We Judged the 3rd Annual All Hawaii Invitational and it Was Awesome

all hawaii InvitationalFor the second year in a row the Stuff Stoners Like crew judged some of the finest herb in the world while sitting in a vibrant green pasture about 3,000 feet up Mt. Haleakala—where Jimi Hendrix once rocked. We could go on and on about Hendrix’s awesomeness and Haleakala being the Earth’s heart chakra and the coolest place to expand consciousness but let’s get to the good stuff—judging weed.

The third annual All Hawaii Invitational was organized and run by Maui’s own Greyskull the Grower one of the coolest guys on the plantet, an amazing guitarist and owner of the coolest car on Maui—a split window VW bus with IRIE on the license plate. GreySkull is fiercely loved by the local cannabis community and on the mainland because of his huge smile and deep adoration for the plant and the people who grow it. He introduced the award-winning strain Sour Dubble to the California weed scene several years back. It’s the mother of the High Times cup winner Gorilla Glue. It’s also the mother of one of strongest strains ever recorded by High Times mag, a strain known as Adubb that clocked in with 27.2% THC.

all hawaii Invitational winnersGreySkull relocated from California to Maui in 2010 and got to cultivating at once.”I am currently growing in living soil. It’s a custom recipe conjured up by my partner Joeygreen808, who I met at the first incarnation of the AHI in 2016 where he took home first place with his FirePie. “He grows the best pot in Hawaii – I am just trying to copy him and do what he says hahaha.” This year Joey’s herb placed fourth. So that should tell you a little bit about the weed entries this year—some serious FIRE for sure, son.

all hawaii Invitational 3 entriesWhat made this event extra special was that entries were collected not just from Hawaii but from the continental US as well. This was a departure from last year where all the weed entered came from within the sate. It seemed as if the West Coast dominated the contest this year with winning submissions out of California, Oregon and Washington. Yes there was plenty of native pakalolo entered as well.

Unlike last year where the judging was head-to-head (we were given two strains at a time and chose one winner which would go on to the next round) all the weed entered in this year’s bout was delivered to the table at once. There were around a dozen tables with about a dozen judges sitting around each. There were no instructions on how to organize the judging or what to look for while at it. Just how we like it.

Sure judging was a little overwhelming at first but it didn’t take us long to put together an assembly line where one person ground weed and another rolled joints while others sniffed and manhandled the buds. We could have used a glass bowl or bong but a joint is always satisfying and a really good way to judge the integrity of weed. Plus who doesn’t dig a good dry hit from a freshly rolled joint?

all hawaii Invitational 3 entriesOh by the way this contest is just about flowers. There were no edibles or concentrates entered in the contest. And it’s pretty chill and low-key with food, bands and a ton of killer vibes and even better weed of course.

Anyhow this year most of the entries were very gassy of feul-like. If you like those strong diesel flavors you’d be in for a treat. There was a Kush or two in the mix and jar of buds that had that instantly recognizable Tangie aroma. There was a nice blend of outdoor and indoor weed this year. So without further adieu here are the winners of the 2018 AHI.

AHI 2018 Winner List

5th. @Crockett420 w Banana Pie

4th. @Joeygreen808 w FirePie

3rd. @archiveseedbank w Butter Cookies

2nd. @pauhanasupply w Mac1

1st. @emeralddelta w SkyCuddlerDoubleKush

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