OG Kush Super Melt Marijuana Concentrate Review

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OG Kush Super Melt Dab

OG Kush Super Melt is some serious stuff stoners like. California has become the land of OG Kush varietals. Stoners lucky enough to sample this legendary strain surely understand why it demands top dollar on both the medical and black market.

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OG Kush is a sister to Sour Diesel, which is Massachusetts Super Skunk crossed with Diesel. It should be noted that Diesel is actually a phenotype of the original Chem Dawg line. Chem Dawg originated in Colorado, although its lineage is still a mystery. In 1991 two friends at a Grateful Dead concert purchased a pound of Chem Dawg containing twelve seeds. Those seeds and later offspring made their way to Massachusetts, New York, and eventually Southern California to become OG Kush. Please note there are little to no actual Kush characteristics in OG Kush, yet the name has stuck.

REVIEW BY: @NYYdevotion
Name: OG Kush Super Melt
Score: 8/10
From: Harborside Health Center Oakland
Type: S/I
Price: $40 a gram. I found this jewel in the not so secret remnant box where concentrates go to die.
Appearance: With this stuff it depends on the temperature and lighting. In some ways it reminds me of ear wax. Clean your ears folks… The color is somewhere between a bizarre yellow and dark amber. Call this color changing hash because each photo showed a slightly different shade.

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Similar to white sage, sour lemon, and a dash of Pine-Sol. When burnt it has that bizarre chemical smell that lends itself to Chem Dawg, although a slight butane smell is mixed in with that.
Flavor: Not a knockout in the taste department. I can discern sweet and sour lemon but it’s not exactly prominent. Unfortunately there is a faint butane taste too, but that’s the price you pay for high potency chemical extracts.
High: Upbeat at first, especially after two to three dabs. For the first hour the Sativa characteristics are quite obvious. This stuff makes you want to get something accomplished, but that’s only if you have a higher tolerance. Those with a moderate tolerance might be rendered incapacitated. One night I found myself giggling with an old friend like I was a freshman in high school all over again. Definitely a “first time stoned” kind of high.

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Buzz Length:
A few dabs creates a good two hour buzz that transitions into a lethargic coma towards the tail end. Where at first you feel like you’re soaring, at the end you would swear you ingested a pure Indica.
Medical Uses: OG Kush Super Melt is probably best suited for patients with a high tolerance looking to ease symptoms of chronic depression, or emaciation caused by HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy. These are the kind of munchies where you have to force yourself to stop eating.


“A little dab’ll do ya” is a line from a 1950’s commercial jingle for Brylcreem. It’s also a true statement regarding dabbing hash on a skillet. However what I call a dab might be two dabs for others. I’d like to see OG Kush in a CO2 Taffy extract instead of Super Melt to see if the flavor of OG comes through better. Being health conscious I’m also not thrilled by the chemical process that occurs when liquid butane comes into contact with cannabis flowers. Don’t let anybody tell you there is zero residual chemical at the end of the process. If you are worried about it stick to bubble hash or CO2 extracts if you’re lucky enough to have access to them. Shout out to Big Al’s Smoke And Gifts on Telegraph Ave for giving me a deal on my Highly Educated dabber, Regal torch lighter, and Boro concentrate bell/titanium skillet.

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  1. @Man

    I’m sorry – but all the talk of tasting butane is in error. The “taste” you are accrediting to butane is – in fact – the most volatile compound (turpenes) found in an extract of the plant – when no heat is involved. aka Alpha and Beta Pinenes. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinene] They are often mistaken for butane “taste” – except for the fact butane has no taste itself. This overwhelming pine sharpness does dissipate as these types of extractions sit and cure for a short time. (They evaporate off quickly – hence “volatile compounds”)

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