Ace of Spades Strain Review

Ace of Spades strain reviewAce of Spades Marijuana Strain Review

Review By: Mat Lee
Ace of Spades
Score: 5/10
From: Mr Doobees. Address is 2870 Ocean Avenue, Building #4 Raymond, WA. Highway 101 – between Raymond & South Bend. Phone: 360-875-8016
Farm: Blewett Pass Farms
Type:  70 / 30 Indica dominant hybrid
Content: 14.55% THCA
Genetics: Jack the Ripper X Black Cherry Soda
Appearance: Halfway dense, perfectly shaped pine cone buds. Lighter green with hairs that aren’t quite red, but a lighter shade to match the lighter shade of green the buds are. Not much in the way of trichomes, until you look very closely. Then you can see a mild amount covering the bud.

Smell: The harvest date on this particular batch was November 14th 2014, so the lack of any type of noticeable smell could be due to that. It really didn’t have much of a smell at all. I’ve seen it described on Leafly as having citrus, sweet, and berry type smells. The menu at Mr Doobees says it has a citrus flavor and aroma. I did not smell any of these until I cracked the bud open. Then I could detect the faintest earthy pine scent.

Ace of Spades strain
This batch of Ace of Spades was grown by Blewett Pass Farms, sold at Mr Doobees in Raymond WA.

Flavor: Earthy and leafy, a tiny bit on the bitter side with a slight pine aftertaste. Definitely nothing special, although again that could be my bad for not checking dates and choosing an old batch.

High: My girlfriend seemed to like it, as it didn’t plant her dick directly into the dirt so to speak. She said it was a happy mellow high. Perhaps a little distracted, as you will see in the video. Personally, I didn’t really catch much more than a slight head change, but I smoke five dabs, a spliff, and three bong rips just to get my system to optimal operating temperature before work every morning. So as I’ve said before, I’m a terrible gauge for the high. If it gets me high, you can bet it’s some top shelf herb, but like most, this did not. It comes in right under 15% THCA, so I wasn’t expecting it to. I did notice it offered some great focus when it came time to edit the video that goes with this Weed Review. So while I wasn’t high, I was focused enough to get some monotonous bizz done.

Ace of Spades strain reviewBuzz Length: An hour and a half, maybe two. But if you eat during, you’ll sober right up. I usually find that’s true with most herbs, at least now. Back when I was younger it wasn’t as noticeable, but for some reason eating sobers me right up. Eating and getting pulled over.

Overall: Definitely a strain to keep around for the inexperienced smoker that doesn’t want to smoke crappy brick weed. Wait a sec, do people still sell crappy brick weed? I can’t say that I’ve seen any brick weed for at least a few years. Anyway, if you are looking for something really yummy and tasty, this probably isn’t the strain for you. If you are wanting something to get you completely obliterated, this also isn’t the strain for you. Shoot for something over 20%. If you have Ace of Spades that clocks in over 20% hit me up, because I would love to try it. I’m guessing it just doesn’t get that high, and that’s ok. Not every herb has to be exceptionally strong. Not everyone smokes every day, and for those people, the Ace of Spades is a great choice.

Ace of Spades strain reviewThis particular batch was grown by Blewett Pass Farms and sold at Mr Doobees in Raymond Washington. If I get a newer sample I’ll drop a line in the comments and let you know how it is.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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