Alien Dawg Weed Strain Review

Alien Dawg Marijuana Strain: Alien Dawg
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 8/10
Type: Indica
Content: THC 19.49% | CBD .05% | CBG .82%
There’s not much more info than this, as this is a little continuation of the what’s Mat smoking series. Keep an eye out here on SSL for the rest of them.
Genetics: Chem Dawg X Alien Technology

Alien Dawg
Alien Dawg is Chem Dawg X Alien Technology

Appearance and Feel: It definitely looks like some bomb ass weed that was grown using some crazy alien technology. It’s dense and sticky as fuck, covered with trichomes, as you can see in the pictures. The pistils are cool looking—all spiky and spiny, giving the dark green buds a nice fierce look.

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Alien Dawg WEED
Alien Dawg definitely looks like some bomb ass weed

Smell: A pleasantly pungent, skunky, slightly citrusy, borderline spicy candy scent. It’s definitely tainted the new grinder with a heavy pinene and limonene smell. I had a chance to get this strain analyzed by our friends at the Werc Shop. Click here to see the actual PDF.

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Alien Dawg terpenes
Check out the terpene results of this Alien Dawg

As you can see from the terpene results, the major ones are β-Caryophyllene and D-Limonene, followed by β-Myrcene, α-Humulene, and β-Pinene. The total terpene content is 20.72 mg / g.
Flavor: The pungent spicy piney flavor is fairly pronounced in a joint. It’s definitely got that dawgy dawg fire bite to it. Bonghits taste a little more piney to me for some reason, but that could all just be in my head. Either way, pungent spicy piney goodness is the name of the game. Everything about this weed is pungent, from the smell to the taste, to the look. Can cannabis look pungent? Look at these pictures and tell me it doesn’t. Yeah, you know it does.

alien dawg marijuana strain
Alien Dawg has a pungent spicy piney flavor that’s fairly pronounced in a joint

High: I ran some of the Alien Dawg through the new Phoenician Grinder, and took a decent size joint to my head. I’ll tell you what, it’s a hefty head change for sure. Especially first thing in the morning. Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you wanna see cool random pictures like that. While you’re there, make sure to follow the Stuff Stoners Like account, but I’m sure if you’re reading this you already are.

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Alien Dawg
Alien Dawg can deliver a hefty head change

I like the Alien Dawg, I like it a lot. Bong hits are of course, always the preferred favorite, but when you have a sexy new grinder like this, you’ll look for any excuse you can find to grind the weed stuff up.
Overall: For just under 20% this is a seriously heady strain of cannabis. If you are a new smoker I would take my time with the Alien Dawg. It’s definitely a spacey strain. I’m talking like Kevin Spacey in Seven or Pigs in Space spacey. For real, what’s in the box? Alien dawg, dog. Are you pc bruh? Sweet.

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Alien Dawg
Alien Dawg is Stuff Stoners Like

That’s my bad, because now that South Park has started up again for the season, it’s one of my favorite shows. You can probably expect more random references like that in the following reviews. Fair warning.

Oh yeah, did I mention how time faded this herb is? I just lost like 15 minutes staring at pigs in space memes. The Alien Dawg is a great strain with exceptional genetics behind it. If you have a chance to try it out, I highly recommend it. Most definitely stuff stoners like.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

Alien Dawg
If you have a chance to try Alien Dawg, I highly recommend it

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