Afgooey Super Melt Marijuana Concentrate Review

Afgooey Sper Melt marijuana concentrate wax from Harborside in San Jose 7

Afgooey Super Melt is a cross between Afghani #1 and the tasty Maui Haze. Afghani#1 is a California grown cut that was bred in the 1980’s with a variety of Afghani land-race strains that were known for being top choices for making hash. Maui Haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid, but not much more can be found on this marijuana strain’s history. Based on the name, one assumes it originates from the Hawaiian Islands. Although the Indica Afghani#1 is crossed with a sativa dominant hybrid in the Maui Haze, the result is a pure Indica offspring.

REVIEW BY: @XinckAlviso
Name: Afgooey Super Melt (Wax)
Score: 9.5/10
From: Harborside Health Center. @HHCSJ Facebook
Cannabinoids: 60.19% THC, 1.52% CBD. Test results provided by Steep Hill Labs.
Type: (I) A heavy pure Indica Super Melt with a pleasant aroma.
Price: $50/g

Afgooey Sper Melt marijuana concentrate wax from Harborside in San Jose 7

Afgooey Sper Melt marijuana concentrate wax from Harborside in San Jose 3

Appearance/Consistency: The Afgooey Super Melt is an in house regular at Harborside San Jose. Usually coming in the shape of a broken piece of honeycomb, this batch of the Super Melt looked like someone took that honeycomb and crumbled it down to tiny little delicious crumbs of golden honeycomb wax. There were a few slightly stickier pieces that clumped together to make about 3 larger wax balls, but for the most part the gram consisted of grainy and dry, but shiny and appealing morsels of hash. When shaken in the hash container it sounds like bubble hash being shaken around inside, the first sign that this is an excellently prepared Super melt.
The initial aroma when opening the hash container was one of light, sweet berries followed by a hashy and evergreen scent that absolutely made my mouth water. The terpenes were very much in tact in this hash, but I’ve had batches that I’m assuming were from the same vendor that were a bit more pungent. With that being said, this is still one of the cleanest smelling Super Melts I’ve come across in almost 2 years of dabbing and handling Super Melts and waxes. Believe me when I say this Afgooey smelled so good and sweet I just wanted to eat it like candy, like honey flavored Nerds candy!
Flavor: I was super excited to get this Afgooey home to dab of the good o’l  V2 Highly Educated Ti nail. After doing some admiring I loaded up myself a fat dose of a dab for my back pain and a headache I was experiencing due to a lack of sleep. Once the nail was nearly red hot from the flame from my Bernz-O-Matic hand torch, which is going out and needs to be upgraded to a Bed, Bath, & Beyond crème brulee torch very soon, I slipped the can shaped US Tubes glass dome over the nail and slipped my medicine down the dab-it hole! This Super Melt vaped super clean off of the nail head, as soon as the hash was exposed to the intense heat it became vapor instantly and began the journey down my HiSi bong’s downstem, through the fresh water, up the glass tube, past my taste buds and into my lungs! The taste is the smell magnified and multiplied, with the sweet hashy taste of the Afghani#1 coming though very strong with a following earthy and evergreen after taste. I underestimated this Super Melt’s potency, and after exhaling the delicious vapor and enjoying the medicating feeling for a few second I began to experience the classic dabbers cough for a few moments before I was brought to tears of joy and medication! The intense feeling from the dab of this Super Melt is a creeper, so be careful dabbers!
High: An all Indica high for sure. As soon as the vapor filled my lungs and soon thereafter I felt instant body calming and relaxation that you can’t find from anything other than pure Indicas. My back pain and headache were relieved instantly, with any other aches and pains soon following suit. After recovering from the dabber’s cough I felt my arms and legs were a bit heavier, as if I was wearing ankle and wrist weights. Everything kind of slowed down a bit and I felt like I was slightly in slow motion ready to relax, laugh, and take another dab. But only one more, because any more than that would have me passed out in medicated deep sleep.

Afgooey Sper Melt marijuana concentrate wax from Harborside in San Jose

Buzz Length: 2hours. After taking a few dabs I did some laundry and chores around the house. I came back afterwards to type up some work, but I found myself droopy eyed and ready to just chill for a while before taking a nice nap.
Medical Uses: As with all pure Indica meds this Afgooey Super Melt is excellent to help treat: Insomnia, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, ADHD, and chronic pain. For me this med was just what I needed when it came to helping me get to bed and avoid using those pesky pills that leave me waking up groggy and feeling like I got no sleep at all. It also helped me recover from a long day of work and a lost night of sleep; this was the perfect Indica med.
Overall: I loved this Afgooey Super Melt, as I always have. The only thing keeping it from being a 10/10 was the crumbly consistency. I tend to like something with a bit more stickiness to it, or that’s at least a bit easier to get on a dabber by itself. But that’s me being picky, other than that this was the exact med that I was looking for. The perfect choice for any patient looking for one of the heaviest Indicas they can find, and for those looking for a heavy dose with minimal stress on the lungs vaporizing this concentrate of a grade 2 Ti nail is the perfect choice. I was excited to see this back on Harborside’s shelves and hope to see it back much more often!

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