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Daily High Club Weed Subscription Box

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Daily High Club sent us their latest monthly weed subscription box filled with choice stoner supplies. And it’s a pretty monumental being that 4/20 happens this month. Anyhow you don’t really have to be a RiFF RaFF fan to dig this chill smoking subscription box bearing his name from Daily High Club.

What’s cool about a 420 box subscription is that a new box will arrive each month like clockwork. It’s all discreet too so you don’t have to worry about mom or mailman or your nosy neighbor. The stoner box is perfect for stoners like us. Because just as we get ready to retire a new piece that’s all caked with resin from constant daily use another shiny new piece shows right up. Thank you stoner subscription box. Anyhow just like you we’d  much rather get a clean new glass piece each month rather than clean a month-old gross one. So that’s why we’re all about the stoner box monthly phenomenon. We hate cleaning. We’d way rather treat ourselves to a smokers gift box and a new piece each month.

Speaking of cleaning your glass check out our post on How To Clean a Bong to learn how to get your shit back to brand-new condition in as little time as possible. Lately we’ve been using our bongs and dab rigs completely dry. Yep no water in them at all. Why? Let’s see—you don’t have to worry about cleaning them as much, they don’t stink as much, they’re not filled with disgusting, stinky-ass bong water that’ll destroy your couch. But if you insist on using water here’s the best way to clean a bong. You’re welcome.

Daily High Club 420 box Smoke box monthly

This Daily High Club stoner box kit has no weed in it. Wha? Yep the Daily High Club 420 subscription box doesn’t have weed it in. It’s not a marijuana subscription box per se. We also dig the monthly weed box too so we can keep these piece stocked with freshy tasty herbs—but we’ll dive into our favorite marijuana box another day.

The Daily High club 420 monthly box is only filled with smoking accessories. The Daily High Club calls their top shelf subscription the primo box. It cost thirty bucks a month as is filled with “epic supplies like brand new glass on the regular, $80 worth of accessories, and exclusive products from our monthly collabs,” says the Daily High Club Website.

Daily High Club stoner boxAnyhow what was inside this Daily High Club Neon Icon weed accessories kit? Here you go: A Pink Python Matrix Perc Tube featuring a glow-in-the-dark logo. The glass itself is flourescent against black lights in the dark too. It’s got a nice little perk inset to deliver so smooth hits and a 14mm bowl. The Daily High Club box also came with a Elements 11/4 pre rolled cone and some Trip2 Papers that are the same size. It also came with a Kush Wrap. Flavor? Strawberry Kiwi. Bonus? It’s Pure Canadian help so you know it’s tasty and better yet tobacco-free.

What else came in the last Daily High Club stoner box subscription? Some pretty cool smoker shades with a carrying pouch that you could use to keep ‘em clean and safe from scratches. There was also neaon black ice air freshener, a mini clipper lighter and a doob tube to take a joint on the go and not have to worry about it getting crushed or stinking up the place. And of course what monthly marijuana subscription box would be complete without a bunch of stickers? Yep

Favorite weed monthly subscription boxes

We’ve tried the Buddha Box and the 420 Goody Box. Love them both. Can’t complain when someone sends cool pot box to our door. But you know enough about us and our smoke box fixation. What do you think is the best weed subscription box out there. Or what have been some of the cool stoner essentials that you’ve scored in your weed box monthly. Also we’ll have an exclusive daily high club discount code for Stuff Stoners Like readers soon. So stay stoned. We mean stay tuned. And stoned.

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