, not like menthol, but like the mint plant.

This Ace of Spades strain was from Growers Outlet

Flavor: Very piney with an earthy lemon aftertaste. I can’t even begin to describe how tasty this batch of AoS is. You definitely need to try it out for yourself. Make sure to stop by Growers Outlet in South Bend Washington and tell them Mat sent you. Also tell them you want some of that bomb ass Ace of Spades from Forbidden Farms.
High: A fantastic cerebral high, with lots of nice happy vibes and feelings. It just goes to show the difference between a properly grown Ace of Spades, and one that’s not. I got good and high then watched the new Mad Max movie in the comfort of my living room. I’ll tell you what, this weed made me feel like I was in the movie. That sort of thing usually only happens in the big screen, not watching shitty rips at home. It’s that good.

Ace-of-Spades marijuana strain
This Ace of Spades strain was grown by Forbidden Farms

Overall: I also reviewed the Ace of Spades from a different farm in this article. It only got a 5. In my humble weed smoking opinion, Forbidden Farms has done an amazing job nurturing the Ace of Spades to get it to the magnificent bud that you see here. The smell, the taste, the look, it’s all top notch. Definitely some Stuff Stoners Like. This batch of AoS that Forbidden Farms grew is completely on point. Everything AoS should be, and more.

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