Apex Fresh Club Subscription Box Review

Apex Fresh Club Subscription Box Review

If there’s one thing that we learned while judging the Santa Rosa High Times Cannabis Cup concentrates category this summer it’s that freshness hella matters. If plants nowadays are literally harvested and immediately flash-frozen to preserve freshness and maximize flavor than the sooner products made from those plants are consumed the better, right? Right.

Unfortunately, however, distribution delays those products from getting into customer’s hands. We’re talking sometimes up to a month. The result? Cannabis concentrates that have lost lots of their intense flavors. The way around the time delay? Have that shit come to you, man. Skip the distribution all together—along with the long lines at dispensaries—and go with a subscription service

It just so happens that our buds over at Oakland’s Apex Extractions launched a subscription service recently called the Apex Extraction Fresh Club. For $139, including delivery and excise tax, California subscribers 21 and up get a curated collection of the tastiest and freshest cannabis concentrates available sent right to their door. 

This month we got three super dank concentrates in our Apex Fresh Club Subscription Box—Purple Pineapple Express live resin sauce, Zkittle OG live resin sauce, a Papaya live resin sauce from a collab between CaliKosher Farms x Apex plus a low temp high resin disposable vape pen.  

Apex Fresh Club Purple Pineapple Express Live Resin Sauce

The first concentrate that we sampled in this month’s box set was the Purple Pineapple Express live resin sauce. This shit clocked in with just over 68% THC and a whopping 5.53% terpenes. The terps were predominately a mix of caryophyllene, limonene and humulene. Suffice to say this live resin sauce was straight dripping with flavor.

Beta-caryophyllene is a common and often abundant terpene found in a lot of cannabis strains. Its distinctive flavor contributes to the spiciness of black pepper and can be found in high amounts in cloves, hops, and rosemary. It gave this particular extract a nice but subtle spicy backdrop. Caryophyllene can provide pain relief and it’s great for anti-inflammatory applications. The Limonene gave this stuff that nice fresh zesty lemony citrus smell—refreshing like a cool crisp glass of lemonade on a hot day. This terp is well know for delivering an elevated mood and stress relief. Humulene naturally occurs in clove, basil, hops, and cannabis of course. It carries a subtle earthy, woody aroma with spicy herbal notes. It presented a tasty dankness. All in all this sauce was tasty AF.

Apex Fresh Club Zkittle OG Live Resin Sauce

The second terpy live resin sauce that came in our box set was the Zkittle OG with a whopping 5.86% of terpenes. This one had that majorly distinctive OG funk that hit the nose the second the jar was opened. OG odor comes from a strong amount of Caryophyllene which this sauce was just full of. It also had a nice a nice mix of limonene and some ripe berry overtones. Close your eyes, take a whiff and this stuff smells a lot like the way Skittles taste. This one delivered a couch lock body stone with a nice heady high. And the taste? Like fruit candy.

The third terp-rich concentrate that came in this month’s Apex Fresh Club subscription box was this delicious Papaya. This live resin sauce was a special collaboration between Apex and CaliKosher Farms. If you’re not familiar with CaliKosher farms all you really need to know is that these guys recently took home a total of three separate High Times Cannabis Cup wins. So you know their shit is fire.

CaliKosher X Apex Live Resin Sauce

The batch of Papaya contains high levels of that citrusy Limonene and Linalool. These two terps combine to create a really complex danky sweet sour flavor. The tropical and sweet aroma and flavor reminded us of fresh over-ripe papaya. And of course there was that familiar and fragrant Kush backdrop present in the smell and taste which was just delicious. This stuff was pretty potent coming in with 75.44% THC. Of the three this one as our favorite but it was competing against such close competition it was hard to choose because each full gram sample was just so tasty

Sour Diesel x Goji Berries Vape Pen by Apex Fresh Club

The half-gram, full-spectrum, strain-specific live resin vape pen was surprisingly delicious. What was the strain? Sour Diesel Goji Berries which is a bit sativa-leaning. This particular batch had more than 60% THC. You could definitely taste a ton of terpenes in this thing—probably due to the fact that the vapor wasn’t too hot. Everybody knows that low temperature dabs are where it’s at—flavorwise. So if you’re vaping super terp-rich concentrates you’d be crazy not to apply the least amount of heat possible so as to coax out all those subtle flavor and aroma molecules. The device itself looked a lot more like a USB thumb drive than a boring ol’ cylindrical pen. That’s cool because it won’t spike a hole in your pocket or roll of the table when you set it down.

Overall we couldn’t be more stoked with this month’s selection of goodies in our Apex Fresh Club Box—super stoney with a ton of terps. If you’re a cannassuer on the lookout for the freshest, tastiest and simply next-level cannabis concentrates available, and you live in California, you owe it to yourself to visit apexextractions.com and sign up for Apex Extractions Fresh Club. Go right ahead and tell ‘em that Stuff Stoners Like sent ya.

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