Maui’s Sticky Fingers Seeds Now Available Worldwide

sticky finger seedsOur good buds from Maui’s Sticky Fingers Seeds announced yesterday that their beans are now available world wide on the James Bean site! Sticky Fingers Seeds are best known for creating a sizzling Sativa called Hawaiian Dream that flowers in as little as fifty-five days and reminds us of those old school Maui Wowee genetics from back in the day. It’s a cross between Blue Dream and a beautiful unnamed Maui Super plant. It clocks in with a whopping 28% THC, .9% CBD and wreaks of mango, bubblegum and exotic spice.

Sticky Fingers originated as a cooperative of Maui’s north shore Medical Marijuana growers that joined together to breed the best medical cannabis genetics possible. Many of the cooperative’s gardeners have been collecting and breeding cannabis genetics for over 45 years individually, adding up to a collective wealth of knowledge and experience.

“I am sooo stoked to be listed in this super elite seed bank,” says Will Grinnell owner and operator of Sticky Fingers seeds. Now we are in the best position possible to spread aloha one seed at a time.”

Sticky Fingers Seeds Will G
Will Grinnell of Sticky Fingers Seeds with Swami from Swami Select

What’s awesome about Sticky Fingers Seeds is that they breed some of the most mold and mildew resistant plants we’ve ever encountered. Often times in an indoor grow situation humidity can lead to mold, mildew and other issues—decimating an entire crop in moments. Mold and mildew is also a big issue outdoors especially during the final stage of growing when the plants are ripening and vulnerable to moisture. However because Sticky Fingers genetics are bred and produced exclusively in Hawaii, where it’s constantly humid and wet, they are massively resilient making them resistant to those devastating problems like powdery mildew and bud rot. The plants are also immune to many of the nasty pest that flourish in these moist conditions and then often destroy crops. Plants that are great-tasting, super-potent, terpene-heavy, easy-to-grow AND mildew-resistant—now that’s Stuff Stoners Like.

Along with their signature Hawaiian Dream strain Sticky Fingers also has available many other high-quality strains including their magnificent Maui Strawberry which is a super stinky Strawberry Cough crossed with Sticky Finger’s unique Male that flowers in only 45-55 days. They also sell a very terp-rich Maui Sunshine Day Dream (this stuff clocks in with more than 5% terpenes and smells tasty AF), Critical Dream (Wonka Dream x Mr Nice Critical Mass) as well as a Hawaiian take on the infamous Gorilla Glue number 4 named Maui Magilla Glue. Sticky Fingers is also creating our two signature strains—Purple Stuff and Orange Stuff—which will be available shortly so stay stoned…er, uh, we mean stay stoned.

Smokin’ Sticky Fingers promo for SSL readers

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